Hope is a candle in a sea of darkness, eagerly awaiting the sun. 

Trust is a drop of the purest water, in an ocean full of desert sand.

Loyalty is the assurance of your own two feet, that you will stand.

Love is a bubbling geyser; filling, and rushing to overflowing. 

Empathy is a mother's love, from someone that you don't know.

Peace is an ocean of glass-like water, that ripples of war cannot move.

Honesty is a pure wine, with no dregs to ruin the taste.

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Empathy [Unrhymed Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines]



I feel

Sympathy as well

Once them I see

The poor leading grief-stricken life


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"Same Reason"


by Jeph Johnson


When an Empath asks me:

"Why do you care what others think?"

I respond with:

"For the same reasons you care what others feel."

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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"Demurric Charity"

by Jeph Johnson


She is a seraph by her empathetic feel
Making me believe she's real
The rest of my reality cannot be instated
While her language of angels is enunciated
It takes a miracle for one to appear
More cherubic inside the mirror
But somehow and some way this heavenly being
Has both the Creator and Devil agreeing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Jessica, 2013 

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My attitude,  cannot be broken.

Thank you, my angel.

I listen to you,

And try to comprehend.

Sympathy, seems so inadequate.

Empathy , is the best that there is.

The weight of the world is on my shoulders.

I flip it over my back.

Step on its neck.

Spit on its ugly head.

Die monster, die !

Die today !

Die tomorrow !

Die the next day too !

Die !

I listen to you,

And try to comprehend.

Sympathy, seems so inadequate.

Empathy, is the best there is.

My attitude cannot be broken. 

My angel, takes me away.



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Leaving You Once Again (Original)

Verse 1:
I have witnessed many having to say their final farewells and goodbyes once and for all.

Ships starting to arrive on the dock,

Horns blowing nad tooting within the distance,

To inform passengers

Soon after to abroad the ship.

Anchors dropping into the sea,

To stabilize the boat.

Putting it on balance.


Such a hefty wound, it carries within one's heart,

Only coming to realize that later on...


Words left unspoken,

Need not be said.

Evidently, our guilt takes control

Controlling our emotions in a split second.

Closing down and narrowing is thse walls

One hsa built as a lifesaver

To ensure they are alive and living.

No risk being lost and isolated at sea.


Verse 2:
A wounded heart so vanished at sea,

Flowing freely across the tranquil ocean waters.


Amid the breeze flowing,

Tides rolling and crashing before us.

2nd Chorus:
Its illumination guided me

To the path I should have chosen and ended up with.

Best believe it:
Sometimes, we all are not necessarily lazy.

More along the lines of discouragement.

Not necessarily smart or intelligent.

Just have our priorities straight and in order.

We are average.

So, in the end, the ocean is turbulent and calm as it can be.

Let loose your wings...

Fly away into the distant skies

Overhead the ocean in our paths

Somehow, we manage to get through it all.

Close our eyes...

Dreaming of flying away...

Spread our wings and fly...away!

Free at last with our wings outsretched. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is about the good byes in life/reality especially when it comes to friendships, interpersonal communications, public speaking, etc. It was written back in 2002-2003.

To Empathize


Very sad to watch someone go through pain,

Their tears fall, or their body lame,

Maybe even a severely damaged brain,

Feels so overwhelming, like never ending rain.


The anger rips apart the person we thought we knew,

We see the other side, and it triggers something in us too,

It often starts a churning of a storm within our hearts,

Chewing up and spitting out our yesterdays in parts.


They come to us in humbleness,

We lovingly lend an ear,

But it isn't what is triggered in us 

They needed and came to hear.


The precious worth of listening,

Is something to be discovered

To place our feelings on a shelf,

And listen to the pain of another.


It sometimes hurts to hear the weight

Of suffering they've endured,

We can lose sight through our own disdain,

We can't fix the past,

And no one is to blame,

When what they need is empathy,

Don't mix in your own sympathy.


Listen, hold your breath and sigh,

Connect to them, 

Don't ask why,

Hold your shoulders up,

Be strong,

The moment will pass,

Even if it seems long.


Most important,

Hold no grudges,

Friends are friends

And never judges.











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i am you






i am sunrise,

                 a fog,

           a lily pad

        floating in 

      a pond--



           --(no frog)--



i am an angel,

                                  dressed in black velvet,

and I only allow the light on my face

                     when the moon

 cannot be seen 

at night,

    to wimper among the rhythm of 

                 slithering snakes in

      the cool night sands,



i am macerated flesh of 

           a wild animal,


   to dry out after the feasting of

              hungry wolves,



i am a feild of daisies,

            and you have severed my lifeline 

                  to place me 


        your great-grandmother's hand made

                        doily for your 




i am an onion,

         bursting with pungent juices

                            to make the tears fall from 

         your eyes like a torrential 


     in the worst of droughts,



i am hell fire

          to infinity




       i am waiting for 




i am the gleam

         of a child's 

                        face on    

 christmas morning,

                     and the killer's

grin of      





and i am the untamed

                     ogre of

grief, the

              grim rapist,

that entices

 your anger,

                                a predator

lusting after your





i am the regurgitation of man's worst crime,



                 fear, hope,

                         and desire,

that wallow

 like poison in the pit of his





i feel,









11:58 PM 7/7/2013  ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

just about how everyone feels things. one thing we all have---feelings.good, bad, indifferent....ugly.



Tagged on 6/26/14 ec.

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Empathetic Eyes

Empathetic eyes,

Sometimes just a guise,

When respect is not there for uniqueness,
Trying to feel what is another's to feel,
Can mean a lack in oneself, and a weakness.





So cheesy!


Frenzy husslers,

Naivety sifters,


Truth twisters.


Open yourself,

Respect what YOU feel,

As humans we all feel our own feelings,

Though another may listen,

And resonate well

Their perception of you, is their own personal hell,

And most often their own subconscious concealings





Copyright 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About empathy.


I deleted the previous comments on this because I changed the poem so much today, that it was almost a different poem altogether. Basically the same idea, but just in case, I deleted out of respect for the commentors. 


So empathy, yes....often confused and mixed up with emotions of all kinds. You know empathy though, because it is a calm and reassured supportive caring, free of any and all  out-of-control emotion. In medicine and many other professional standards, the lines between empathy and sympathy are too often crossed and confused to the point of ethics' violations that create a huge mess.


Empathy is showing you care in whatever way is needed, and caring enough to put all other feelings aside in order to do so. I believe it comes from a place of much higher intelligence than sheer emotion. It is not void of feeling, just able to govern over it.


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