The comparison of even the most intimate of a lover's touch to yours.

Even after the chaotic ocean of society recedes, your love

will always remain in the wake, in the sands of time.

Beautiful assurance

Oh and beauty, ah such beauty

Elegance in one face still unmatched by any.

The nourishment of your trust is what drives me.

Genuine acceptance

And I too will love you for your tireless obsession...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I luv you mom...

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poetvg's picture

beautifully written ;*)

Douglas Lazard's picture

A beautiful poem Keith! Showing the love you have for your Mother... I really like the word structure here! Peace and Love ~~~~ Dougie ~~~

ugonna's picture

This an overwhelmingly touching celebration of that unfathomable love in Mothers and Motherhood. Hear Keith in the following disarming lines of cherishment: "Beautiful assurance Oh! And beauty, ah, such beauty Elegance in one face still unmatched by any" Unequivocally, I have a lot of respect for women(something from my Mother). And indeed, Keith, your touchingly powerful poetic tribute to your Mother has empowered, more, that spirit of repect for the dignity of womanhood, in a deep manner. Keith concludes: "The nourishment of your trust is what drives me Genuine acceptance And I too will love your tireless obsession... ...Mother" There is a refreshing and empowering beauty of the spirit about this poem. And may the nourishing love of our Mothers empower us to achieve and to love one another in return. This should be the way of the world because like distinguished Martin Luther King, jr said: "Love is the most durable power in the world" May we humbly learn this love from Mothers! Ugonna

Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

DEAR KEITH A MOTHERS LOVE HOW WONDERFUL,i feel sorry or sad for kids that never know this feeling,you are a man of HONOR,and i like you very much,these computers will destruct us but it good in times like this HAVE FUN L&P

Melvin Lee's picture

Emotionally charged piece...filled with evident respect and fond devotion for your mama. I am so proud of u , Keith.for penning this lovely tribute for her....Has she read it yet? She must have been most delighted. Smilesz. Thanxs for sharing!!!