Silent no more

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i am officially a biggob :)

Your Voice Touches My Heart

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Sorry, Could You Say That Again?

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I've been writing in class a lot lately, and I think it's really starting to show in my work. This one is about how men's brains process voices.
Let me know what you think. It's inspired by a moment when I has having my first in depth conversation with this girl I know and I was afraid she didn't think i was listening to her.

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The Voice Of Ambiance (Science and Poetry)

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I would really like feedback on this piece in particular because it is currently my favorite one I've written so far.

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Poet, Speak! or forever be silent

Prior work
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Older posts are lost now and this is the olderst remaining. Quite an internal funeral pyre.

Many thanks for choosing to visit this one and for you most welcome commetns.


Ludovico Einaudi - "Elegy for the Arctic" - Official Live (Greenpeace) - YouTube


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Lost Voice

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No comment

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