Be My Love

Come closer, closer and closer

To wear me like your garments

Spray your body with my love

To shower perfumes and scents

You will be prettier and prettier

Put on me as your lipstick

I’ll be your handcream, hairbrush

Touch or kiss me, I shall click

Dip deeper, deeper and deeper

Into my soul your passion

Sip me, my sea, sip drop by drop

Like lemonade in your fashion

Curl up in my enfolding arms

For they work like a charm

And kisses of mine like vitamin pills

Will keep you secure and warm

I am to soothe away that aches you

You would need no more balms

Give you a massage I will daily

With my fingers and palms

Come and see finer and finer

Your painting on my canvas

The only canvas is my heart

With all hues of tenderness

Come live with me and be my love

We may get Manna and Dew

We would enter the Milky Way

Begin our lives anew

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heatherburns35's picture

Beautiful love poem.
Your quite a lover,
and a writer. Enjoyed
the read. Thanks for
sharing your talent.

gentle's picture

The endless joys of love are always the favorite subject of poets & kings.

It is a multi faceted emotion. There is no other subject that can be written with such eloquence & diversity.

"I'll be your handcream, your hairbrush..." a sensual choice of words to describe the intimacy of such simple actions.

Well said. Well done.


Gentle is the night♥

Jessica Amy LeBlanc's picture

Gorgeous writing! I especially like the second last stanza.Really beautiful. thanks for posting.Im goning to go read more of urs I enjoy them.:)

Andrea Trenary's picture

Quite well said.

D.Russell @ Postpoems's picture

This is a wonderful romantic piece... and evidently the inspiration for Valerie's latest poetry...which I am posting below... I think she had a wonderful response. Thank you for sharing this one is written in a wonderful that I enjoy using as well. My newest one is called... "I Feel You" which I believe is similar in nature. A LOVE SONG Hold me tighter and tighter And dress me in your arms Leaving your scent upon me Enjoy my feminine charms I will feel lovelier than lovely When my lips impart to yours Moist, soft as satin roses Long kisses to endure Move into my anatomy Imprint into my soul Drink from me O my darling My nectar as it pours Hold me in your arms tonight Make my spirit soar Let me know with you I'm safe In your arms I feel your warmth Let my eyes behold the portrait Which shines in your brown eyes Of two lovers walking arm in arm Beneath the rainbow of paradise In your arms the pains of life do cease Your kisses medicative With body eased and manipulated Our loved is consecrated Take me in your arms tonight Make your heart my home Dance with me among the stars Hereafter and evermore -- by: Valerie Jochum

vjochum's picture

Iqbal, as I read this tender piece, I could simply close my eyes and let you ravish me!! ;-) What a courting poem you have written! Certainly makes this woman "wonder" whether there is truly a man who could bestow such spoilings upon a woman, or if reading your poem is merely to be used as a spendid fantasy. ~sigh~ BE MY LOVE is definitely a keeper in my book! Thank you for brining such beauty into my life this morning...