On a September morn

The World would mourn

Many people on this day

Went down on bended knee to pray

For many leaving on a Jet plane, wouldn’t come back again

No one realised what sudden pain, this day would reign

Cell phones ringing, they’ll be no sleigh bells singing!

Last words spoken, voice in token, hearts broken

“Called to say ’I love you’ “

“ God!....I wish............

The smoke is heavy now, I can’t breath

I can’t see or even believe..I just want to heave and grieve

A plane has crashed into South Tower one

Won’t belong before we are all gone!

People burning, gasping for air

Some opened windows and plunged in mid-air

Young and old caught on the stairwell

The lame and the crippled didn’t farewell

Most didn’t panic; step by step they did go

From floor to floor and door to door; crawling, fumbling in vertigo

The brave firemen up they went carrying heavy loads

Not long after the Tower implodes!

Terror struck New York!

People looked up ~ and could only gawk!

Can this be happening, I can’t cope

My eyes see, my ears hear, but my mind can’t accept this kaleidoscope

A day of infamy, grief and sorrows

Will never be forgotten in our tomorrows

Couldn’t comprehend why?

All I know to do is pray and cry

Terror will have struck a blow!

The Blood of the innocent, congealed below

Right will conquer wrong

This is a time to be strong!

Courage will overcome fear and dread

Even after we’ve buried our dead

Love will defeat hate and malice

Even though we tasted evils chalice

Ultimate victory lies ahead

Don’t bow your head, but raise it instead!

Be united for what is right

Then you will fight with all your might

Be strong and of good courage all

Raise the banner of liberty ~Call!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones in the New York Washington thoughts and feelings as I witnessed these events on Television like so many of us around the World are in this poem.

God bless you, and God bless America...

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Roxy~'s picture

Col- I really liked this poem. It was almost as if you were there with the people. You have an amazing ability! Don't stop writing. Others will benefit from your ability. Love, Roxy~ ;)

Deborah Russell's picture

I would like to post your poem @ Parallels on the memorial page. Contact me @ thanks...