One old sock afforded free the one they thought the drier ate the one they dropped by accident the basket overflowed in haste of want to escape the rain the sock has none no toe jam yet no misery of toe no hole it is white it is in small form the top is not so very long but short like a ballerina dancing in a music box she wears sox like these

Could this one be the sock she wore on a foot like mine to keep it warm?

Iola the dancer the prance the vixen the ballerina the lover the sock loser in the drier she it is that loves me and still cares Iola is the other name for ewe.

The missing pages on the internet the hair nets no one can ever find they need them back they must be worn to cover hair in kitchens there the kisses muss the hair so coifed and formed with gel the parfume forgotten spilled the baby powder added to make the special day. Dancing done in heart if not in deed dancing just for me. Jacket is lined and Indian motif fits with my jeans a lighter color blueing blending as eye dance as eye prance just for Iola ewe in

mye sock and nothing else as she appraises mee. Sandals hidden against the day eye need them shoes of leather marking time some of them just needing dimes to ride ride ride then walk some more in leather uppers made of nothing wondering at love and shoes and slipping in the cracks of learning wondering again at love slipping sock upon the left foot only making shoe to fit more snug BULLETIN Flashing News If MSN acquires YAHOO then none of the games will ever work again the Windows will have the YAHOO frames and MSN will be the tending frames. Yellow will dominate the blue and everything will be PEA GREEN when MSN becomes YAHOO nerves strained beyond belief as headache comes again with no relief just perhaps the medicine eye take so much later in the day will win me a stay of execution intended not to mend it not to heal it  but just to temporarily extend it. When eye was working and eye lost my toe they took it off the boot and greasy as it was they tossed it in the trash and smiled Can you save my toe eye cried NO was all he said it is too dirty there is no way to use it now. Later as eye went back to a job that eye could not no longer do there eye was given the plastic strap to pull against my toe the one near the big one that is somehow still missing the bowl of serpentine fluid kept against the healing skin in hopes that it would soon close up again not iodine but the cheeper kind Across the Universe was found the Aliens are rocking to the sound the musick played against the stars pulsing round. The Charnak one android seven three was seen dancing to the Beatles tune. Missing toe is listening to musick in the rain on Alpha waves in one old sock inside just the left shoe in(The Beatles are in OUTER Spaced).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

OUTER SPACE is recieveing some MUSICK

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