Starry sky

Old Poems

Grandfather, why are you stareing at the sky? why are you letting this night pass you by?

Child, if you saw it all for what it was; the beauty would make you cry, theres nothing better

anywhere than a starry midnight sky. Come over here and sit up on my knee, i'll see if I can

show you the things that I can't see.

I'll sit on your knee right now and look up at the sky, but wouldn't you rather run with me and chase

a firefly?

I'd love to run and play dear child but my bones are frail and old, sit down and zip your jaket

up it's starting to get cold. See the danceing lights my child, like a million fire flies, theres

nothing so spectacular as the stary midnight sky.

I guess it's kind of neat Papa, but there just so far away, why would I want to look at them when I

could run and play?

Enjoy your youth my dareling boy, run along I say, for the stary midnight sky my boy draws you

closer by the day. My days are few my presious child; but when i'm gone don't cry. If you ever

need to talk to me, look to the stary midnight sky.

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Absolutely wonderful!

Absolutely wonderful!

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Robbie this is crazily awesome! Im so proud of u and your good writing skills!! hehe i miss u so much this year and i'll c ya next year. this poem rules!! Wuv Sarah