Monthly Archive for December 2000

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
I Will Be Here Poem turonah Devotion Dec 1st
Forever Winter Poem jenfool 2 Music/Musician Dec 2nd
Stumped Poem jenfool friendship Dec 2nd
I Found You Poem jenfool 2 Song Lyrics Dec 2nd
The Sun is Shining! Poem jenfool 1 Music/Musician Dec 2nd
Painted Pictures Poem snmiller 3 Other Dec 2nd
Anymore Poem jenfool 2 Song Lyrics Dec 2nd
Memories Poem jenfool 1 Children Dec 2nd
HAND BLOWN GLASS Poem hawksquaw99 5 Other Dec 4th
Of the Two Poem dragonzite choices Dec 4th
To Jody With Love Poem hhickson 4 love Dec 4th
The Garden of You & I Poem techpoet Being Loved Dec 4th
A Mind at Play Poem dragonzite 1 Change/Transition Dec 4th
The Lake Poem dragonzite 1 family Dec 4th
What We Are Poem dragonzite Change/Transition Dec 4th
Love and Trust Poem dragonzite Being Loved Dec 4th
A Daydream Poem 3879 1 New Love Dec 5th
Drops Poem 3879 Nature/Environment Dec 5th
untitled Poem 3879 4 confusion Dec 5th
Wandering Pilgrim Poem 3879 Lost love Dec 5th
Untitled Poem 3879 1 love Dec 5th
Contradictions of the Soul Poem 3879 inspiration Dec 5th
Your Friend Poem 3879 3 friendship Dec 5th
The First Poem ashleeana 2 Being Loved Dec 7th
Standing Tall Poem jenfool 1 Being Loved Dec 7th
WISH YOU WERE HERE Poem hawksquaw99 In Memory Dec 8th
Fireflies Poem toobuena 4 Being Loved Dec 8th
The Alien Poem eltrue 6 Devastation Dec 9th
Encouragement Poem angelcrane sadness Dec 9th
NUNNA DAUL TSUNY ( The Trail Where They Cried) Poem hawksquaw99 History/Past Dec 9th
SANTA SLEEPS IN Poem hawksquaw99 9 Holidays Dec 9th
Write Poetry Poem eltrue 3 Song Lyrics Dec 9th
PASSING TIME Poem ladydp2000 2 Bittersweet Dec 9th
All I have is My Thoughts Poem pudnsis1 love Dec 10th
A Friendly Time of the Year Poem pudnsis1 7 Holidays Dec 10th
HERE TO STAY Poem hawksquaw99 Other Dec 10th
Thoughts of a Kid Poem hawksquaw99 5 Pain/Sorrow Dec 10th
THE LAST SONG Poem hawksquaw99 4 inspiration Dec 10th
UNLEASH THE LOVE Poem hawksquaw99 10 Fantasies Dec 10th
THE PHANTOMS Poem ladydp2000 2 Anger NonViolent Dec 11th
Yes, Oblivion Poem techpoet Culture/Society Dec 11th
BEYOND YOUR BLUE EYES Poem ladydp2000 love Dec 11th
Resemblance Poem techpoet Fantasies Dec 11th
GOD SMILES Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Dec 11th
GODS BEAUTIFUL CREATION Poem ladydp2000 religion Dec 11th
THE DISTANT SHORES Poem ladydp2000 1 Fantasies Dec 11th
SENSUAL MOMENTS Poem ladydp2000 5 Nature/Environment Dec 11th
ECHOES AND RIPPLES Poem ladydp2000 Imagery Dec 11th
...Mother Poem techpoet 5 Dec 11th
ON ANGELS WINGS Poem ladydp2000 4 Bittersweet Dec 11th
OF LOVE AND BUTTERFLIES Poem ladydp2000 1 Acceptance Dec 11th
LONELY AS A CLOUD Poem ladydp2000 4 Existence Dec 11th
I LOVE YOU FOREVER Poem ladydp2000 1 Poetry/Writing Dec 11th
Without Your Embrace Poem pudnsis1 Missing You Dec 11th
My Bed Is Lonely Tonight Poem techpoet Compassion Dec 11th
HE DIED FOR US Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Dec 11th
DANCING MOON Poem ladydp2000 Missing You Dec 11th
Dougal Poem giajl friendship Dec 12th
The effort of hours Poem dragongreeneyes Haiku Stupid Dec 12th
I Dreamed I Was An Angel Poem gentle Bittersweet Dec 12th
End the Old, Begin Anew Poem pudnsis1 Forgiveness Dec 12th
It Poem techpoet Fantasies Dec 12th
Rode Poem pluguan 1 Acceptance Dec 12th
Do You Miss the Night Poem giajl 1 confusion Dec 12th
Old Salts Love Letter Poem hhickson love Dec 13th
MUTE LADY Poem hawksquaw99 Other Dec 13th
Ganda Poem toobuena 14 Lost love Dec 13th
Apparition Poem toobuena Acceptance Dec 13th
My Hero Poem toobuena 1 Bittersweet Dec 13th
MR. NATHAN Poem hawksquaw99 friendship Dec 13th
A CHRISTMAS WISH Poem ladydp2000 Holidays Dec 14th
To A Sea Gull on Eau Gallie Causeway Poem hhickson 3 sadness Dec 14th
Lori Poem toobuena 4 Acceptance Dec 14th
The Spice Of Life Poem drphat 3 Dec 14th
SO FAR AWAY Poem ladydp2000 love Dec 14th
Cup Of Joe Poem toobuena 5 Being Loved Dec 14th
Lost and Found Poem karen415 1 Bittersweet Dec 14th
The Deer Hunters Elegy Poem eltrue 4 Culture/Society Dec 15th
A writer is born Poem danesdad 5 Acceptance Dec 15th
Brothers Deep Poem eltrue 8 Nature/Environment Dec 15th
Grandpa Poem eltrue 6 Being Loved Dec 15th
I Have Turned Young Poem eltrue 3 Acceptance Dec 15th
FLASH Poem hawksquaw99 4 Other Dec 16th
Avalanche Lily Poem toobuena 4 Bittersweet Dec 16th
There I Go Wishing Again Poem danesdad 4 Acceptance Dec 16th
Think Poem jenfool 3 confusion Dec 17th
Waiting Poem jenfool 1 Song Lyrics Dec 17th
THE SILENT Poem ladydp2000 Tributes/Odes Dec 17th
MY REAL LOVE IS ONLY YOU Poem ladydp2000 1 love Dec 17th
FRIENDS Poem terry Acceptance Dec 17th
ODE TO BOB ROSS Poem ladydp2000 5 Tributes/Odes Dec 18th
on my mind Poem yoda Dec 18th
Mist Poem dragonzite 1 Fantasies Dec 18th
Christmas Card to the Group Poem hhickson 2 Holidays Dec 18th
HEREAFTER Poem ladydp2000 2 inspiration Dec 19th
Of Growth and Knowledge Poem dragonzite 2 Acceptance Dec 19th
AFTER THE RAIN Poem ladydp2000 8 Fantasies Dec 19th
THE LITTLE TRAMP Poem ladydp2000 2 In Memory Dec 19th
Beloved Poem krnrana 2 Dec 19th
Three Steps of Eyesight Poem krnrana Dec 19th
Desertion Poem krnrana Dec 19th
Emily Dickinson Poem krnrana 4 Dec 19th
IN COUNTRY Poem hawksquaw99 Other Dec 19th
WONDER Poem hawksquaw99 10 choices Dec 19th
Uneasy feelings Poem krnrana Dec 19th
RIDING FOR 8 Poem hawksquaw99 3 In Memory Dec 19th
Short Story of the Silliest Sort Poem choirgrrl 4 Bizarre Dec 20th
CUPIDS HEART Poem ladydp2000 3 New Love Dec 20th
ODE TO PRINCESS DIANA Poem ladydp2000 2 Tributes/Odes Dec 20th
Your House Poem toobuena 2 Being Loved Dec 21st
Music Poem dragonzite Music/Musician Dec 21st
Dusk and Dawn Poem dragonzite Imagery Dec 21st
SONG TO VINCENT VAN GOGH Poem ladydp2000 Tributes/Odes Dec 21st
Maybe Poem andshedied 7 Culture/Society Dec 21st
Winter Nights Poem snmiller 4 Nature/Environment Dec 22nd
COLOUR MY WORLD Poem ladydp2000 Fantasies Dec 22nd
Lost Winter Poem snmiller 1 death Dec 22nd
Grandmother Poem dragonzite love Dec 22nd
MIND GAMES Poem ladydp2000 Anger NonViolent Dec 22nd
Sex! Sex! Sex! -or- My First Haiku... Poem andshedied 7 Haiku Dec 22nd
My Aura Glows Poem jenfool Addiction Dec 22nd
Pain Poem dragonzite 9 Acceptance Dec 22nd
WHISPERS IN THE WIND Poem ladydp2000 2 Change/Transition Dec 23rd
CHRISTMAS SONG Poem ladydp2000 2 Holidays Dec 23rd
THIS WOMAN CHILD Poem ladydp2000 Change/Transition Dec 23rd
NUMBER ONE Poem hawksquaw99 Music/Musician Dec 23rd
THROUGH TIME Poem ladydp2000 Change/Transition Dec 23rd
EARLY MORNING & EVENING LIGHTS Poem ladydp2000 2 Imagery Dec 24th
THE OLD BOOK Poem ladydp2000 Bittersweet Dec 24th
THE MAGIC OF LOVE Poem ladydp2000 love Dec 24th
WINTER Poem ladydp2000 6 Imagery Dec 24th
Alphabet Soup Poem choirgrrl Commentary Dec 25th
CIRCLES OF LIGHTS Poem ladydp2000 Space & Time Dec 25th
Him- the Great One Poem choirgrrl Bittersweet Dec 25th
WHY Poem mwhatim 5 Bittersweet Dec 26th
Men Poem andshedied 8 love Dec 26th
CHRISTMAS EVE 2000 Poem vjochum 10 Holidays Dec 26th
Someday Soon Poem choirgrrl Acceptance Dec 26th
Without You Poem mwhatim 3 Being Loved Dec 26th
YESTERDAY Poem ladydp2000 Change/Transition Dec 27th
NIGHT RHAPSODY Poem ladydp2000 love Dec 27th
SHADOWS IN MY WINDOWS Poem ladydp2000 Bittersweet Dec 27th
SONG TO THE BOOK Poem ladydp2000 1 choices Dec 27th
INMOTION II Poem ladydp2000 1 Happiness Dec 28th
DREAMY EYES Poem ladydp2000 4 Fantasies Dec 28th
Knock Poem toobuena 2 Acceptance Dec 28th
FOR SO LONG Poem ladydp2000 2 Bittersweet Dec 28th
A CHANGE OF HEART Poem ladydp2000 love Dec 28th
ROSE PETALS Poem ladydp2000 Bittersweet Dec 28th
ASLEEP BY THE GATES Poem ladydp2000 3 Acceptance Dec 29th
THE LOVE ROSE Poem ladydp2000 3 Bittersweet Dec 29th
DANCE WITH THE DEVIL Poem ladydp2000 1 Fury Unleashed Dec 29th
NIGHTMARE CASTLE Poem ladydp2000 4 death Dec 29th
BROKEN WINGS AT NIGHT Poem ladydp2000 Dark Dec 29th
THE WITHERING ROSE Poem ladydp2000 Fantasies Dec 29th
BLACK NIGHT AFFAIR Poem ladydp2000 6 Goodbye Dec 29th
Just Everything She Says Is Causing Apathy Poem choirgrrl Anger NonViolent Dec 29th
Little Secret Poem dragongreeneyes 2 Addiction Dec 30th
SPECIAL MOMENTS Poem ladydp2000 1 Space & Time Dec 30th
CROSSING OVER Poem ladydp2000 1 Bittersweet Dec 30th
After a Glance in the Looking Glass... Poem techpoet 5 Depression Dec 30th
DUST IN THE WIND Poem rosebudblooming death Dec 31st