A Soul

The center of all human

the treasure in us.

everyone has it's own meaning,destination and future

but my soul you see, is lost

My own body...lifeless

even though the pulses are beating

my heart..is not

the desperate craving for warm love

washing down over me...purifying my life

as all my worries desintegrate

because there is another soul...

he cures me

but not yet, not now

This wonderul life-giving speci has not yet been found

since it is ever so precious and rare  

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Chris Wong's picture

The soul of the other as a cure. That is interesting! I don't think it should be just the opposite sew though. I think a good soul is healing and an evil soul destructive. Even close friends can damage us if they are always negative. So I chose good friends to be with... I guess that is why i chose you.

The bible said that one soul is worth more than the whole world. So it is indeed precious and rare.

Amanda Vey's picture

I really liked this, it reflected a lot of ME..i guess i just clicked with it, and i understand what you mean when you say "He has not been found," wow do i know that !Thanx a lot~Amanda...If you could, maybe read something of mine, tell me what ya think, i need some inspiration! :)

clarinetpsycho's picture

Very good poem. It is well written and expresses a good point. Well done.