It will never rest.

It will live until the last breath, until the chill of death

looms over.

It will always dream of us, skin on skin, caressing under a

moonlit night everlasting.

It will still stand under the weakened shelter of hope and

look past your innocence.

Your innocence of my fantasies.

It will awe of your body, look upon your face, and swim

into the sea of your eyes intoxicated.

However, it will be stabbed, beaten, and incinerated internally,

only to awaken the next fruitless day.

It knows of its unlimited love for you, and of your untimely

unlimited love for another.

The Other

You will remain unaware, while it is crucified at the stake

of evil infatuation.

It will regret you.

It will cherish you.

It will.

I will.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No this isn't a tribute to the legendary book, but a tale of lust and infatuation...

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