It All Falls On Your Head


Trust me.

Fate and all of her magical whims have nothing to do with it.

For knowing that you were born into failure, born with the restraints that cripple your pace, you soon realize that there's no coincidence why you're always the one who’s left behind.

Its funny, when you stand aside to see yourself on the kneeled down on the tracks below, dragging and scrapping, you know that it becomes all too obvious...

You know you can't compete against the others whose path is already predetermined.

Its sickening, yes I know, having to realize what strength lies in the hands of others

Even though the contaminant of your blood pumps through my weary veins, it is you who always seems to disappear when the slightest sign of a distant storm front is imminent.

So stand up.

Take a bow.

Relish in the disappointment, and take credit in all of the plunderment you've caused.

And my only wish is that you see that the weight, the distress, the hunger, it all falls on your head.

Which should be just enough to bend and snap like weak twine and roll on the ground as all spherical objects do...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

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vjochum's picture

Keith, This would be magnificient script in a dramatic film. Very powerful read! Thank you for notifying me of this piece.

Douglas Lazard's picture

Keith, I enjoyed this very much and can relate to it in alot of ways... You show remarkable talent in your observations and ability to pen your thoughts. Thanks for the read ! Peace and Love ~~~~ Dougie ~~~

Deborah Russell's picture

A strong statement for many, many "dads" in today's society as well as in the past. Thank you for sharing your new post. Good to see that you are writing! Take care, Deborah