Beautiful Earth Ugly End

As I sit by the river,

Listining to the animals cry,

Peace has wrapped itself around me,

Natures peace will never die.

Even though we take life for granted,

And we tear up everything in sight,

It is like us humans have suddenly,

Choosen mother nature to fight.

She stands proud and tall,

Her beauty shines into space,

It nurtures it living creatures,

Until we came to tear up this place.

As we spill our waste into her soul,

And kill her slowly till she's dead,

But it seems as though we don't even care,

We choose to kill ourselves instead.

A few years later, space is dark,

No life thrives here anymore,

See what happens when we don't care,

We could have done something before.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a serious poem everyone needs to reed. Please do something so that our children and the ones to come do not have to suffer. thanks

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