Stand Beside Me

don't walk in front of me

take my hand and walk with me

don't make decisions without me

lets plan our life together

don't try to harness the soul you fell in love with

together let's soar beyond our dreams

don't try to change me love ME

the me you once longed for

don't make me earn your affection

let's give to each other unconditionally

don't set anchor too soon

together we can weather any storm

don't stop being my friend

share with me everything there is

don't think I'll settle for less

remember my strength

come stand beside me babe!

don't ever stand in front of me

hold me for a lifetime

lets cherish this for  eternity

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Angel and Gary may your love
grow each day ....:o)I truly hope life is sweet for both of you! what a deal :o)

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