natural selection

Say goodbye to winter skies

the seasons changing again

who knows when we'll see the snow

who knows which way the wind blows

say goodbye to the summer breeze and the soft spring flower and the autumn leaves

cause life is at a decline

and everyone's pretending its fine

a small slow rumble has begun in the belly of our beast

we fed it lies and we fed it pollution

now theres' only one solution to the problem we're producing

to start a new is to extract the old that have become a burden

soon you'll be learnin

the truth behind my words'

they sting and they burn

because the truth hurts

say goodbye to the golden planes and the wandering fields that remain

say goodbye to the trees that wave when the wind misbehaves

and think about the promises that you made

to her

and how letting them go was just


we built on her body

and she took us in

now we we've broken her bones

and she let us win

but spirits have a breaking point

and we've stretched hers thin

its time for the appocalyose to begin

reprecussions will be made

but who's to say

thats enough to stay

in a matter of opinion i would say

its time for us to go away.

the birds and the bees's

the flowers and the trees

natural selection is what nature intended

and its time for us to leave

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