Monthly Archive for October 2001

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Becky Poem giajl 1 Children Oct 1st
Faces of the old Poem meso Abuse Oct 1st
COMFORT IN THE STARS Poem terry 2 Commentary Oct 1st
Youth Poem meso 1 inspiration Oct 1st
Emerald Isle Poem giajl 1 War Oct 1st
DARWIN HILL Poem giajl Other Oct 1st
Eyes Poem giajl 1 Goodbye Oct 1st
An Ode To Mr. Lamp Poem robbie 1 Bizarre Oct 1st
Faith Poem hushbaby 1 New Love Oct 1st
This Is Your Song Poem lil_rose 1 Oct 1st
I Love.... Poem hushbaby 2 Being Loved Oct 1st
Turning Tables Poem hushbaby 1 Change/Transition Oct 1st
So Sad Poem hushbaby sadness Oct 1st
Today Poem meso 1 Change/Transition Oct 1st
A Life Poem meso 2 Abuse Oct 1st
A NOTE TO ROBERT OPPENHEIMER Poem terry Technology Oct 1st
Looking Poem abanico 1 Oct 1st
Kinds Of Perfect Poem abanico Oct 1st
The Rain Poem abanico 2 Oct 1st
Her Relationship Poem abanico 1 Abuse Oct 1st
Border Country Poem giajl 3 Military/Patriotism Oct 1st
Angels Rest Poem mwhatim 8 Angels Oct 1st
whisper-chatter-screamer Poem missmichelle Oct 1st
Unhealthy Relationship Poem missmichelle 1 Oct 1st
MY MUSE Poem terry inspiration Oct 1st
Rose Garden Part 2 Poem dragongreeneyes Acceptance Oct 2nd
dont, my love Poem hardgal 1 Being Loved Oct 2nd
SO SOON Poem pangan_l_l Cancer/Illness Oct 2nd
another good night Poem hardgal dreams Oct 2nd
SEAGULLS IN DISTRESS Poem myrataal 1 death Oct 2nd
In Your Silence Poem eltrue 1 Pain/Sorrow Oct 2nd
depression Poem TREXPATTON 2 Addiction Oct 2nd
VARYING FAITH Poem pangan_l_l 1 Acceptance Oct 2nd
Unanswered Questions Poem mwhatim 2 Oct 2nd
Tongue Tied Poem bitgit 5 love Oct 2nd
Dust For Dust...Twin Towers Rag Poem eltrue Anger NonViolent Oct 2nd
TOWA! TOWA! TOWA! Poem columb 2 Devotion Oct 2nd
Crouching Tiger Poem jenfool Anger NonViolent Oct 2nd
THE LOVE THAT WAS Poem pangan_l_l 1 love Oct 2nd
This moment Poem beiyin Existence Oct 2nd
These Walls Poem jenfool 1 confusion Oct 2nd
HEAT Poem jenfool New Love Oct 2nd
The Day An Eagle Wept Poem mwhatim 2 Compassion Oct 2nd
My Leave, I Take Poem pudnsis1 1 death Oct 2nd
Transubstantiate, Butterflight, Heart Pain, Ice Chalice, All Works For Good, Bough Need Not Break Etc. Poem saiom Oct 2nd
A Peaceful Death Poem obscure death Oct 2nd
Random Poems 13 Poem saiom Oct 2nd
Random Poems 66 Poem saiom Oct 2nd
QUIET PLACE Poem pangan_l_l Oct 2nd
The Stars Lark Poem dhicks01 Oct 3rd
By the Shore Poem frogtoprince Oct 3rd
Bleed Poem dhicks01 1 Lost love Oct 3rd
Brush against my soul Poem dhicks01 1 Angst Oct 3rd
Night Poem meso Oct 3rd
Softly Gray Poem dhicks01 Pain/Sorrow Oct 3rd
Foot Of A Cross Poem dhicks01 3 religion Oct 3rd
Tongues Of Fire Poem eltrue 1 Acceptance Oct 3rd
So It Is I You Fear Poem mwhatim 1 Acceptance Oct 3rd
Unsuspecting Soul Poem dhicks01 1 Loneliness Oct 3rd
Anew Poem meso Oct 3rd
Manhood Poem meso 2 love Oct 3rd
Happy Poem dhicks01 1 Pain/Sorrow Oct 3rd
Illusion© Poem dhicks01 2 Lost love Oct 3rd
Picture Perfect Poem dhicks01 1 love Oct 3rd
Just Thinking Poem malik Oct 3rd
All is well in hell Poem dhicks01 1 Lost love Oct 3rd
Chem 10:50 am Poem stonesy Oct 3rd
Pretty Bird Poem TREXPATTON Being Loved Oct 3rd
Winds Of Love Poem eltrue 1 love Oct 3rd
I believe in dreams Poem hardgal 3 Oct 3rd
Bullet Proof,and Bleeding Poem dhicks01 1 Lost love Oct 3rd
Rhythms of visions Poem dhicks01 1 Oct 3rd
A Writers Prayer Poem dhicks01 1 Suicide Oct 3rd
TOXIC EVIL Poem pattyspassion 1 Abuse Oct 3rd
Are you ok? Poem dhicks01 2 Lost love Oct 3rd
The Phone Call Poem dhicks01 1 dreams Oct 3rd
The Poets Harbor Poem dhicks01 Poetry/Writing Oct 3rd
At This Instant Poem dhicks01 1 Oct 4th
Our Special Love Poem dhicks01 Oct 4th
Love and Time Poem dhicks01 Oct 4th
Aries Full Moon Poem saiom 1 Oct 4th
To the Brick Wall Sitting Beside Me Poem netter2_98 2 Oct 4th
City Lights Poem netter2_98 2 Acceptance Oct 4th
Forgotten Yesterdays Poem dhicks01 2 Pain/Sorrow Oct 4th
Another Cross to Bear Poem netter2_98 Endurance Oct 4th
The Dagger In My Mind Poem dhicks01 Lost love Oct 4th
Saw You Lastnight Poem dhicks01 Oct 4th
Erosion Of The Soul Poem dhicks01 Oct 4th
Deeper Shade Of Blue Poem dhicks01 1 Angst Oct 4th
Crying The Blues Poem dhicks01 religion Oct 4th
The Backbones Lament Poem netter2_98 friendship Oct 4th
Anger Poem clarinetpsycho 1 Anger NonViolent Oct 4th
Hear The Call Poem Sasha_J religion Oct 4th
September 11th 2001 Poem Sasha_J 1 In Memory Oct 4th
For One Day Poem bitgit 4 Acceptance Oct 4th
Fresh Dream Poem bitgit 3 Oct 4th
Taped Poem bitgit 1 Abuse Oct 4th
Fear is the Mind Killer Poem gentle 5 Bittersweet Oct 4th
Pair of Pears Poem saiom Oct 4th
Quandary Answered Poem TREXPATTON 1 Lost love Oct 4th
Green Pastures Poem ugonna 3 Being Loved, Faith, Hope Oct 4th
Advent of the Light Poem saiom Acceptance Oct 4th
In Your Heart Poem sweetdreams 1 Angels Oct 4th
Shannon and Shenandoah Poem saiom Oct 4th
* Poems To Grace Everfalling Poem saiom Prayer Oct 4th
Wandering Poem clarinetpsycho 2 Revolution Oct 4th
In the Mirror Poem clarinetpsycho 1 Acceptance Oct 4th
Whered you go Poem starlite_angel 1 Oct 4th
HIGH WATER MARK Poem terry Change/Transition Oct 4th
Rick Halperin Poem saiom Oct 4th
Ironweed's September Sceptres Poem saiom Oct 4th
NUMB Poem serene 2 Lost love Oct 5th
walk Poem sirknight sadness Oct 5th
stranded Poem sirknight 1 romance Oct 5th
SORRY Poem mwhatim 1 death Oct 5th
HURDLES Poem serene 1 New Love Oct 5th
Wind Poem clarinetpsycho 1 Comedy/Humor Oct 5th
All Things Do Change! Poem mwhatim 3 Bittersweet Oct 5th
Kiss from an Angel Poem clarinetpsycho 4 Angels Oct 5th
STOP this ride Poem mwhatim 1 Devastation Oct 5th
Saturna Poem missmichelle 1 Oct 5th
Water Poem missmichelle 1 Oct 5th
FLAWLESS Poem pangan_l_l 2 love Oct 5th
KISS OF THE ROSE Poem pattyspassion 2 Beauty Oct 5th
TIME TO BE COUNTED Poem terry 1 Commentary Oct 5th
DAE SOOS ROSE Poem myrataal 1 Being Loved Oct 6th
Ill kill you someday Poem starlite_angel 4 Oct 6th
Boy-soldier Poem meso 2 Oct 6th
It All Falls On Your Head Poem techpoet 3 Hate Oct 6th
whoopee Poem gemboy 1 romance Oct 6th
To The Field I Go Poem meso 1 Oct 6th
baisers de bonbon Poem gemboy romance Oct 6th
Its Hatred Daddy Poem starlite_angel 3 Oct 6th
The Chef Of God Poem synonymtwist religion Oct 6th
In the End Poem starlite_angel 3 Oct 6th
Butterfly Gibberish Poem synonymtwist Loneliness Oct 6th
Clinging Poem starlite_angel 1 Oct 6th
Silent Tears Poem starlite_angel 4 Acceptance Oct 6th
Friends Poem clarinetpsycho 1 friendship Oct 6th
It Happened Again (O.N.O.F part two) Poem starlite_angel Abuse Oct 6th
Forest Florist Poem saiom Oct 6th
Reed Hidden Poem saiom Oct 6th
Inviting Emptiness Poem saiom Oct 6th
Lambs in Wolves' Clothing Poem saiom Oct 6th
Thoughts on Desire Poem saiom Oct 6th
Irresistible Force Poem saiom Oct 6th
Current Of Grief Poem saiom Oct 6th
Water Will Poem saiom Oct 6th
Unfolding Blue Carpet Poem saiom Oct 6th
Serial Killers Were Taught To Kill. Teach The Children Universal Nonviolence Poem saiom 1 biology dissection, butcher, Dahmer, fisherman, hunter, vivisector Oct 6th
Undraftable April Poem saiom Oct 6th
Pulling the Plug Poem saiom Oct 6th
GEDAGTE VIR CAROL Poem myrataal 1 Pain/Sorrow Oct 6th
Teacher Of Variation Poem saiom Oct 6th
School Days?? Poem demented_irishman Dark, death, Depression, loss, School Oct 6th
Path of Destruction Becomes Landing Strip Poem saiom Oct 6th
Broken Rear View Mirror, God's Yes, A Man Who Judges None, Buried Berry Poem saiom Oct 6th
NIE VIR DIE BLOTE OOG Poem myrataal 1 Reality Oct 6th
NEWELVLEK Poem myrataal 1 Beauty Oct 6th
Wabbit Wights Poem saiom Oct 6th
Oliver Stone Poem saiom Oct 6th
STILTE IS STIL Poem myrataal 2 Nature/Environment Oct 6th
FirTree Ravels Space Poem saiom Oct 6th
God Bless All Soldiers Poem saiom Oct 6th
Barry Horne Poem saiom Oct 6th
In Memory Poem missmichelle Oct 6th
My Love Poem the2ndepic1 Being Loved Oct 6th
Chicken Soup is Bad for the Soul Poem saiom 2 Oct 6th
Ways Mysterious Poem saiom Oct 6th
Random Poems 56: Lifts Aloft Lyrics And Other Poems Poem saiom Oct 7th
What is it???!! Poem chick20a00dee love Oct 7th
Kiss Me Tender Poem starlite_angel 3 Oct 7th
Fig Tree Of Jesus Poem saiom Oct 7th
What Hurt Jesus The Most? Poem saiom 1 Oct 7th
Effishent Poem saiom 2 Oct 7th
Sun Bear, Tecumseh Museum Poem saiom 1 Oct 7th
Blue Mosque Poem saiom 1 Oct 7th
The Fairy Queens Lament Poem gentle 6 Imagery Oct 7th
LIVE YOUR DREAM Poem pangan_l_l 1 Oct 7th
Blue Chalk Crosses Poem saiom Oct 7th
Crooked River And Jada Bharat Poem saiom Oct 7th
Mindgames Poem the2ndepic1 confusion Oct 7th
Not Infidels .. Not Going to Hell Poem saiom Oct 7th
WHEN CHERRY FALLS Poem pangan_l_l 2 Oct 7th
Denial/Admittance Poem starlite_angel 1 Oct 7th
HAIKU: WIND Poem myrataal 3 Haiku Oct 7th
ROSARY Poem myrataal Bittersweet Oct 7th
Man May Dream Poem TREXPATTON 5 dreams Oct 8th
detroit steel Poem gemboy 1 romance Oct 8th
lalas panties Poem gemboy 2 Sexual Oct 8th
good night sweetie Poem gemboy 1 Sexual Oct 8th
shake rattle and roll Poem gemboy Bittersweet Oct 8th
i read you poems you Poem gemboy romance Oct 8th
your casual saunter Poem gemboy Sexual Oct 8th
paint your toes red Poem gemboy 1 Poetry/Writing Oct 8th
pants on fire Poem gemboy romance Oct 8th
holding your memory Poem gemboy 2 long distance Oct 8th
the go-go girls from hell Poem gemboy Abuse Oct 8th
looking for trout Poem gemboy 1 romance Oct 8th
let me undress you Poem gemboy romance Oct 8th
OSAMA BIN LADEN Poem ladydp2000 Dark Oct 8th
smelling the moss Poem gemboy 1 Sexual Oct 8th
humor Poem gemboy Goodbye Oct 8th
DARE TO DREAM Poem TREXPATTON 2 dreams Oct 8th
Im tired Poem demented_irishman 1 Emotionless Oct 8th
Kindred Spirit Poem dhicks01 Imagery Oct 8th
AFGHANISTAN Poem ladydp2000 3 History/Past Oct 8th
Lost Lady Of The Night Poem eltrue 2 Dark Oct 8th
And Now a message from our sponsor Poem demented_irishman 1 Protest Oct 8th
Perfection Poem demented_irishman Oct 8th
Why Poem demented_irishman 1 Oct 8th
Tick, tock Poem demented_irishman death Oct 8th
Quiet Mirror Poem saiom 1 Oct 8th
slenderland Poem gemboy Sexual Oct 8th
Smart Money Is On The Sun Poem saiom Oct 8th
hinterlands Poem gemboy Sexual Oct 8th
seeping in magic Poem gemboy 2 Kiss/Kissing Oct 8th
Last Minefield! Poem ugonna 12 advocacy, Care, humankind, Life, Pain, sorrow, survival Oct 9th
kisses and giggles Poem gemboy 1 Sexual Oct 9th
have i ever Poem gemboy Sexual Oct 9th
fish tank Poem gemboy 1 romance Oct 9th
melancholy baby Poem gemboy Sexual Oct 9th
at your beckon Poem gemboy Bittersweet Oct 9th
where are you tonight Poem gemboy 1 Oct 9th
the fact Poem gemboy Sexual Oct 9th
Scorpio Poem gwennalockafer 3 Oct 9th
WHY ME? Poem pattyspassion 1 Commentary Oct 9th
my hammer Poem gemboy Sexual Oct 9th
Solar Mass Poem fenrislupusgrey Oct 9th
diffused Poem gemboy romance Oct 9th
take me Poem gemboy Sexual Oct 9th
my pleasure Poem gemboy Sexual Oct 9th
large glasses Poem gemboy 1 Sexual Oct 9th
remembering Poem gemboy romance Oct 9th
my orgasms and you poetry Poem gemboy Sexual Oct 9th
A place of fate Poem demented_irishman 1 Oct 9th
Dark Embrace Poem dhicks01 1 Lost love Oct 9th
How Many ? Poem dhicks01 1 love Oct 9th
Maybe Poem dhicks01 Lost love Oct 9th
The Rain Poem dhicks01 1 Oct 9th
Two Hundred Sixty Three Thousand Minutes Poem dhicks01 3 Oct 9th
Song of Silence Poem dhicks01 Oct 9th
Sunshine Poem dhicks01 1 love Oct 9th
literature Poem gemboy Sexual Oct 9th
Little Man Poem dhicks01 1 Oct 9th
Paradigms Poem dhicks01 Lost love Oct 9th
Perhaps Poem dhicks01 Lost love Oct 9th
Poison Poem dhicks01 1 Angst Oct 9th
Holy Night Poem demented_irishman Gothic Oct 9th