Players Game and Lovers Tears

He makes you feel love in your heart

Until that is he rips it apart

He uses and abuses tears at the glue

And soon you don't feel the same as you use to

He plays and he cheats rips you up inside

And all of a sudden you've lost all your pride

At first you feel special he says he love you

But that's jsut a step as to what next he wants to do

He'll play with your heart, but your not the only one

All he's looking for is a little bit of fun

A players game brings it's lover tears

Pain and anger grows over the years

Forget about love they're all the same

But think about it before you place the blame

Sure your hurt but that pain will pass

Your over him now, and he can kiss you ass.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've been played out many times and I've learnt that the pain ends and that not all guys are the same, but it took the loss of a good friend to figure that out.

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Marina Olevsky's picture

wow, i can so relate...great job

Sherry Knee's picture

u are so right! the pain does pass. This poem is really good.