Newton is so much fun!
  I am close by all the stores.
 Shopping, see, for me, never a choice.
  I love, from my home, the view.  Love the sky blue.
  I am right on the interstate and the line of the train.
   Some would be driven insane, by that.  
  All day and all night.  I love to watch and it is a delight.
  I ride to work on the train.
  Never complain.
  Right along the interstate, really great.
  I look at all the cars.  Do fast, they go?  No.  Rush hour. 
  I work all day.  I love my job; love my pay.
  I then go home.  Again, along the great interstate.
  I don't mind being alone.
Alone in my home.
Free.  It's just me.
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