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You can take away my morals

And robe me of my sanity

You can imprison my freedom

But you’ll never hold my vanity

You can cover up my hopes

And rip me apart at the seems

You can blacken my true self

But you’ll never burn my dreams

You can block out my creativity

And shatter my inspiration’s coal

You can steal my inner hero

But you’ll never sell my soul

You can rain down my mistakes

And drown me in my fears

You can strip me of my wealth

But you’ll never taste my tears

You can try to rule and control me

But you’ll never win; I’m always free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i think i shall call it in-laws

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running_with_rabbits's picture

lol oh funny
it took me a bit to get it, i had to read the first line of the poem, but funny nikki :P

Much Love


Nicole.J.Burgess's picture

Very nice, but I think i'm gonna have to cut you off from braveheart!!


Vicki D's picture

I like this one..call it free...maybe.. heheh love ya always Vicki