The Only Book

The book that is imbued with truth

Knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment

For those who plumb depths of despair

Beacon of hope and contentment

For those suffering from malady

Remedy of rare refinement

Who lose their way or go astray

For them a straight path like a ray

It's like an everflowing sea

With no single drop of decay

Inspiration for every heart

Insight and light with every pray

Like ceaseless flow of the rivers

Recited always on the earth

By billions of its believers

Cognizant of its immense worth

By millions of its receivers

Is learnt by heart with spiritual mirth

Uniquely true its every verse

Smacks of neither myth nor fiction

Forever that kindles a flame

Of confidence and conviction

Its brevity and eloquence

Unrivalled in style and diction

Strange and matchless literary art

That ever beggars description

The book, of course, the only book

Whose author is the Omniscient,

Omnipresent, Omnipotent

Whose favourite theme is the humans

Leading their way to sanity

Glorifying humanity

With balance of thought and action,

A clear sense of direction,

Galaxy of satisfaction

Will prove at last a reflection

Of the beauty of infinity

To resume life in eternity

The book, of course, the only book

With trillions of worlds for mankind

Is so well-known as al-Quran

That fourteen hundred years ago

Was inscribed on the slate of the heart

Miraculously of the greatest Man

Who is the King of Universe

Who is the Monarch of Time and Space

Who is symbol of peace and grace

Epitome of love and benevolence

Who is next to the Providence

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have tried to pay my sincerest tribute to the Holy Quran that is not only the last truely authenticated holy book but also a great treasury of literature of its own kind with its unique style and diction, having no parallel in history.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

so true.........

serene's picture

I salute your outstanding tribute to the Quran. I wish I could write the same way to our Bible. ^_^ You're a man of wisdom. Thanks for this.

Mona Omar's picture

a beautiful tribute to the holly book quoran and if you read in arabic you will love its verses god bless you

Deborah Russell's picture

This is a most beautiful tribute to holy writings. It is an honor to read of sincere gratitude for the spiritual guidence of the Quran and of an appreciation for the exceptional beauty and writings presented in this book. Very nicely executed, Iqbal. It is a pleasure. Thank you.