a man that was many things

silly to some

maybe a little crazy to others

he was one unique spirit

an outlook that was special

he leaves behind a wife

a lady special beyond words

he loved her like no other

special time at the Mark Hopkins

made his face light up

he could be a shit sometimes

but then can't we all

I know that he is looking down on us

probably laughing his butt off

at those of us he worked around

he discovered my interest in spiders

so that started something with him

one day a Wolf spider alive and well

then another time a huge coffee can

inside he said there was a very large spider

on opening it... I could do nothing but laugh

for inside this can was a HUGE black fuzzy spider

one with bright red eyes... a cool Halloween decoration

he was so many things to us

I feel once again I was blessed to have met Kevin

for he shared some very deep and special things with me

we looked at children the same and shared other takes on life

I only wish that I could have said goodbye to him

and thanked him for going out on a limb

for he was the only one willing

to hire this little 'ol southern girl

I promised him that he would not be sorry

Kevin as you look down on me as I write this

I hope that you are saying to me 'I was never sorry'

I gave him all I could and then some

tried to make him laugh almost everyday

he gave sound advice and always had time to listen

Kevin you may no longer walk with us

but you will NEVER be forgotten

I will hold our employer/employee relationship special

sometimes I like to think that we were friends in a twisted sort of way

after all we are both sick and twisted people... that is what makes us unforgettable

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In Memory of Kevin David Sheldon

may your spirit live on in those you touched...

I salute your awesome will to fight....

people come into our lives for a reason.... I was told this by a dear friend
and I feel that we met so that I could witness a strong will like I have not seen in sometime....

I never really realized just how bad you were feeling

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