Monthly Archive for February 2008

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
31Fabels Poem charlax7 Individuality Feb 1st
20FABEL8 Poem charlax7 Culture/Society Feb 1st
20Fabel9 Poem charlax7 Science Fiction Feb 1st
ADD, the field of thought. Poem daydreamingdragon Other Feb 1st
Black Dragon Phoenix Poem dblackthorne Poetry/Writing Feb 1st
A Portrait of the Past Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Feb 1st
Contaminated Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 1st
Untitled 83 Poem hushbaby Feb 1st
Untitled 84 Poem hushbaby Feb 1st
A secret song that I know you will not read Poem joelcarter_86 Feb 1st
Anything For You Poem joelcarter_86 Feb 1st
Hope Poem mistydawn Hope Feb 1st
Love Poem mistydawn love Feb 1st
RACY, THE RURAL RIVER RAT (JOURNAL #1) Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 1st
SALVATORE DUCK (Journal #1) Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 1st
TO THE HIP OF A HEADLESS HARRY (journal #1) Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Feb 1st
The Warlock's Den (Lost Treasure's Collection) Poem MatthewWayne Poetry/Writing Feb 1st
The virgin Poem randyjohnson Other Feb 1st
The Kiss Poem sirrogue58 romance erotic Feb 1st
The pier Poem sirrogue58 romance Feb 1st
Untitled -- 2.1.2008 Poem strangelittleboy Abuse Feb 1st
I JUST DON'T KNOW ANYMORE Poem wookie_eeyore Feb 1st
THE YARN OF LIFE Poem zevil Feb 1st
family of trees Poem zevil Feb 1st
Break in the skin (a sunny day) Poem zevil Feb 1st
wander Poem zevil Feb 1st
heart on my sleeve Poem zevil Feb 1st
a verse for bob Poem zevil Feb 1st
like a leaf Poem zevil Feb 1st
umbrella Poem zevil Feb 1st
Shannon Poem adamshred Feb 2nd
In The Dark (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Feb 2nd
Un Changement, C'était Dans La Scène (A Change's In The Scene) Poem bluewave 1 Feb 2nd
Illusion In Me (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Feb 2nd
Fading (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Feb 2nd
Afflicted (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Feb 2nd
Let Me Out (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Feb 2nd
Edge of the Earth Poem dakotadarkhorse Feb 2nd
Where have you been all my life? Poem Dizzylemons Song Lyrics Feb 2nd
I'm Sick Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 2nd
2 years and still Poem indian_princess Feb 2nd
'08 Within A Cukie Poem Joel Feb 2nd
Fucked Up Women. Poem juliothegreat Feb 2nd
Untitled Poem nitta Lost love Feb 2nd
The way to her house Poem nitta jealousy Feb 2nd
Destructive Visage Poem patons02 Feb 2nd
Touch of Desire Poem phil_carcione 2 Sexual Feb 2nd
Till The End Poem road273 love Feb 2nd
Forever I Will Poem scolonne 1 Being Loved Feb 2nd
You & Me Poem scolonne 1 Feb 2nd
this is FUCKING important... Poem someoneoncelost Feb 2nd
On Creativity, etc. Poem unrulyspring Feb 2nd
Hello Or Goodbye Poem 41tulips Feb 3rd
Too Late Poem 41tulips Feb 3rd
The Moment Poem 41tulips Feb 3rd
That Little Something Poem 41tulips Feb 3rd
Death Of Me Poem 41tulips Feb 3rd
Please Go Poem 41tulips Feb 3rd
Uncertainty Poem 41tulips 1 Feb 3rd
Mom Poem 41tulips Feb 3rd
it's not about me, it was never about me Poem catherine Feb 3rd
WHAT ABOUT ME? Poem chris Song Lyrics Feb 3rd
MONEY Poem chris Song Lyrics Feb 3rd
I'M BORED Poem chris Children Feb 3rd
THE OCEAN Poem chris Feb 3rd
SATURDAYS Poem chris Song Lyrics Feb 3rd
I'M TELLING ON YOU Poem chris Children Feb 3rd
I TOLD YOU SO Poem chris Song Lyrics Feb 3rd
WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME? Poem chris Song Lyrics Feb 3rd
I THINK SO TOO Poem chris love Feb 3rd
Heart of mine Poem crazyallen2006 Feb 3rd
Theres somebody who really needs somebody just like you Poem Dizzylemons Song Lyrics Feb 3rd
When I see her again Poem Dizzylemons 1 Song Lyrics Feb 3rd
Thirsty Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 3rd
شربت البحور Poem humanpulse Feb 3rd
To the Berkeley Police Station and Marky Markam, RA of the 8th floor norton hall. Poem juliothegreat Feb 3rd
Sleep Poem mistydawn 1 Angels Feb 3rd
NEEDS CULMINATION Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
JUST LIKE WHEN YOU'RE LOVED Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
BENEATH THE CANARY'S TWEEDS Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
THE SIMPLY JUST TO BE Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
THE GIFT OF HIS PRESENCE Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
A BENNY SAVED IS A BENNY EARNED(Jack Benny) Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
LOW SWEET JASPER Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
OF PRIDE AND PROMISE Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
FOR YOU , MOST FONDLY (M.A.K.) Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
THE WILLOW IN THE WIND Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
THE BREAKING OF THE UNHOLIEST VOW (spousal abuse) Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
DEATH OF THE ARTS Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
TROUBLE IN THE MINOR Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
03_وجه الفراغ Poem ramezre Feb 3rd
Clown shoes Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Feb 3rd
The Initial, the Step Ahead Poem Sivus Apathy Feb 3rd
WHAT IS Poem teresa_r 1 Feb 3rd
Tender Poem thelohaspiral Feb 3rd
The Life Of The Blood Rose Poem vampress6669 1 Awakening Feb 3rd
Once More Poem yellowspecks 3 Feb 3rd
in my poetry Poem 9inety Feb 4th
Quietly Within Poem amera love Feb 4th
Absolution Poem amera Sonnets Feb 4th
Grandma the Hussy Poem amera Comedy/Humor Feb 4th
Spirit to Spirit Poem amera Sonnets Feb 4th
Deep Fantasy Poem amera Fantasies Feb 4th
3FABEL3 Poem charlax7 Dark Feb 4th
Fabel32 Poem charlax7 Spirituality Feb 4th
FabelThirty Poem charlax7 Screenplay Feb 4th
OldSockFable Poem charlax7 Science Fiction Feb 4th
Funeral Poem Poem cnsfreebird3 Feb 4th
Moving On Poem dragon choices Feb 4th
The Reflection Looks Back Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 4th
Choking on Apathy (Rewrite) Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 4th
Never read my words. Poem juliothegreat Feb 4th
Never read my words part 2 Poem juliothegreat Feb 4th
Mary Juana Poem juliothegreat 1 Feb 4th
Dread, death, incantations. Poem juliothegreat Feb 4th
Word of Knowledge from Bill Burns Poem nomes2riches Poetry/Writing Feb 4th
SWEET VULGARITY(temporary loss of M.A.K.) Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 4th
THE WARMING OF THE CLAY Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 4th
INFINITE FANDANGO Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 4th
SACRIFICING THE SKEPTIC Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 4th
LIVER SPOTS; THE SIGN OF AGING EQUALITY Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 4th
SUSPICION'S GRANDEUR Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 4th
PRODUCT OF THE FRACTURED MOMENT Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 4th
THE HATE MAKERS Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 4th
A brief summary of an eternal story Poem paradisealone Feb 4th
Death Wish (Lost Treasure's Collection) Poem MatthewWayne Poetry/Writing Feb 4th
Black rights Poem randyjohnson Other Feb 4th
This Valentine's Day Poem solovely07 Feb 4th
Connected Poem twisted_reality42 1 Life/Living Feb 4th
Music to My Soul Poem verysher1 Feb 4th
Eternal Abyss Poem verysher1 Feb 4th
Calla Lily Soft The One You Love Poem 9inety Feb 5th
To Live Like This Poem amera Protest Feb 5th
^v~*The Harsh Winds Blow*~v^ Poem confusedangel Being Loved Feb 5th
Tiz sad Poem confusedangel 2 Satire Feb 5th
Question of the Day Poem confusedangel Satire Feb 5th
...: Unfortunate :... Poem confusedangel slapdash writing Feb 5th
The Dividing Distance Poem dakotadarkhorse Lost love Feb 5th
It's Raining Poetry Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 5th
Expectations Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 5th
Dreamgirl Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Feb 5th
Breaking my Own Heart Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 5th
Coined Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Feb 5th
A Thousand Lies Poem gothic_fairy_ Feb 5th
See The Stars Poem gothic_fairy_ Feb 5th
Love Means Nothing Poem gothic_fairy_ Feb 5th
Left For Dead Poem gothic_fairy_ Feb 5th
Built Up Walls Poem gothic_fairy_ Feb 5th
There Is Beauty Poem gothic_fairy_ Feb 5th
Never Poem gothic_fairy_ Feb 5th
'08 Missed You Again Poem Joel 2 Feb 5th
Rainbow Furnace Poem minustimer Feb 5th
soul-so-black Poem mrurbansoul Feb 5th
MINING ORIGINALITY Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 5th
DEAREST FUTURE Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 5th
The little boy's cat Poem randyjohnson sadness Feb 5th
I like black people Poem randyjohnson Other Feb 5th
Mistrust Poem rbpoetry Abuse Feb 5th
Alone Poem road273 Dark Love Feb 5th
Loss of Inspiration Poem slydeviltkd 1 death Feb 5th
The Throes of Change Poem trumpet7 inspiration Feb 5th
Blue Lighting Fast Poem williamjroneyiii Feb 5th
Ghosts in the night Poem adzyb Goodbye Feb 6th
Zoom Poem adzyb regret Feb 6th
THE RADIO Poem chris Song Lyrics Feb 6th
Three Years of Tears Poem da_fluffy Betrayal Feb 6th
Underneath my toes Poem elche Feb 6th
Your friend Poem elche Feb 6th
Searching my mind Poem elche Feb 6th
Keep my faith Poem elche Feb 6th
I try to think back Poem elche Feb 6th
Gardener’s talk Poem elche Feb 6th
Common change Poem elche Feb 6th
Art craft Poem elche Feb 6th
I wait Poem elche 1 Feb 6th
Diamonds instead of razor blades Poem elche Feb 6th
Battle Poem elche Feb 6th
Esperanza social Poem elche Feb 6th
Gracias Mama Poem elche Feb 6th
Soñando Poem elche Feb 6th
Vicios Poem elche Feb 6th
Amiga Poem elche Feb 6th
Destrucción misma Poem elche Feb 6th
La vida Poem elche Feb 6th
C.V.C Poem elche Feb 6th
La cuna de la vida Poem elche Feb 6th
El cuarto Poem elche Feb 6th
El tiempo corre lento Poem elche Feb 6th
Tu amigo Poem elche Feb 6th
Tumble-Dry Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 6th
Heartwashed Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 6th
Nooks and Crannies Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 6th
Missing Pages Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Feb 6th
Losing Your Mind Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 6th
Remembrance Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 6th
Shadowed Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 6th
Never Ending Cycle Poem gothic_fairy_ Feb 6th
Pain Poem gothic_fairy_ Feb 6th
LET KILL THE GUNS .MR HOLLYCROOK Poem heavensunrise Anger NonViolent Feb 6th
Untitled 85 Poem hushbaby Feb 6th
Leave Poem indian_princess Feb 6th
My savior? Poem indian_princess Feb 6th
real me? Poem indian_princess Feb 6th
Heart-Felt Memories and Whatever The Future May Bring Poem joelcarter_86 Feb 6th
Evolution of the constant Poem josephus love Feb 6th
ALONE AGAINST WIND(Mohammad Mansour Almansour) Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Feb 6th
'What You See Is What You Get' Poem passionaterider Feb 6th
nothing right Poem poetrylover Self-doubt Feb 6th
The day the little boy drowned Poem randyjohnson sadness Feb 6th
To Rafia (Living Abroad) Poem shawon1982 youth Feb 6th
"Rapture" Poem The1TrueMojo Feb 6th
sleeping on my park bench Poem snaps Feb 6th
nature Poem stonesy Feb 6th
الدعابة Poem unrulyspring 1 Feb 6th
رب صدفة Poem wnature Feb 6th
goodbye tears Poem brokenalive Feb 7th
Fabel38 Poem charlax7 Escapism Feb 7th
3Fabel6 Poem charlax7 Science Fiction Feb 7th
3Fabel7 Poem charlax7 Culture/Society Feb 7th
3Fable5 Poem charlax7 Nature/Environment Feb 7th
The Dragon Cools Poem ghostwriter_1900 Feb 7th
Second Drafts. Poem juliothegreat 1 Feb 7th
Rest in Peace Poem pangan_l_l 1 Feb 7th
My Place Poem pangan_l_l 1 Feb 7th
Farewell Lad Poem pangan_l_l 1 Feb 7th
Be My Punisher Poem pangan_l_l Feb 7th
Ghost Poem pangan_l_l Feb 7th
"Destiny's Deliverance" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"Home Inside The Whispers Of Your Sighs" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"Lonely Without You" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"Winter Has Begun" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"A Christmas Wish With Trimmings" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"What You See Is What You Get" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"When The Smoke Clears" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"Curled In The Swallow Of Confessions" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"Another Day In The Life Of Missing You" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"My Immortal Angel" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"Winter's Noose" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"Buried In The Grace Of Your Beautiful Hush" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"My Beauty" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
The Sierra Reign of Passion's Dawn (Collab) Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
"A Collision Of Confessions" Poem passionaterider Feb 7th
holding back Poem ruth_x_less Feb 7th
No Doubt Poem aloneagain Feb 8th
THE BUTTERFLY ON MY NOSE Poem TeagueLChesed Feb 8th
We Don't Exist Anymore Poem Megsamoo00 Breaking Up Feb 8th
Part Two The Apostles Poem charlax7 religion Feb 8th