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Unknowing Escapists 




Death, ..not proud—So sleep!

...dreaming of thy softer skin


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited on 06.10.2020:  I have noticed an incorrectly input hashtag term "correlative objective" which was actually "objective correlative" (this was what I have really meant & the two words comprising the term/phrase possibly got switched over for some unknown reason while reediting it during the last).  I've also committed some other huge errors, recently discovered, in regards to re-editing in one instance where a huge part of the Author's Notes/Comments got deleted, with just the remainder of it showing when discovered as of late (also for an unknown reason, but possibly for hitting some buttons mistakenly within the interface with such a small screen that which I am using).  Second of all, I re-edited the text sizes in this section to make the paragraphs or & the whole content in this Author's Notes/Comments uniformly presented.  Thank you for reading on.

Reupdated on 12.23.2019:  I simply have added unto the hashtags the following words/phrases/terms:  correlative objective, mimesis and diegesis, mimesis, diegesis.



Reedited on 07.19.2019, 07.18.2019, 07.17.2019 (On clarifications, disambiguation, misspelled/mistyped words, grammatical/semantical errors):  Upon reviewing my notes/comments, I could not help but notice something that I had to revise.  I have edited that something in my Author's Notes/Comments, for some time, yet I had not been able to update and indicate those in the former reedition (I may have forgotten it).  Some of my previous grammatical/semantical errors were corrected/edited; but that had also lent itself to being still erroneous after I had found out about the others/another, consequently.  Those were the scruples which I had, i.e., in noticing/not noticing/ignoring an unedited/missed part, i.e., of a sentence (that was erroneous & that which was consequently omitted.)


The idea behind this practice poem is certainly not an allusion to John Donne's famous line or to his poem, although it sounded like it—in fact, it was sort of in my head before this was done (I do not know about his poetics until later on, after doing this).  But the usage might easily denote such notions or concepts which you might have in mind already (a correlative or a relation/association to this).  The phrase first came to mind while I was in my first few steps of composing something (which I wanted to pull off in the creation process alone & not necessarily done while visualizing my supposed ends).  That might/could be dangerous if it was Magic.  I did not know what had prompted me.  It does not necessarily end up as I supposed to have wanted it to come off (in that it was not my endpoint, to think about it).  My orientation is/was not in that specified way, as for most poetic styles &/or semblances with each poems that are rather perceptual (aside from being already conceptual).  Generally.  It is a moot point to take note of the circularity of such philosophical arguments (e.g., especially at this time) which I could have done with the rest of my haiku adaptations during the last.  I kept on feeling awkward at using haikus in the first place, or for taking on the minimalistic Japanese approaches/styles (& the use of blank spaces), just to go about such particular pieces of "literary work".  I especially connote my written English aside from my own thoughts about the subjects (&/or objects) that comprise the 'denotata'/'designata' at the moment.  Besides, if you might want to really know about my objectives, you may outright realize that these would be my test pieces or guides for mapping out my whole understanding of Language.  I just hope that this note's real message (real intention) comes across and becomes well received in conjuction with the poem's explanation/history/reason/etc. as in the other author's notes/comments that went before this.












—Truly righteous.  But...

No better than a mystic

Ah, divine nature...

*Mystical Color*

Sept-28-2003 1:40pm 
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Reds oranges yellows and some green 
So bright and beautiful 
A cover of leaves paint the ground 
The gorgeous color covers every seam 


So quite so peaceful 
Birds cherping and making thier nest as winters call 
Mysticle and Sightful 
Magical colors comes every fall 


Mother natures awesome creation 
Different colors through out the nation 
But sadly it only comes only once a year 
Before the winters cold chilly call 
A silence outside you'll hear 
Until you go in the leaves to have a ball 
Before you know it The snow will begin to fall 


White glisten ice covers the outdoor floor 
Just sitting there snuggled up so calm and peaceful 
I dont want to leave 
I want it to come more 
I wish you could look through my eyes and see 
What i have stuck in my memory 
I get to experience this glory i wish you were here with me 
This mysticle color comes after September 
I wish I could always store 
The colors I always want to remember 




The summer night and the full moon,

Have an effect of their own,

When seated alone and all to myself,

What a night to make many swoon!


My heart is losing interest in all,

These creations, slowly yet surely,

Except my Creator who is mine?

This is the fact and perhaps a call.


To me, to leave this world's facades,

And return to the One who deserves,

My total love, of heart, mind and soul,

My Sustainer: Now the only goal.


Human love, ah, how it changes!

Wavering like a low flame's light,

Never constant and never mine,

Far from me are its huge ranges.


It is my Lord God in my heart now,

I have already given myself to Him,

So when the summer night and the moon,

Rise and gaze, I am lost in His love.


The girl, the maiden, I loved and lost,

The like of whom I have not seen,

It seems even her soul comes down,

Telling  me of what all I have got.


In this materialistic and untrue world,

It is my Lord God Almighty alone,

Who has saved my heart from being rent,

Then why not should I cry and repent?


I care no more where my friends are,

They are all okay, this much I know,

When they have no time for me,

Why should I worry or myself mar?


In my Lord God's love I find peace,

Joy, calm, an ethereal feel,

So, I turn more to Him these days,

As He welcomes me with His embrace.


When I bow down to Him I am His,

When I kneel, my being lights up,

When I pray, His Light shines fully,

Blessing me with a spiritual kiss. 


This world is now a sorry place,

Where the rat race for more is on,

Whereas it is all bound to end,

This sojourn here it our place?


Fallen from Eden, our first parents came,

And the Gardens of The God are for us,

This world is reaching its full term,

We have to return and without a blame.


It is either Heaven that will be for us,

Or Hell fire, with its burning hiss,

In the love of my Lord God is my grace,

I have been saved...To Him all praise.

All the prophets sent for us by God,

Have warned us about this deception,

The trap of Satan and his wile guiles,

Still, we are being goaded by his rod.

The "Lord is my Shepherd" -- it is so true,

All Praise to Him who made me and you,

Everything is bound to perish save Him,

It's time to mend lives and pray to Him.

His love has no bounds, nor His grace,

He has no wish to punish us at all,

It is we who are bent on destruction,

Wait! Let me revel in my Lord's call...

Every wise man and wise women knows,

That the end of the world is quite scary,

"This is not our home": They say to us all,

"Strive for Heaven, ere Hell's fury blows".

The mercy of my Lord God is great,

His forgiveness is beyond compare,

He has warned us of where we 'll go,

Both Heaven and Hell for us do wait.

The lover of The God Almighty knows,

That to Him he has to go,

And In His merciful, loving presence,

The truth is that pure, divine love glows.

Farewell O world, I am fed up now,

Of all that you possess and boast,

In the loving presence of my Lord I live,

And the truth is: This love is the best.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired to compose these lines as if a divine call awakened the poet in me to rise and write it down as it came. The truth is the truth. I have lost interest in this world and its petty pleasures, small joys and more at seeing hypocricy and the greed for more and more possessions and acquisitions without regard for any virtue, value or human decency, we have got trapped by Satan very grandly. I thank my Lord God Almighty, the One and Only, beyond compare whose greatness, mercy and compassion as well as His love are. All praise to Him.

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A Poet's Wish

mystical magical words

of love,

bring me the child in all.


mystical magical child within,

remind me, 

unblind me

to my essence



mystical magical 

moonlit night,

let blankets of 


restore my sight.


mystics in poetry,

angels of rhyme,

shower me,

empower me,

twirl love 

to infinity,

your gentleness is

grace so sublime!



Inspired by Allets 






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O God Almighty,
You are everywhere,
Invisible to eyes,
But visible to some hearts.
In my own You reside,
Then why am I so restless,
What do I still crave,
Why all this unease?
Help me O Allah,
Save me...please...

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I am the drop of water,
Cut off from the seas,
My broken heart is the house,
Where He lives unseen,
Still, there are endless hours,
When I have no peace.
I am the son of Adam,
And of Mother Eve,
The Spirit in me is He,
Which nobody sees...
Death is ordained for me,
For the Spirit must move on,
To higher realms above,
His is the Increase...
His Light shines in me,
And I must perfect it,
Or else abandon myself,
To the lowest degrees.
His divine tavern is mine,
He is my best Saqi,
His love is my strength,
And it does not decrease.
I am man, He is God,
I am mortal, He eternal,
Nothing can be like Him,
And He is not a fraud.
The sages of the ages,
The prophets and their pages,
Understood and accepted,
The facts of all the stages,
He is the Maker, I am made,
Of many a world's mixture,
He is the light that doesn't fade.
So like Mansoor Al Hallaj,*
Die for Him and live on,
Forever and ever in Him,
His Oneness -- none can gauge.
I am His and He is mine,
And He is my source of life,
The life that is eternal,
Sans body and sans all strife.
(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay, on September the 16th, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*MANSOOR AL-HALLAJ: One of the most misunderstood mystic saints of Islam. He was executed for divulging a divine secret to those that did not have the sense to understand the wisdom of what he meant when he, in a state of divine rapture, stated: "I am the Truth"; adding that the droplet of water and sea are the same in nature but the sea can exist without the droplet while the droplet cannot ...without being a part of the sea.
God is God and there is none like unto Him. A drop of water I am but separated from the great sea...I suffer and the longing to be one with Him. He is incomparable and beyond all definition that any imagination or inventory sense can conceive. He is God and there is none like unto Him. He is the Living, the Eternal while we die and live, live and unto Him is the journeying.

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Yesterday, I was stopped by a mountain,
And a thunderous waterfall while on my way,
To the eternal truth and a spiritual fountain,
I paused and then God's help shone like a ray,
Of pure, ethereal, soul-uplifting light,
A friend kept quiet and another came in sight.
Good and decent, blessed with a great gift,
To see through people and their motives,
And a strange way of empathising and being,
Deeply understanding plus a heart that gives,
Now, I bathe my body and soul in the rain,
And get ready to move onwards again.
I can cross all barriers and swim past seas,
I can break the bones of wandering betrayers,
For blessed with the strength of Samson am I,
And the blood of Caliph Ali'*, which doesn't freeze,
And as long as this new-found friend smiles at me,
I remain undaunted to make He and I -- We.
(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay on July 21, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*CALIPH ALI: Ali bin Abu Talib, the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) who became his son-in-law too. Known for his bravery, courage, valour and steadfastness as well as his knowledge, piety, generosity and love for God Almighty and His Messenger (PBUH). Distinguished himself at almost every stage of his life ever since he became a Muslim at the age on nine.

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Almost fell from my horse-saddle while speedily galloping,
It happens sometimes as even I am a mortal being;
In the wee hours of fleeting night, though it was comforting,
To be fully aware that my Saviour knows everything.

The call to pray floated just before the day came,
Hinting to me about the futility of worldly fame;
Even silence sighed for those who perished in the quest,
While an angel whispered about their futile toiling.

Then Naseem* nudged me with its gentle, healing touch,
A secluded spot inside my heart liked the feel so much;
The blue-black sky said: nothing here is lasting and I rose,
With renewed spiritual energy and a zest I marched on:

Toward the lofty goals I have set for myself and my heart,
Braving everything that which had threatened to rip me apart;
Like all those before me yet undeterred I keep moving on,
Determined and fortified and all the more spiritually smart.

Drizzling mercy came rained from above as God's blessing,
Replenishing and rejuvenating my emotionally hurt being;
The Master Writer of fate had sent me a message silently,
Whose contents are sacred and holier than the Pierean Spring*.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*NASEEM: The Arabic/Persian name given to the fresh breeze of pre-dawn hours.
*PIERIAN SPRING: The legendary Greek spring related to the Muses and knowledge.

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