Seasons In Hell

Black flame swirls The Abyss within
Immortal turn, Might & Sin
Rebirthday, shedding skin
Embryonic Nucleus
Darkness Renascence

Concupiscent conception cast
Walpurgis winds course far and vast
Hellfire burns The Heart Invernal
Forge the key, synergy
Gates of Hell Natality

Constellation, 13th sign
Echoes essence of The Nine
Across The Ages through entwined
Concentrated Daemon Shrine

Pentagram embedded flesh
Devil's mark in blood & brain
Ascending shadows, wings & horns
Piercing talons with black thorns

Skies asunder, earthen thunder
Descending deep into The Pit
Immortal Evilution sewn
Timeless Beast, again reborn!

Potentiam omnipotens, Satanas incarnis
Alpha Draconis in terra ascendere!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

On this "Candlemas Evil", another materialization manifests to assert The Self as Daemon-God of One's subjective Universe. 'Dracmas' celebrates Draconian Nativity, utilizing metaphor, psychodramatic empowerment, & symbolic resonance.

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