Stop calling me, see
on the phone.
You need to leave me alone.
We're through.  It is true.
Yet, calling me on the phone, 
you continue to do.
You call on another line.
You think it's fine.
You think you'll fool me.  I won't see.
I won't have a clue,
I won't know what you are trying to do.
it's you.
We will not talk anymore.
I have shut the door.
A message you can't ignore.
No more see, will we talk, you and me.
You, I did block.
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I Was always there

 But if that is the way you want it well then fine even everyone knows how much I miss our talks you know how to shut the door on your friends

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 I just need to say all the times you called me I always tried to be there for you even when I was sick what happened and I will all ways be there for you.

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 Chris you don't know what it is doing to me not being able to talk to you I miss you very I am trying to leave you alone I just don't know why after all these years.

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I know I need to stop this

 I am so sorry Chris I dont want to get you into trouble or myself you kept me sane we were there for each other since 2003 I have never lied to you everything is and was the truth I miss you so very much and the way the world is now it scares me and i get very lonely I know I have a few people in my life and I still can't walk I am going to start calling my doctor's tomorrow.

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 Why did you your the one who called alot and I was always there even in hospitals and rehab I made time to talk with you. I think I know some of the reasons but I thought you would be honest and just tell me instead of making me miss you and wonder about things.