Curses Too Kritic/ Invocations From The Soul- Part Four and Five

An hour pass midnight, my curse is

sleepless, mind weary, creative

thinking, imaginary vision; sleep-

walking in my dreams between



Too walk in the dark one must

embrace the darkness, welcome

Moloch into your dreams, be aware

of the shadows that walk besides

you; often three shadows follow me

....nothing else matters once you

have sold your soul, enjoy the night

,and let the fire burn!


I met a lover in the shadows of the

night; her darkside is similiar to mine

, same interest, struggles, and

addiction....when all is quiet, stoner's

asleep, tweeker's hiding, and prosti-

tutes gone home, my lover and I get

naked and fuck at the crossroads

under dark skies, no moonlight....

only shadows!


Curse the damned, blasphemous,

heaven's abomination including me....

pale horse rider of the armageddon

with sinister ways; my name was

never written in the book of life!


Invocations to the dark, evil, and

unholy with sacrifice will open the

nine gates of hell; be careful when

evoking the spirits of darkness; if

your mind is not ready for what is to

come, your heartbeat will stop at

the sound of my feet approaching

your dreams, destroying your



It is 2:10AM, invocations to the dark

side are becoming rituals, rites of

dragula, perversions, and manisfes-

tations; Lucifer speaks in demonic

tongues, no need to translate, I

understand! Invocations to Lillith

with ghost songs in cemeteries at

the witching hour; my soul possess,

the evil within bleeds over the tombs

of the dead!


SoulKritic 2014 Copyright

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Curses and Invocations....

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Curses Too Kritic/ Invocations From The Soul- Part Two

Psalms sung with faith;
curses from the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Ghost;
rejoicing under the influence...

Nestled, numbed atop
heavenly clouds; two crazy
diamonds in the sky without
shine; rough edges can be
smooth again if both believe
they will shine again as one...


Clarifying the darkness both
entertain in the name of the
wicked that pace back and
forth outside the window of
time and space created by a
simple wish...


Invocations to God's shadow;
puppets to an addiction,
masters of enjoyed silence
listening to the symphony of


I the Lizard Prince and my
Black Sheep traveling in the
dark under the sunlight too
steal our dreams back from
the sandman we both entered
in the years of our youth and
ignorant ways...


No King too hail; howling
under the moonlight, a lustful
night with love making in
between the stars, invoking
peace and harmony, with
conversations from the heart
bringing positive vibes and


Alas, together we stand on
this mountain top, with hills
and more mountains too the
horizon; life does not come
without challenges, and
challenges do not arise
without taking the risk to fall
in love again...



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Curses and Invocations....

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Don't Speak

I'm sitting here with you on this big comfy bed

Wrapped up, tangled up, embraced in your arms

Feeling your warmth and heart beating up against my body

I sit my hands on your shoulders and look into your eyes as mine fill up with tears

I look away and lose your gaze

But only for a moment...


You turn my face and fix it onto yours and wipe off my wet cheeks

You smile that smile that captivates me though I know I should not let it

Because everyone tells me that you're just trying to keep me holding on for dear life



I begin to speak a bit to fast and once again you stop me

You press your finger to my lips and then you proceed to shush me

Don't speak, just listen

You tell me exactly how you feel and it breaks my heart in two

All I'm thinking at this point is how much you still have to prove

Holding my head in your hands as you hold me tightly against you

You try to say what I've longed to hear without ever actually saying it

But I tell you I want to hear it and I pry it out of you


Those three little words leave your lips so easily just like you'd said it for years

I don't say a word...I don't know what to say, but the one thing I couldn't hold back was tears

As I start to ask why now, why now do you tell me

You look into my eyes, yours looking full of emotion

Then you press your lips so softly right up against mine for the first time in years

Surprise and happiness fill me quickly because for once I felt like we were back at where we started

I walk you out to your car relentlessly but willing

You hug me so tight and kiss me one more time making it linger for what seems like forever

As we stand embraced you say for the third time, I love you and I finally respond

I love you too

And then you whisper...

Don't speak




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