Monthly Archive for February 2011

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
chapters thru life Poem katie47404 Feb 1st
fantasies glide Poem 9inety Feb 1st
Fairy Tale Poem afewobservations Feb 1st
Hero Poem afewobservations Feb 1st
I Volunteered Poem 1SP Feb 1st
2-1-11 Untitled Poem dillytoad 1 Feb 1st
Opossum Poem wishful_thinking Feb 1st
Voice of the Army Poem 1SP Feb 1st
Fuckin Annoyed Poem Tortured_Poet Feb 1st
Accepted Poem Tortured_Poet Feb 1st
Missin' U Poem Tortured_Poet 2 Feb 1st
Love Poem Tortured_Poet 1 Feb 1st
I'm Ok Poem Tortured_Poet 1 Feb 1st
Nuances: New York Art Gallery, 1932 Poem Starward Feb 1st
Who Am I? Poem crimsonangel24 relationships Feb 1st
Trust Poem crimsonangel24 honesty, trust Feb 1st
Angel Poem crimsonangel24 Angels, love Feb 1st
Chrismas Time Poem crimsonangel24 christmas, x-mas Feb 1st
Autumn Poem crimsonangel24 autumn Feb 1st
Trying Again Poem crimsonangel24 again Feb 1st
Torn Poem crimsonangel24 loving two men Feb 1st
Denial Poem crimsonangel24 hiding Feb 1st
That Tree Poem SpiltMilk Feb 1st
SWEET ESCAPISM * Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 1st
Newborn Poem rbpoetry 2 Feb 1st
Escape Poem JoeyGreenPants Suicide & Depression Feb 1st
Lamaload Poem rbpoetry 1 Feb 1st
LIFE Poem chris Feb 2nd
LOU Poem chris Feb 2nd
A Beautiful Message Poem workm Feb 2nd
SUNSET Poem chris Feb 2nd
Guardian Angels Poem tattooedangel192007 Feb 2nd
THE CAT AND THE MOUSE Poem chris Feb 2nd
No regrets Poem hcogirl2010 Feb 2nd
title not available Poem toof Feb 2nd
no idea on title Poem toof Feb 2nd
Bed time with me Poem organik 1 Feb 2nd
SUICIDE Poem chris Feb 2nd
WEATHERMAN Poem chris Feb 2nd
LOVE'S SEASONS Poem chris Feb 2nd
TOWN Poem chris Feb 2nd
Dracmas Poem dblackthorne birthday, Dracmas, Draconis Blackthorne Feb 2nd
WAITING FOR..............WHATEVER Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Feb 2nd
The Future Us Poem wishful_thinking Feb 2nd
I'M A TRAIN Poem chris Feb 2nd
SHE BLOCKED ME Poem chris Feb 2nd
do you know? Poem justjeanne Feb 2nd
true story Poem alkaharuno true story of life Feb 2nd
painful reason Poem alkaharuno painful reason Feb 2nd
The soldier and The war Poem CaptainShambles War Feb 2nd
Helena Poem wishful_thinking Feb 3rd
Glide Poem SpiltMilk Feb 3rd
Against A Burning Light Bulb Poem wishful_thinking 1 Feb 3rd
Fire and Ice Poem indian_princess Feb 3rd
We All Complete Poem thelohaspiral Feb 3rd
'11 Piece Ended a Cycle Path Poem Joel 1 Feb 3rd
We Are Blue Below The Slime Poem sanctus Feb 3rd
Driving Without a Destination Poem Avantgarde 2 Feb 3rd
This Uniform of Mine Poem 1SP 1 Feb 3rd
PATTY Poem chris Feb 3rd
WATCHING THE GAME ON TV Poem chris Feb 3rd
AT THE GAME Poem chris Feb 3rd
AFFAIR Poem chris Feb 3rd
SQUIRREL Poem chris Feb 3rd
SCISSORS, PAPER, GLUE Poem chris Feb 3rd
Friday Poem kimlovesmax Feb 4th
Stumped Poem No_Quarter Feb 4th
AWAKE Poem Harley523 3 Feb 4th
Typing it in Poem divysia Feb 4th
MISS YOU Poem chris Feb 4th
I JUST WANT TO GO HOME Poem chris Feb 4th
IN THIS GAME Poem chris Feb 4th
Son Like You Poem 1SP Feb 4th
tinted sky echoes Poem 9inety Feb 4th
Not the One Poem 1SP Feb 4th
Move Me Poem wishful_thinking Feb 4th
I’ve Got Better At Home Poem 1SP Feb 4th
A "peace" of my "heart" Poem kimlovesmax Feb 4th
Why must it be so hard to be friends Poem csuh05 Feb 4th
VIDEO ARCADE Poem chris Feb 4th
YOU'RE THE SAME Poem chris Feb 4th
Footnote: Aubade, 1 Poem Starward Feb 4th
Nuances: Summer Break, 1934 Poem Starward Feb 4th
Nuances: Sceptics Poem Starward Feb 4th
Is it the same Poem tweety_32 Feb 4th
But A Mist Poem trumpet7 Feb 4th
On This Magnificent Journey Poem wishful_thinking 1 Feb 4th
YOU JUST CUT ME Poem chris Feb 4th
Hello World Poem m_mich14 Feb 4th
A Sad Day Poem wishful_thinking Feb 4th
Tell Her How Perfect She Is Poem Avantgarde 5 Feb 5th
BISON Poem chris Feb 5th
With This Feeling Poem No_Quarter Feb 5th
MY FAMILY TREE #1 LEVI BURNS Poem heatherburns35 family tree Feb 5th
MY FAMILY TREE #2 HARVE PERRY BURNS Poem heatherburns35 family tree Feb 5th
Dark Brown Taste Poem Sivus love, relationships, women Feb 5th
Work Shoes Poem Sivus Feb 5th
Another Gift Under Poem Silver__lining Feb 5th
Aiming for the Water Poem Silver__lining Feb 5th
Once More, Less Top Poem Silver__lining Feb 5th
If You Only Knew Poem Silver__lining 1 Feb 5th
Palabras de Alerta (Querida Colombia) Poem Avantgarde Feb 5th
Slime Soaked Windows Poem sanctus Feb 5th
Flower Poem wishful_thinking Feb 5th
Don't Speak Poem hcogirl2010 Raw, Surreal, Upset, with a lot of Love Feb 5th
PERCEPTIONS PEELED BACK ## Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 5th
Believe Poem wishful_thinking Feb 5th
JUBILANT REVOLUTION (FOR EGYPT!) Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 5th
A REAL WOMAN Poem Harley523 LOVE/TRUST Feb 5th
Toy Helicopters Poem SpiltMilk 2 Feb 5th
The King Poem AlejandroBonfil Feb 5th
Nuances: Old Folks' Home Poem Starward Feb 5th
blah blah blah Poem BrightEyes89 Feb 5th
to live Poem alkaharuno Life Feb 5th
MY FAMILY TREE #5 Poem heatherburns35 family tree Feb 6th
MY FAMILY TREE #4 Poem heatherburns35 family tree Feb 6th
MY FAMILY TREE # 3 Poem heatherburns35 family tree Feb 6th
MY FAMILY TREE #1 STIDHAM FAMILY (mother) Poem heatherburns35 family tree Feb 6th
MY FAMILY TREE #2 STIDHAM FAMILY (my grandfather) Poem heatherburns35 family tree Feb 6th
I pray to genetics Poem coffeewithleona... Feb 6th
I Speak From Age Poem sanctus 1 Feb 6th
Lucid Dreaming Journal Poem Sivus Feb 6th
MY FAMILY TREE #6 Poem heatherburns35 family tree Feb 6th
Future Husband Poem mylovep0etry Feb 6th
REFLECTIONS OF REFLECTIONS Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 6th
Alone Poem bixby123 Feb 6th
Ramble Poem bixby123 Feb 6th
For You Poem soulive2213 Feb 6th
While I Still Can Poem wishful_thinking Feb 6th
I Lost Myself Poem Holly--Priscilla18 Feb 6th
Hallelujah's on the 4th of July Poem wishful_thinking Feb 6th
Lost Poem ravenlove but I don't know what to do. You're a dream come true, but so many dreams are lost with you. I love you, Im drunk and all I can think of is you, love you Feb 6th
STRANGLING WISDOM # Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 6th
Breeze Poem WillowHeart Feb 7th
similarities and differences Poem alkaharuno similarities and differences Feb 7th
emptiness Poem alkaharuno Feb 7th
(Song) Our Dead Love Poem bountyhunter0001 Feb 7th
intoxicated by you Poem solace_hero 1 Feb 7th
He Is There Poem rottie155 afterlife, Brother, Death Of A Loved One, emotions Feb 7th
ميدان التحرير Poem poet Feb 7th
The Teddy Bear Poem lovelymissrai Feb 7th
My friend, Vic.. Poem workm Feb 7th
Musings on Love Poem metaphorist Feb 7th
Beautiful Daughter of God Poem metaphorist Feb 7th
Fully Known Poem metaphorist Feb 7th
'SEPARATED TWO' Poem emmenay love poem Feb 7th
I am king (first verse maybe) Poem doyle51209 Feb 7th
Lessons... Poem solace_hero 1 Feb 7th
Affiliation Or Salvation Poem trumpet7 Feb 7th
Self Swallows Self Poem Sivus Self-Awareness, Self-Induglence, Self-Loathing, Self-Obsession, Selfishness Feb 7th
The Sun Peeks Poem shammy417 False Hope, happy, Hope, sad Feb 7th
Start Anyway Poem wishful_thinking Feb 7th
RAGE Poem Harley523 ANGER/AGRESSION Feb 7th
Find My Own Existing Land Poem Silver__lining Feb 7th
Got Nowhere To Go Poem Silver__lining Feb 7th
Life of A Tear Drop Poem Silver__lining Feb 7th
Be That Person Poem Silver__lining Feb 7th
Full Circle Poem solace_hero Feb 7th
i'm here Poem solace_hero Feb 7th
i'm so sorry... Poem solace_hero Feb 7th
Old Flower Aged, New Rose Blooming Poem Silver__lining Feb 8th
It Must Have Been Me Poem Silver__lining 3 Feb 8th
Just One Click Poem Silver__lining Feb 8th
White Trees Poem AlejandroBonfil Feb 8th
NO BREATH** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 8th
DANCE WITH ME Poem chris Feb 8th
A Fathers Blessing Poem dreamcatcher188 Feb 8th
Love's Death Poem Asheron 1 Feb 8th
ISOLATION'S PARDON ** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 8th
(Song) Each Moment Poem bountyhunter0001 1 Feb 8th
ثورة الغضب Poem poet Feb 8th
(Song) Questions Poem bountyhunter0001 Feb 8th
WHEN MY BELOVED ASKS ME... Poem emmenay 1 love poem Feb 8th
For Parrot Poem edge_of_existence Feb 8th
Rather Die Fighting Than Giving Up Poem Avantgarde 2 Feb 8th
I need you to show me. Poem Tinyy love hate Feb 8th
ROIAD Poem chris Feb 8th
The Futility of Solitude Poem owlcrkbrg Feb 8th
i want to remember Poem divysia Feb 8th
Because its true Poem divysia Feb 8th
I AM A DISABLED PERSON Poem chris Feb 8th
MOLLY REECE Poem chris Feb 8th
WII Poem chris Feb 8th
I'M SORRY Poem chris Feb 8th
SUPERBOWL Poem chris Feb 8th
COUNT THE WAYS I LOVE YOU Poem chris Feb 8th
EMMA Poem chris Feb 8th
I GOTA GET OUT OF THIS TOWN Poem chris Feb 8th
I'M WALKING OUT ON YOU Poem chris Feb 8th
CHANCE NUMBER 2 Poem chris Feb 8th
HIGH SCHOOL CRUSH Poem chris Feb 8th
PEOPLE Poem chris Feb 8th
THE "SILVER LINING" ON A FREEZING WINTER'S AFTERNOON Poem emmenay life and feelings Feb 9th
IT Does Not Have To Be Forever Poem vilmazab 1 love poem Feb 9th
RAPTUROUS POSTULATIONS REVEALED* Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 9th
After all you only grabbed me, right? Poem running_with_rabbits Feb 9th
Snow White Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Feb 9th
Such a shame Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Feb 9th
lose the battle to win the war Poem running_with_rabbits Feb 9th
i want to tell you Poem sparks Feb 9th
BLEAK WINTER Poem emmenay Haiku Feb 9th
its not to hurt you Poem demigodess 2 Hurt/Love/Pain Feb 9th
construction Poem demigodess 2 truth Feb 9th
Revolution Poem ffc current events Feb 9th
It's Metaphysical Poem ffc anger, bitchiness, Judgement, Life, sadness Feb 9th
rain forest Poem iaminacocoon Feb 9th
tea Poem sparks 4 Feb 9th
if you love me Poem sparks 5 Feb 9th
Blessings To Heed Poem trumpet7 Feb 9th
For the Few Poem anflanagan Feb 9th
natural selection Poem demigodess Earth Feb 9th
An alien visitor from the planet Earth Poem princealexander POETRY Feb 10th
I MISS YOU... Poem emmenay 1 love poem Feb 10th
ALLAHU: ALLAH IS (HAIKU STYLE POEM) Poem emmenay Haiku Feb 10th
Footnote: Unexpected Poem Starward Feb 10th
INFINITESIMAL Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 10th
HAPPY HOUR * Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 10th
WEARY OF THE UNWRITTEN Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 10th
was it love Poem bowiegirls_eye 1 Feb 10th
Sigh Poem chinky_g fear uncertainty relationship love commitment Feb 10th
DEFIANT VOW OF A BOLD LOVER Poem emmenay love poem Feb 10th
HOW THE MIGHTY FOOLS FALL! Poem emmenay political and mystical Feb 10th
MY BELOVED, RARE WOMAN IS NOT FRAIL, NOR FRAILTY.... Poem emmenay love poem Feb 10th
I HATE HOMEWORK Poem chris Feb 10th
Sombre Walls of A Coffin Poem sanctus 1 Feb 10th
TO GOD BELONGS REAL POWER Poem emmenay Feb 10th
AND THE TWAIN SHALL MEET.... Poem emmenay love poem with an expression of faith in God's Will Feb 10th
Caresses of the Mind Poem phil_carcione 2 Feb 10th
HOW A LOVING WOMAN CAN DO WONDERS FOR HER MAN Poem emmenay love poem Feb 10th
NOBODY WANTS TO DATE ME Poem chris Feb 10th
The Ride Home Poem chinky_g secret love hope happiness Feb 10th
Tears Poem chinky_g disappointment secret love friendship pain Feb 10th
city life Poem iaminacocoon 1 Feb 10th
Your tender breathing (or variations on Elvis) Poem princealexander POETRY Feb 10th
is this the end???? Poem youngpoet21 Feb 10th
chortle Poem dhoomedprincess 1 Feb 10th
HOW I LOVE AND WORSHIP THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Poem emmenay Metaphysical, mystical, philosophical and inspired by God Almighty Allah, Religious Feb 10th
The Same Sort of Rooms Poem sanctus 1 Feb 10th
Strange Man On The Road Poem sanctus Feb 10th
but we can't talk about it now Poem thecrazypalekid Feb 10th