It Happened Again (O.N.O.F part two)

Wake up screaming in a cold sweat

Once again in my dreams we met.

My heart pounding, beating so fast

When would it stop? how long will this dream last?

His dark eyes I remember so well

The thought of his touch is pure hell.

The heat of his breath, warm against my skin

I remember his face, the shape of his chin.

Alone with him, I couldn't break free

Tears and blood, 2 become 1 as he keeps on hitting me.

I take a deep breath and squeeze my eyes tight

Trying to block out the hidius sight.

I hear his voice inside my head

It was just a dream my doctor said.

If it's just a dream, why does it feel so real?

The blood, the pain his touch I can feel.

I've had this dream 3 times so far this week

Everytime I close my eyes I see his face I hear him speak.

It wasn't real I say

As I close my eyes again that night and  slowly drift away.

This was the worst it's been for sometime

I guess it was just at it's prime.

Sometimes it seems to go away

Sometimes I have it everyday.

In this dream theres blood and pain, in reality no one stird

But in this dream my screams can't be heard.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok this is Part 2 of "One night of fun" scary to me that there is a part 2. If you didnt read that one yet  you might want to and then read this one again, it would make a lot more sense to you.  F**K what the hell is wrong with me????

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