smart words!

You wonder why i dont like him.

Even though he is related to me.

He has hurted people in my family.

He has abused the fact that my brother is not what he wants to be.

He has abused the fact that i love my sister.

I love my brother.

I wish you can see what he has done to my family.

Why wont you listen to my smart words?

Why wont you understand?

Why cant you see?

That the way he has hurted me is in the wrong way.

Cant i be scard for you?

Cant i be scard for my life?

I dont want to be what i am right now.

I dont want you to understand what he is saying.

Please understand my smart words.

Now we try to solve it!

does it work?


now you are in another pronvince.

Are you scard?

Cause I am!

Well you call me?

Well we eever say sorry?

Should I go and find you?

Are you with your mom?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i want you guys to see that some friendships are hard1 some parents make a difrence, some parents hurt there kids.
and this is what hapend read it cclosely and then tell me what you think.

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