Double standards

I hate this double standard most of all

I hate this double standard in society most of all.

This will surely never change.

It's a loophole of how women can have flings and sometimes relationships

They're brief but still maybe a two year relationship that ends messy for one reason or another.

It'll never fail that she'll be excused for anything she said or did

with the phrase "I was going through a phase, I needed that time to heal".

Meanwhile the guy is blindsided because he gave his best efforts from the bottom of his now permanently damaged heart.

He thought she was the one to revive his damaged heart from a horrible previous relationship that undoubtedly left him bleeding internally

 he was hoping she'd stay by his side for good.

His "boys" thought he messed up the best thing he ever had

so alone he is, trying to push through every day.

He's running on a heart with one percent of life remaining without a charger in sight.

I hate this double standard in society most of all

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You Were Never the Victim

Wow, this is the best poetry book in the world.

I love how deep it is.

That one poem is so funny my heart skipped a beat.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the pages.

And the most amazing part is,

It sucked.

A lot.


Who were you expecting, a white knight?

I’ve heard these jokes before in checkout lanes.

And the customers in front of me never knew you existed.


I’m not that pretentious.

But you are.


I do not have double standards.

But you do.


Someone whose castle is built on mediocrity can’t scare me into hiding.

But someone else might be.


The moat is heavily guarded by trolls that can ruin their lives

If they refuse to walk on eggshells around you.


I keep pointing out your flaws

But you never even see them.

Instead, you fired a bomb into the crowd

And ecstatically handed the cannon to me.


You impersonate a traumatized child so onlookers would feel bad for you

And point their fingers at me at the drop of the hat,

Leaving me with nothing else to say in my defense.

I’m beginning to believe you love the drama more than you love your craft.

You’ve thrown burnt bridges in the wind today and I’m off to the pen,

But I’ll let you have your fun for now.


I have stowed away in the back of the truck to escape my sentence,

But I’ve come back to fight you with a rocket.


I’ve been ready for perfect storms since my old flame tried to kill himself.

And pinned the blame on me because he wanted me all to himself.

I have nothing to lose if you play the “defenseless child” act again.


You may have been one locked in a tower once upon a time.

But you grew up to be a dragon and imprisoned someone else.

It’s not my fault that you made yourself look worse.

It’s yours.

You can stop lying to me now.

I know you were never the victim.


"Why don't you talk?"
Because you yell at me
And I don't dare tell you this,
For fear that you will scream.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My mother always says "Say whatever you want I want your opinion"
When what she means is "Say whatever you want as long as it matches my opinion."

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