Draconian Sabbath

Seasons In Hell

Quaking earth, thunderbeats of cloven hooves
The heart of darkness beckons
Abysmal eyes aflicker in the gloom
Phantomanifesting room
Pentagram strikes the heavens asunder!

Sacrifice double in timelesness
The blackthorn blooms 'neath Snowmoon's glow
Triskalion burns, hellfire churns
Grammadion Devil's mark, elemental bliss
Sup the seed eternal

Coven gathers upon the duskening tide
Upon The Drægon ride, dæmonwinds preside
Candlemass Evil, Satan crowned in flame
From The Pit, Phoenix doth arise
Ouroboros circumambulation

By 13, nightmares & dreams come alive
Unholy Communion, candlelight
Shadows dancing in the night
Emerge reflections of body & mind

Dracmas, Dracoween, everywhere in between
Spells cast, nocturnal hour
Void encircles, raven shower
Devils pour from ebon tower
Invocation, Infernal Power!

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II/I: NOCTURNAL FEBRUARY 卍 IMBOLC {Sabbath Day of Observation: Candlemass Evil / Dracoween / Dracmas}

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Reborn In Hell

Seasons In Hell

Dæmonbulacrum into Hell
Ingress purifying black flames
Exuviation, basilisk rejuvenation
Unholy rebirthing, Sabbath toll
Apotheosis manifest, Infernal Throne

Horns & Thorns emergent
Dæmonic incarnation
Misanthropic evilution
Sacrificial Eucharist
Repossessed in timelessness
Reborn in Hell!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Born in Hell, emerging through carnal portals of darkness, born of blood and fire. A return to Hellair for empowerment, rejuvination, repossession! 

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Seasons In Hell

The crown gift that keeps on giving. Sacrifices day by day.

Made in Hell, born of a natural witch, subject to none.

Maidens and succubus sublime, coven of sinful tides

To reign upon The Drægon Throne eternal, bane of gods and men.

Abyssal Winds course up from the Pit, stirred by demon wings

Feast of The Beast resplendent, elixirs cascade, ambrosia communion infernal

Pleasures, terrors of The Shadow Domain

The flames of Hell are tread again.

Echo into timelessness. ∞


Seasons In Hell

To the tune of the Unholy 666 Trifecta Tempestorm exploding in The Western horizon, blazing with the flames of The Inferno, The Draegons turn in Hellemental bliss, sup the elixir of immortality! The Draegon roars across the Abyss, shattering with Hellemental Might! Hellfire from the sky! Devil's Fog that blankets the land, in Magic & Mystery, forbidden knowledge brought up from Hell. 

Feast of The Beast, treasures and pleasures sublime. For those to relish who stand with The Strong! 

Behold The Shadow of The Draegon Satanas upon the Conjunction! Cosmic Forces of Darkness align to JUPITER, by lightning strike and thunder roll, bode Patron Daemons Hismael & Bethor! Come forth From The Gates! Lust & Witchcraft! LUNA/Sin/Hecate! VENUS/Aphrodite/Hathor! Succubus, Lilitu! Ride upon the night gaunts, possessed of the mind and flesh! In dreams unto materialization! 

Enthroned, The Infernal One presides, Trident as Scepter and crown of black flame, gathered around, Daemons of The Pit, with Forces of Darkness swirling within and around! The Sacrifices are brought forth, cobbleskulls lead the way to the Unholy Cathedra of Shadows.



In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Dracmas, Candlemas Evil LIV
Draconian Empire


Presiding upon Infernal Throne, gazing upon mere mortals... It's already amping up for Dracmas LIV! In the week prior and following, the sacrifices are coming forth! Let the bloodshed parade begin!




  • Brazilian Dam Collapse: [1/31: 84 dead, 274 missing] Save the babes! There may be shenanigans involved here {by competing dambuilders! perhaps hoping to drive customers to their services, despite the cost of deaths!}, and it's the second such similar incident in only a couple of years! They obviously don't know how to make sturdy dams over there! 
  • Philippine Church bombing: Blamed on islamotard Daeshit diaperheads; so one sect of blindlighters bombing others! Approved!
  • Compton Funeral shooting: Troglodytes stream out of funeral home because they can't deport themselves for a couple of hours, run out into the street and cause an automobile collision! Poor woman finally makes it out of that ghetto shithole to get away from such lowly-educated uncivilized behavior to Louisiana, and is transported back to Compton! Someone should have set fire to that church as well!
  • Louisiana Shooting: Shooter should have killed himself afterwards to complete the slaughter. Still may if given the opportunity, or someone else will while incarcerated.
  • Hudson River Ship collision: Apparently, anchors were not enough to contain these ships in their ports, so they broke away and floated unoccupied down the river. This will lead to further precautions to prevent such events in the future.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dracmas EVILIVE and LIVEVIL! Forever! 


Seasons In Hell

Black flame swirls The Abyss within
Immortal turn, Might & Sin
Rebirthday, shedding skin
Embryonic Nucleus
Darkness Renascence

Concupiscent conception cast
Walpurgis winds course far and vast
Hellfire burns The Heart Invernal
Forge the key, synergy
Gates of Hell Natality

Constellation, 13th sign
Echoes essence of The Nine
Across The Ages through entwined
Concentrated Daemon Shrine

Pentagram embedded flesh
Devil's mark in blood & brain
Ascending shadows, wings & horns
Piercing talons with black thorns

Skies asunder, earthen thunder
Descending deep into The Pit
Immortal Evilution sewn
Timeless Beast, again reborn!

Potentiam omnipotens, Satanas incarnis
Alpha Draconis in terra ascendere!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

On this "Candlemas Evil", another materialization manifests to assert The Self as Daemon-God of One's subjective Universe. 'Dracmas' celebrates Draconian Nativity, utilizing metaphor, psychodramatic empowerment, & symbolic resonance.

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