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Mercurious People

The Charlaxandroidoneseven is eating solid food fuel for brain we fear here on Mercury in the pit that he will soon discover a way to BORDOGOEL us. Bordogoel is a magical word on Mercury it means much the same on Earth imagine me the Charlax one standing in the spidder and hitting them with BORDS. Quickly eye donned my Lone Stranger Mask and shot the BORD at all the mercurious aleins in the mines of Mercury in the lines of the spidder.  BORD DO GO EL the transliteration means hitting aleins with BORDS. The extra sensory perceptive that eye am can see the aleins design it's nothing more than webbing on a spidder plan. The younger one is missing the middle tartar needs a friend no one cares for wrestling it is fake.

Fighting is for niggardly cowards to prove themselves a man.

Splinters of the alien creatures fall from the SKY of the moon and confuse the Martians who came to visit them. BOOM BOOM BOOM.

Food is eliminated from the body weather you eat fruit meat or decay. Some people in Franco land only eat spaghetti with the bread no meat no saucy kisses no mixers no bad drinks no sugar in my coffee no sugar in  my tee shirts wear much longer under vest than at first eye had assumed a shape of fortune smiled the latter day saint that eye become the alien killer the Charlaxone. Stay tuned gentile reader ewe for part three in the series of this science fiction exceptional Fabel in the Book of CharlaxFabels.

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