its not to hurt you

I dont do t to hurt you

its just how i live

it runs in my viens like mud

leavin dirt on my skin

sometimes i bite my own lip

just to taste it bleed'it tastes sweeter than the life i choose to lead

if i could tell you how i feel

i wont try to pretend

but its all too real

just how ignornt i have been

and its not just you, its just what ive seen

which is not much

which is why i gotta leave

for the sake of you

no more tuggin on your strings

for the sake of me

im lookin fo peace and thats what ill bring

for the sake of love

that you've nurtured and made

dont want to smudge its name


for the sake of you

thats why i gotta leave.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

love you mom broken heart

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10 out of 10 i love your poem

10 out of 10 i love your poem

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thaanks :p

thaanks :p

~Grass is green~ <^>