No would have,

Could have,

Should have.

No what if,

Or if only.

I try to live my life

With no regrets.

Don't remember,

Just forget


I've done and heard,

And all that I have

Seen and learned.

Que Serra,Serra,

They say.

Let it be,

And come what may.

And you can't look back,

You can't turn around,

Or you'll miss something else  

That's coming down

Around the corner,

Around the bend.

A new line begins

At every line's end.

And for each door that closes,

Another one opens.

And every death

Leads to rebirth.

And so on,

And so forth.

And the world just keeps spinning

And turning

Its cycle,

It's course.

Dizzy and nauseous

And tossing us

Like marionettes

Tied to strings of fate

And pain and greed

And love and hate.

And I think I need

To get away.

But there's not much I can do,

For I am only one person

Who can't even change the things

In my own life,

Much less the world.

So I just stand here,


In front of a mirror,

And take a long,


Look at myself,

Wondering if there's anything that can be done

To change myself

Or the world today.

But I realize there's not,

Or not much,anyway.

So I just say "WHATEVER!",

And walk away.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem expresses what's wrong with the world,when people don't like how things are,but do nothing to change them.

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