Monthly Archive for November 2021

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Sunday Night Poem teresa_r 3 Nov 1st
To Mourn The Death Of Soul Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 1st
DOS, you made it all possible Poem jpike love mom son Nov 1st
At Hebrews 13:15 Poem Starward Nov 1st
+ 27.225 MHz: Prayer, From Two Psalms, For A Time Of Distress Or Fear Poem Starward Nov 1st
SHOT OF JAMESON TO CHASE THE BEER Poem georgeschaefer #shotofjameson #chasethebeer Nov 1st
HAPPY Native American HERITAGE MONTH Poem joy #happynativeamericanheritagemonth, #indigenouspeople, #nativeamericans Nov 1st
+ 27.225 MHz: Prayer After Psalm 9:10-11 And Hebrews 4:5-9 Poem Starward Nov 1st
+ [*/+/^] 27.225 MHz: Nothing Have I That I Have Not Been Given Poem Starward Nov 1st
Promise#1 Poem anexod 2 Nov 1st
SOME DEATHS TAKE FOREVER Prose georgeschaefer 5 #death #forever Nov 1st
Till Every Song Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 2nd
lonlier Poem Ground 1 Nov 2nd
রাণু আর রবি Poem shawon1982 Nov 2nd
Crucible of Light Poem patriciajj 11 Nov 2nd
BIG BROTHER Poem georgeschaefer #bigbrother Nov 2nd
CLOSER THAN HE THINKS Poem joy #closerthanhethinks, #family Nov 2nd
I Love You Poem blackGOD 1 Nov 2nd
মন পোড়ে Poem shawon1982 Nov 2nd
GOSSIP Poem Pungus 1 Nov 2nd
yes I did Poem Morningglory 3 Nov 2nd
LONELY Poem chris 2 Nov 2nd
ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Prose georgeschaefer 5 #zombieapocalypse Nov 2nd
Inventory Of Pain Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 3rd
Codependence Poem Morningglory 4 Nov 3rd
Lonely Nights Poem teresa_r 5 Nov 3rd
Castled King Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Centibillionaire Censor Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Population Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Veil Of Tide Poem saiom Nov 3rd
What God Has Joined Together Poem saiom 2 Nov 3rd
Rainbow Pour Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Sublime Limes Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Ecoterrorist Cropdusters Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Polycidal Bombers Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Prolife Killers Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Okra Seeds Poem saiom 2 Nov 3rd
Pitcher Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Clover Veil Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Longfingered Sun Poem saiom 1 Nov 3rd
Standing Up One By One Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Rainbow Additions Poem saiom Nov 3rd
সম্পর্কের ছাই Poem shawon1982 Nov 3rd
Synecdoche Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Conductor's Baton Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Occupational Correlation Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Novena Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Nonjudging Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Blown Apart Poem saiom Nov 3rd
Cucumbers Poem saiom Nov 3rd
The Lost Archives Poem THWYALG Nov 3rd
POETRY AND VISION Poem georgeschaefer #poetry #vision Nov 3rd
MONEY IN THE DUST Poem georgeschaefer 2 #money #dust Nov 3rd
Wee Beings Poem saiom Nov 3rd
TAHOMA Poem joy 1 #Friendship, #inspriation, #nativeamerican, #navajo, #tahoma Nov 3rd
After Psalm 145, 1-2 Poem Starward Nov 3rd
How Do You Do? Poem saiom 1 Nov 3rd
Lackadaisical Poem saiom 1 Nov 3rd
Sea Confessional Poem saiom 1 Nov 3rd
Water Held The Quill Poem saiom 5 Nov 3rd
To my surprise... Poem DSR.Summar Nov 3rd
CHAMPAGNE Poem Pungus 2 Nov 3rd
WE ARE DINOSAURS Poem Pungus 1 Nov 3rd
Will You Know? Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 3rd
JD Chops Wood Prose DSR.Summar Nov 3rd
The Hands We Could Use Poem 3 Nov 4th
রুহ - সঙ্গীতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় Poem shawon1982 Nov 4th
কাছে দূরে Poem shawon1982 Nov 4th
WILD EXOTIC DANCING Poem georgeschaefer #exoticdancing Nov 4th
WHICH ONE IS MORE IMPORTANT? Poem joy 1 #love, #whichoneismorimportant Nov 4th
@ 27.225 MHz: A Poem For Patriciajj . . . Constellator Poem Starward 5 Nov 4th
We all bare scars Poem Spinoza 2 Nov 4th
a beggar and a prince Poem Spinoza 4 Nov 4th
Minding My Own Poem DSR.Summar Nov 4th
Tracks Poem DSR.Summar Nov 4th
Untitled 15 Poem rachel 7 Nov 4th
SQUEAKY TOY Prose georgeschaefer #squeakytoy Nov 4th
Between Worlds Prose DSR.Summar Nov 4th
Divining Signs Prose DSR.Summar Nov 4th
"By Gawd, The Guv'Munt Aint Gonna Make Me Get A Vaccine, I Got Rights, A Whole Bill Of Rights." He Said Prose Starward 7 Nov 4th
Tom Traubert's Blues Poem owlcrkbrg 3 Nov 5th
THE ROAD TO LOVE Poem joy #acceptance, #equality, #kindness, #love, #theroadtolove Nov 5th
WAITED FOR PRINCE CHARMING Poem georgeschaefer #princecharming #waited Nov 5th
৫ নভেম্বর ২০২১ Poem shawon1982 Nov 5th
SCHEDULE (IF ONLY) Poem Pungus 1 Nov 5th
Gov Stitt of Oklahoma, Please Release Innocent Julius Jones Poem saiom Nov 5th
Ractopamine And The FDA Poem saiom Nov 5th
Castrated Bulls Piglets Rams Poem saiom Nov 5th
Human Chauvinist Semantics Poem saiom Nov 5th
Bull Suspended From Crane Poem saiom 1 Nov 5th
Unphased, the Brass Plays Poem Nov 5th
Sugar Daddy Poem randyjohnson Nov 5th
SUNDOWN Prose georgeschaefer #sundown Nov 5th
In Blue Darkness Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 6th
Moonlight Falling Poem Wordman 2 Nov 6th
Hold Open the Door Poem catherine Nov 6th
@ 27.105 MHz: Nuremberg, October 16, 1946 Poem Starward Nov 6th
Supreme Court Majority Poem saiom Nov 6th
Time For Grassley To Retire Poem saiom Nov 6th
BE STILL Poem joy #bestill, #earth, #listening Nov 6th
Throw That Sandwich Into Disposal Poem saiom Nov 6th
Chinese Bull Tortured Poem saiom Nov 6th
Life is short Poem RomeonJuliet113 Nov 6th
Bulls Around The World Poem saiom Nov 6th
TATTERED AVENUE Poem georgeschaefer #tatteredavenue Nov 6th
BLOODY NOSES SETTLE DISPUTES Poem georgeschaefer #dispute #bloodynoses Nov 6th
Lawsuit Briefs Poem saiom Nov 6th
PURE EVIL GENIUS Poem georgeschaefer #evilgenius #puregenius Nov 6th
Sleet Street Poem Nov 6th
৭ নভেম্বর ২০২১ Poem shawon1982 Nov 6th
Governor Reeves, Please Give Clemency To David Cox Prose saiom Nov 6th
Untold Story Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 7th
Distraction Poem uninvited_1 2 Song Lyrics Distraction music Nov 7th
Heard Enough Poem uninvited_1 2 Song lyrics Heard Enough music Nov 7th
Prayer For Henry VIII; The First Two Words Are Not Meant Profanely Poem Starward Nov 7th
Trout Fishing for Souls Poem Spinoza 4 Nov 7th
+ [*/+/^] 27.225 MHz: A Prayer For Patriciajj Poem Starward 4 Nov 7th
চলে গেল বন্ধু দেওয়ান তকি Poem shawon1982 Nov 7th
I Like To Work From my Home Poem williamjroneyiii Nov 7th
I Liked To Rhyme In The Morning Poem Starward Nov 7th
OUR UNIQUENESS Poem joy #different, #inspiration, #ouruniqueness, #unique Nov 7th
LATIN POEMS Poem georgeschaefer #latinpoems Nov 7th
To The Landmines In My Mind Poem Diamond_Wills_N... 1 Nov 7th
Castle home Poem Seeker 1 Nov 7th
Death Poem saiom Nov 7th
Beneath The Myrtle Poem saiom Nov 7th
Trembling In Fear Poem saiom Nov 7th
The Book Steve Jobs Gave To Everyone Poem saiom Nov 7th
From A Distant Star Poem saiom 1 Nov 7th
NEWTON Poem chris Nov 7th
The Old Lady My Father Called His "Little Grandma" Prose Starward Nov 7th
GETTING ROLLED IN PRAGUE Prose georgeschaefer #gettingrolled #prague Nov 7th
A Rallying Cry Poem americanprayer Nov 8th
Never Give Up Poem Theanonymous1 death, Depression, Hope, Hopelessness, loss, love Nov 8th
Fight Song Poem Theanonymous1 2 anger, Anxiety, bullying, Demons, destruction, Hate Nov 8th
The Adored Angel Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 8th
A MULLET JUMPING Poem joy #amulletjumping, #memories Nov 8th
ONCE A MIGHTY WARRIOR Poem georgeschaefer 2 #once #mightywarrior Nov 8th
SO CLEARLY Poem georgeschaefer #soclearly Nov 8th
Waiting In The Wings Poem saiom Nov 8th
Greg's Art Poem saiom Nov 8th
ANDREA P Poem chris Nov 8th
Skeletons In The Closet Poem saiom Nov 8th
Seed Destiny Poem saiom Nov 8th
Sweet Little Oysters Poem saiom 1 Nov 8th
Bombing Campaign Poem saiom Nov 8th
How Great Thou Art Poem saiom Nov 8th
Cleaving A Rock Poem saiom Nov 8th
Chickens Speak To Pilots Poem saiom 1 Nov 8th
If I could have one moment Poem geneconner2008 2 Nov 8th
meals and feels Poem Morningglory 5 Nov 8th
En-joyed Poem saiom Nov 9th
Tomb Of The Unknown Animals Poem saiom Nov 9th
Love Swims The Moat Poem saiom Nov 9th
Julia Slocum Poem saiom Nov 9th
Mary Married Lee Poem saiom Nov 9th
Virgo Pisces Axis Poem saiom Nov 9th
McCarthy Poem saiom Nov 9th
God's Favorite Chapel Poem saiom Nov 9th
Crawl Poem uninvited_1 song lyrics Crawl music life Nov 9th
Violaters Of The Divine Plan Poem saiom Nov 9th
Downer Cow Poem saiom Nov 9th
Translucent Shallows Poem saiom Nov 9th
Cows' Hearts Poem saiom Nov 9th
Clay Clod Poem saiom Nov 9th
On The Morning Of November 9th: 1888 And 2021; A Poem For Mary Kelly Poem Starward Nov 9th
The Light Has Shone Poem saiom Nov 9th
Baby Boy Bulls Poem saiom Nov 9th
Rain-Creating Breath Poem saiom 2 Nov 9th
Francis Of Assisi Poem saiom Nov 9th
All-Tithing Clara Taipale Poem saiom Nov 9th
There Are No Vermin Poem saiom Nov 9th
Rainforest River Poem saiom Nov 9th
Cormorant Avicide Poem saiom Nov 9th
White House Rose Garden Poem saiom Nov 9th
He Is Her Default Poem saiom Nov 9th
Trumpet Vines Poem saiom Nov 9th
Amnesty Acquittal Absolution Poem saiom Nov 9th
Starbirth Poem saiom Nov 9th
Auras Invaded Poem saiom Nov 9th
Get Out Of Jail Free Card Poem saiom Nov 9th
They Command Water Poem saiom Nov 9th
Cupid's Arrows Poem saiom Nov 9th
@ 27.105 MHz: Melodies XLIX; In DownHome's Shadow, These Words Still Fall Poem Starward 4 Nov 9th
Lambs Marked With Blue Ink Poem saiom Nov 9th
Gruesome Metamorphosis Poem saiom Nov 9th
FULL MOON, HALF MOON Poem georgeschaefer 2 @fullmoon #halfmoon Nov 9th
Eyelight Poem saiom Nov 9th
Scarlet Precipitation Poem saiom Nov 9th
Coveted Animal Parts Poem saiom Nov 9th
Red Peppers Poem saiom Nov 9th
THE MYSTERY OF TEARS Poem joy #tears, #themysteryoftrears Nov 9th
Yellow Wings Poem djtj 2 Nov 9th
Path Poem DSR.Summar Nov 9th
Wispy Baby Cloud Can Block The Sun Poem saiom Nov 9th
Every Drop Returns Poem saiom Nov 9th
Barbaric Lasso Poem saiom Nov 9th
James McDermott And D-Day Poem saiom Nov 9th
Snowdrop Lake Poem saiom Nov 9th
The Tide Is Afoot Poem saiom Nov 9th
On The Loom Of Leelas Poem saiom Nov 9th
Cynthia Poem saiom Nov 9th
Eve Drops Poem saiom Nov 9th
Tiles in the Moss Poem djtj 2 Nov 9th
Dandelion Swing Poem saiom Nov 9th
Freedom Each Night Poem saiom Nov 9th
Room At The Inn Poem saiom Nov 9th
Infinite Echoes Poem saiom Nov 9th
দিশেহারা Poem shawon1982 Nov 9th
Michelangelo Of The Sistine Poem saiom Nov 9th
asshole fever (the musical) Poem language_game Nov 9th
Loss Of Leg Poem saiom Nov 9th
Pear Tree Heard Poem saiom Nov 9th
One Need Not Ask Poem saiom Nov 9th
Japanese Beetle Rights Poem saiom Nov 9th
The Spun Sun Poem saiom Nov 9th
Sharing Roots Poem saiom Nov 9th
Quickening Rain Poem saiom Nov 9th
Reflecting Water Poem saiom Nov 9th
Marriage Of Ice Poem saiom Nov 9th
No Camelot Poem saiom Nov 9th
Lilylivered Poem saiom Nov 9th
A Pollen Gift Poem saiom Nov 9th
Moving Shadow Fishes Poem saiom Nov 9th
Seychelles Script Poem saiom Nov 9th
The Conch Left Behind Poem saiom Nov 9th
Trailing Pink Ribbons Poem saiom Nov 9th
Death Be Proud Poem allets Nov 9th
Do You Doubt? Poem Pungus 2 Nov 9th
Cry Not Over Spilt Milk Poem saiom 1 Nov 9th
EVERYBODY BUT ME Poem chris Nov 9th
TRUTH FROM A BLUTH Prose georgeschaefer #truth #bluth Nov 9th
Her Outrage Prose DSR.Summar Nov 9th
Materializing Wishes Prose saiom Nov 9th
Kind Clothing Poem saiom Nov 10th
My Poetry Poem saiom Nov 10th
My Craft Trembles Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 10th
Plant Racism Poem saiom Nov 10th
Animal Rescuers Poem saiom Nov 10th
Purple Prints Poem saiom Nov 10th
Britannia Ruled The Waves Poem saiom Nov 10th
Moon's Silver Slivers Poem saiom Nov 10th
Connecting The Dots Poem saiom Nov 10th
Forklifted Poem saiom Nov 10th
Statue Of Liberty Poem saiom Nov 10th
Whippoorwill In The Willow Poem saiom Nov 10th
Darkness Proves The Sacredness Of Light Poem saiom Nov 10th
Neither Love Nor Lust Poem saiom Nov 10th
The Practice Of Shunning Poem saiom Nov 10th