Monthly Archive for February 2002

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
I Dare Not Poem michael 1 Feb 1st
UNCOMMON Poem TREXPATTON 2 Bittersweet Feb 1st
Your Eyes are My Fate Poem sweetiepeachy Feb 1st
If Only,,,,,,,,, Poem sweetiepeachy Feb 1st
I can see Poem starlite_angel 2 Feb 1st
seas of time. Poem link Feb 1st
Let's fall in love Poem oh_so_odd 2 Feb 1st
Who could pamper me like me Poem krnrana Feb 1st
Amy's WebPage Poem krnrana 1 Feb 1st
A Sip Poem missmichelle 4 Feb 1st
You Need To Poem missmichelle Feb 1st
Sweet Letter from Cathy Poem krnrana 2 Feb 1st
Be Careful Poem krnrana Feb 1st
As One Poem michael 2 Feb 1st
Tornado Season Poem michael 2 Feb 1st
Mightier Poem michael 1 Feb 1st
The Race Poem michael 2 Feb 1st
She Is Poem michael 1 Feb 1st
When I Think About You Poem chick20a00dee love Feb 1st
A Christmas To Remeber Poem arecreed 1 Holidays Feb 1st
Angel's Poem arecreed 2 Angels Feb 1st
"Murderer" Poem ontheverge 2 Abuse Feb 1st
"Why?" Poem ontheverge Anger Violent Feb 1st
I'll Always Remember Poem hccgirl04 1 Feb 2nd
Before You were His Poem sparkythedog721 Feb 2nd
Dammit Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
Starless Night Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
Death Of The Sun Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
Fickle Poem onelilartist 1 Feb 2nd
How? Poem onelilartist 1 love Feb 2nd
HUSHED BREATH Poem emmenay 1 Bittersweet Feb 2nd
RARE MEETING Poem emmenay Bittersweet Feb 2nd
PINES COTTAGE Poem emmenay In Memory Feb 2nd
Benny Ate My Blue Jeans Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
Heart Cries Out Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
Scream Poem missmichelle 1 Feb 2nd
Water From Stone Poem saiom Feb 2nd
Star Lit Sky Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
bittersweet Poem hushbaby 2 Bittersweet Feb 2nd
Keep You Here Poem hushbaby Missing You Feb 2nd
Memorizing You Poem hushbaby 2 Bittersweet Feb 2nd
Ocean Shores On A Moonless Night Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
the pain Poem link Feb 2nd
SOLILOQUY Poem emmenay 1 Angst Feb 2nd
Beefy Chicken Poem hccgirl04 1 Feb 2nd
Just A Simple Thought Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
[] أيلا ابقي معي Poem asaihati Feb 2nd
Love Without Sight Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
Tinted Pink Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
Penguins In The Freezer... Taking A Cold Shower Poem hccgirl04 2 Feb 2nd
Travel My Dreams Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
Lost Inspiration Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
Hobo Bob Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
Glue Tastes Good Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
Banana Joe Poem hccgirl04 Feb 2nd
Hints Of Lavender And Violet Poem pkpbc1950 6 Dark Feb 2nd
Men Suck Poem hccgirl04 3 Feb 3rd
The Cow Ate My Beef Poem hccgirl04 Feb 3rd
Letting Go Poem tweety_32 Feb 3rd
The Painter's Misery Poem moser Lost love Feb 3rd
"Sixteen Lines for Shayna" Poem DaddyO choices Feb 3rd
Yucky Toothpaste Poem hccgirl04 2 Feb 3rd
When I'm With You Poem missmichelle 1 Acceptance Feb 3rd
Random Poems 47: Altar Halter And Other Poems Poem saiom Feb 3rd
Vision - Feast of Corpus Christi Poem blumentopf 1 Spirituality Feb 3rd
The Mail Man From Hell Poem hccgirl04 Feb 3rd
The Words Poem link Feb 3rd
Your Letters Poem onelilartist 1 love Feb 3rd
Lee And Emily Poem hccgirl04 Feb 3rd
Talebearers Poem onelilartist 2 Fear Feb 3rd
Speed Poem missmichelle Feb 3rd
I Will Never Forget Poem starlite Memories Feb 3rd
911 Poem lillep 3 War Feb 4th
From the Heart Poem lillep 2 Being Loved Feb 4th
Future Poem lillep Haiku Feb 4th
Strange Dreams Poem lillep Reality Feb 4th
the Unfortunates Poem lillep 1 Acceptance Feb 4th
how Poem christopher_ryan 1 Feb 4th
Despair 2 Poem lillep Betrayal Feb 4th
holding on, while letting go Poem christopher_ryan Feb 4th
Don't Look Poem lillep 4 Danger Feb 4th
tuesday rain Poem christopher_ryan Feb 4th
PAIN. Poem kiwi 8 Compassion Feb 4th
weary Poem christopher_ryan Feb 4th
almost crushed Poem christopher_ryan 2 Feb 4th
everything erratic, like dali- Poem christopher_ryan 2 Feb 4th
Untitled- Poem christopher_ryan 1 Feb 4th
looking in- Poem christopher_ryan 1 Feb 4th
another fucking poem... Poem christopher_ryan 2 Feb 4th
big sketch of a fantasy Poem christopher_ryan 2 Feb 4th
something like feeling- Poem christopher_ryan 2 Feb 4th
blah... Poem christopher_ryan Feb 4th
BLOOD-RED BLOOD Poem TREXPATTON 1 Anger Violent Feb 4th
a poem for ChelSea Poem christopher_ryan Feb 4th
JenEcksDeeEcks Poem christopher_ryan 1 Feb 4th
CLOUDS. Poem kiwi 5 Children Feb 4th
SWEET RAIN. Poem kiwi 6 Nature/Environment Feb 4th
THE LETTER Poem serene 1 Life/Living Feb 4th
SALOME Poem serene 1 Other Feb 4th
tender as your slumber Poem gemboy 1 Kiss/Kissing Feb 4th
Ruby Revel Poem christopher_ryan Feb 4th
The Star Inside Us Poem starlite PostPoems Feb 4th
Everything Poem starlite love Feb 4th
Judgmental Asshole Poem starlite_angel 5 Feb 4th
to a stranger passing by, beautifully Poem christopher_ryan 1 Feb 4th
Close the world behind Poem tweety_32 Feb 4th
Cup and Water Wheel Poem saiom Feb 4th
Sonnet To Melissa Poem michael 2 Feb 4th
Jealousy Poem onelilartist 2 Feb 4th
element of wonder Poem christopher_ryan 1 Feb 4th
Deep in the darkness Poem oh_so_odd Feb 4th
Say a little prayer Poem oh_so_odd 1 Feb 4th
Prosimians and Persimmons Poem saiom Feb 4th
* Poems Of Saturn Poem saiom Feb 4th
Working People Poem onelilartist 1 Feb 4th
Be My Friend Poem onelilartist 5 Feb 4th
My Mother Ate My Underwear Poem hccgirl04 Feb 4th
My Good Luck Charm Poem hccgirl04 Feb 4th
Criminal Of Love Poem hccgirl04 1 Feb 4th
[] مولد الأمــل Poem asaihati 1 Feb 4th
Sonnet 222 Poem michael 2 Feb 4th
[] مادمت يا سيدتي Poem asaihati Feb 4th
Replacing The Old Roof Poem michael 4 Feb 4th
Sorta Like Poem michael 1 Feb 4th
I've Known People Poem michael 2 Feb 4th
Frost Poem michael 2 Feb 4th
A Few Limericks On Me. Poem michael 7 Feb 4th
"Steel-Blue Stare's Remembrance" Poem DaddyO Lost love Feb 4th
Stopping By The Flower Garden Poem michael 2 Feb 4th
Psycho Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Bizarre Feb 5th
oral pleasure Poem gemboy 1 Sexual Feb 5th
Jigsaw Poem onelilartist 1 Feb 5th
The Gold he Gave Me Poem dyingpoetkr Irony Feb 5th
homage Poem dis_konnected Feb 5th
For me, for you, for the whole wide world Poem nomes2riches Being Loved Feb 5th
Look at You Poem dyingpoetkr 3 Reality Feb 5th
another year Poem dis_konnected Life/Living Feb 5th
Sweet Kisses Poem starlite_angel 4 Feb 5th
Getting Rid Of You Once And For All Poem onelilartist 5 Feb 5th
The Blanket Poem dyingpoetkr choices Feb 5th
She Majors In Minor Things Poem onelilartist 2 Feb 5th
The Bar Poem dyingpoetkr Irony Feb 5th
life Poem dis_konnected Feb 5th
Sinned Silence Poem dyingpoetkr 1 War Feb 5th
Someone Like Rob Poem sparkythedog721 2 Feb 5th
note to self- Poem christopher_ryan 1 Feb 5th
Rape and Acid Poem sirknight 1 Anger Violent Feb 5th
Eh? untitled Poem sirknight 1 Depression Feb 5th
The Absentee Poem blumentopf 1 Other Feb 5th
suicide gone- Poem christopher_ryan 4 Feb 5th
shortcomings Poem christopher_ryan Feb 5th
elizaBeth H. Poem christopher_ryan Feb 5th
Here Is My Heart Poem onelilartist 12 Feb 5th
over and over Poem dis_konnected Feb 5th
"Nice People" Poem ontheverge 1 Acceptance Feb 5th
Tears & Roses of 911 Poem arecreed 1 death Feb 5th
COME WALK WITH ME Poem vickisue37 1 inspiration Feb 5th
Like, you. Poem christopher_ryan Feb 5th
My List Poem onelilartist 1 Feb 5th
me- Poem christopher_ryan 1 Feb 5th
For Callum Poem giajl 1 family Feb 5th
Endgame Poem sirknight Depression Feb 5th
Rant and Rave Poem sirknight 1 Anger Violent Feb 5th
Dream Poem sirknight Loneliness Feb 5th
Set #1 of Little Poems Poem mythers 1 Poetry/Writing Feb 5th
He called me "Sugah" Poem onelilartist 1 Feb 5th
ONE....LAST....ENDLESS....KISS Poem TREXPATTON Celebrations Feb 6th
ZIPPERS Poem onelilartist 4 Feb 6th
Loving You Poem onelilartist 2 Feb 6th
[] الشــــــــــــوق Poem asaihati Feb 6th
It's Raining Here Poem onelilartist 4 Feb 6th
Lloyd Olsen Frederick Poem TREXPATTON youth Feb 6th
I Don't Have Any Tears Left Poem onelilartist 5 Feb 6th
Players Game and Lovers Tears Poem starlite_angel 2 Feb 6th
you r kiss Poem gemboy Kiss/Kissing Feb 6th
FATAL DISEASE Poem seepy 1 Comedy/Humor Feb 6th
AS I .... Poem tweety_32 Feb 6th
That Cowboy Poem tweety_32 Feb 6th
SPECKLESS. Poem kiwi 5 Comedy/Humor Feb 6th
Lao Tsu and Gandhi Poem saiom Feb 6th
WINDOW Poem serene 1 Space & Time Feb 6th
FINAL CURTAIN. Poem seepy 1 Nature/Environment Feb 6th
Tonight Poem bj7 1 Feb 6th
I AM OLD. Poem seepy Existence Feb 6th
Beyond Your View Poem michael 1 Feb 6th
No To Brutal Illegal Treasonous Security-Harming Stupid Bankrupting Wars Poem saiom 1 Feb 6th
A Party Poem soulive2213 Feb 6th
Shouldn't We? Poem michael 2 Feb 6th
Poems Written on Feb. 6th Poem michael 3 Feb 7th
FEATHERED SINGER. Poem kiwi 4 Nature/Environment Feb 7th
MOUNTAIN MIST. Poem kiwi 3 Nature/Environment Feb 7th
UNIQUE THOUGHTS. Poem kiwi 7 Existence Feb 7th
"Tantamount" Poem DaddyO Acceptance Feb 7th
"Valentine" Poem DaddyO valentine Feb 7th
41. Sonnet Can One Count Love's Ways? On "Sonnets From The Portugese" Poem TREXPATTON Tributes/Odes Feb 7th
Memories Poem jewlzz2 2 Memories Feb 7th
this house Poem choirgrrl 2 Acceptance Feb 7th
Be My Valentine Poem jewlzz2 1 love Feb 7th
A Fella Needs A Friend Poem taleteller 1 Loneliness Feb 7th
My Wish For You, Dear Wife Poem taleteller 1 choices Feb 7th
Emptiness! Poem taleteller 1 Loneliness Feb 7th
Friendship.... Poem tweety_32 Feb 7th
your come hither hips Poem gemboy Sexual Feb 7th
A Bitter Boy Whines Poem pendersnatch 3 Feb 7th
JEWEL. Poem seepy 1 Nature/Environment Feb 7th
Winter Poem turonah 2 sadness Feb 7th
LOVE'S BAY. Poem seepy 1 Nature/Environment Feb 7th
Your Voice Poem onelilartist 2 Feb 8th
993 bottles on the wall Poem gemboy 1 Kiss/Kissing Feb 8th
DAMN ! Poem TREXPATTON 2 Acceptance Feb 8th
ON THE SCRAPHEAP. Poem kiwi 3 Change/Transition Feb 8th
He Never Calls Me "Sweetheart" Poem TREXPATTON 1 Addiction Feb 8th
The Little Green Martians Poem taleteller Comedy/Humor Feb 8th
One Last Visit Poem taleteller 1 Unrequited Love Feb 8th
Who Is This Poem michael 2 Feb 8th
Creep Poem hushbaby Feb 8th
NIGHT LAGOON. Poem kiwi 2 Nature/Environment Feb 8th
Caged in by you Poem running_with_rabbits 6 Lost love Feb 8th
I felt a Chill Poem blumentopf 1 Existential Feb 8th
To My Mother Poem blumentopf 1 Prayer Feb 8th
I Will Poem hccgirl04 Feb 9th
You Can Be My Ghost Poem andshedied 2 Forgiveness Feb 9th
Holding me Poem tweety_32 1 Feb 9th
[] الاحترام Poem asaihati Feb 9th
[] روايه الصباح Poem asaihati Feb 9th
Like Paper Cuts Upon My Heart Poem onelilartist 3 Feb 9th
Tell God Poem andshedied 1 sadness Feb 9th
Freezing The Moment Poem hccgirl04 Feb 9th
Today Is Gary's Birthday Poem onelilartist 2 Feb 9th
"Wheat Crackers" * Poem ontheverge Addiction Feb 9th
Human Poem brooklynspice 1 Acceptance Feb 9th
Grape Soda Drives A Man Insane Poem hccgirl04 1 Feb 9th
Sunrise Poem tweety_32 Feb 9th
First Crush Poem hccgirl04 Feb 9th
Why Don't You Haunt Me? Poem andshedied 1 Abuse Feb 9th
Drifting Beneath Your Words Poem hccgirl04 Feb 9th
Reincarnation Poem andshedied 2 death Feb 9th
Stroking My Hair Poem andshedied 1 Angels Feb 9th
Almond- Eyes And The Streets That Are Dust Poem TREXPATTON 3 Anger NonViolent Feb 9th
Anger-a rant, a tribute, soon to be deleted Poem andshedied 2 Abuse Feb 9th
In My Pocket Poem hccgirl04 Feb 9th
My Tears Have Gone Dry Poem hccgirl04 1 Feb 9th
THE smallest SPACE Poem choirgrrl family Feb 9th
How These Tears Touched The Ground Poem hccgirl04 Feb 9th
Mirror Mirror Poem hccgirl04 Feb 9th
The Moon Weeps Poem poetatheart 1 Feb 10th
Miracle Mist Poem saiom Feb 10th
Groundhog's False Guilt Poem saiom Feb 10th