Monthly Archive for February 2010

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Tears Waiting Poem sanctus 1 Feb 1st
Stone Bridge(version 2) Poem lyrycsyntyme Memories Feb 1st
Broken and unloved Poem dragonwolf Feb 1st
A ROSE IS WAITING Poem heatherburns35 2 a rose Feb 1st
teen age love(continue at home) Poem ililixriot Feb 1st
War Between Good and Evil; Poem blumentopf Feb 1st
Time Poem jade Feb 1st
I killed the Bucket woman Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Feb 1st
Let me sleep Poem kitez Lost love Feb 1st
Alleluia! Alleluia! Poem sanctus Feb 1st
محجوب شريف : يا شعبنا Poem sudan Feb 1st
محجوب شريف : منى منك Poem sudan Feb 1st
Everything Poem lyrycsyntyme Betrayal Feb 1st
SATURATED BY OUR ONENESS* Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 1st
Reasons why I love you. Poem your_killing_me Feb 1st
What Can I Do Poem babe1233 Feb 1st
Mind the Garden Poem Sivus Drugs Feb 1st
Carnival Salvation Poem metaphorist Feb 2nd
BUTTERFLIES (Cinquain) Poem heatherburns35 butteries Feb 2nd
website Poem ililixriot Feb 2nd
Apotheosis Draconvm Poem dblackthorne Existence Feb 2nd
Where is the Love? Poem Avantgarde 2 Feb 2nd
Older, Colder, Foul Poem kragey Reality Feb 2nd
The pun/penel/punultimi/pennum/ 2nd Last Poem @Ireton Street Poem captain Feb 2nd
THE CLIMB (REWRITE) Poem heatherburns35 1 the climb Feb 2nd
Butterfly Poem wishful_thinking Feb 2nd
A ROSE BOUQUET Poem heatherburns35 lost roses Feb 2nd
DRIFTING CLOUDS (cInquain) Poem heatherburns35 drifting clouds Feb 2nd
Snow fall beauty. Poem rosalind Beauty Feb 2nd
A Tear Will Still Fall Poem vilmazab 1 Feb 2nd
The One Poem cassis 1 Hope Feb 2nd
A Fraud Poem metaphorist Feb 2nd
(Song) Painful Distance Poem bountyhunter0001 long distance Feb 2nd
A HAPPY HOME (Cinquain) Poem heatherburns35 1 a happy home Feb 2nd
DROPPING PETALS (Cinquain) Poem heatherburns35 dropping petals Feb 2nd
YOUR EYES Poem heatherburns35 3 your eyes Feb 2nd
Machine Gun Poem spacecowboy 1 Feb 3rd
FOR MY SWEETEST HEART* Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
THEY SAID Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Feb 3rd
Wheelbarrow Poem JEP-BEAR Feb 3rd
~♥Flowers☼~ Poem jezsa418 Other Feb 3rd
MY PLEDGE Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Feb 3rd
WHO'S GONNA (IT SHOULDN'T BE A QUESTION) Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Feb 3rd
Why People Are Happy With The Snow Poem tula Abstract Feb 3rd
What is, just is. Poem not_an_addict 1 Feb 3rd
Change Poem ruth_x_less 1 Change/Transition Feb 3rd
Don't Fall In Love With A Poet Poem vilmazab 5 Feb 3rd
Waiting For You Poem rbpoetry Depression Feb 3rd
(Song) Cheater Poem bountyhunter0001 Breaking Up Feb 3rd
I, GOD'S GLORIOUS BUTTERFLY Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
Paradise lost Poem natedog2 Feb 3rd
The Pain Poem lovelymissrai Feb 3rd
true happiness Poem passionate_poet Happiness Feb 4th
Life is a beautiful shame! Poem nickkler Feb 4th
DON'T FALL Poem heatherburns35 don't fall Feb 4th
Save Your Heart Poem Silver__lining Feb 4th
Beautiniquecialexy Poem Silver__lining Feb 4th
DON'T FALL IN LOVE Poem heatherburns35 don't fall in love Feb 4th
Ain’t no war of words, it is phonetic persuasion Poem 9inety Feb 4th
HOW I FEEL Poem Irockpoker Feb 4th
Butterfly (Beautiful is) Poem fighter4life Beauty Feb 4th
Too scared, I guess Poem nickkler Feb 4th
john .b. john Poem kragey Other Feb 4th
THE SAND BOX Poem heatherburns35 1 Feb 4th
UNTIL THE INK RUNS DRY Poem trivking64 1 Song Lyrics Feb 4th
AN ILLUSION (Cinquain) Poem heatherburns35 an illusion Feb 4th
BEAUTIFUL LIGHTS Poem heatherburns35 beautifuk lights Feb 5th
sirensong Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
freakshow Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
the reasons why Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
switch Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
the scream Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
it's over Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
Waving Me Away Like A Dime Store Hooker Poem sanctus Feb 5th
Through All The Long Winter Poem sanctus Feb 5th
Prancing Silent Poem sanctus Feb 5th
Vanish Without a Trace Poem sanctus 1 Feb 5th
The Door Poem sanctus 1 Feb 5th
the only one Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
sleep when i'm dead Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
Certainties: Gift Poem Starward Tanka Feb 5th
Never Enough Poem twisted_whisperer Feb 5th
Death's Flower Poem cassis death Feb 5th
Deaths toll Poem calumcazza Depression Feb 5th
Eso Que me Regalaste (That Which you gave me) Poem Avantgarde Feb 5th
IN PAINED REFLECTION Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 5th
My Everything Poem ChandaBurton inspiration Feb 5th
You Are Like the Fruit of Temptation Poem lovelymissrai Feb 5th
Are You My One Poem babe1233 Feb 5th
At The Confession Of My Greater Sin Poem Starward Bittersweet Feb 5th
At The Apostle Saint John's Gospel In My Bible Poem Starward Faith Feb 5th
At The Sense Of The Presence Of Christ Poem Starward 1 Faith Feb 5th
the hungry ghost Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
the perfect boy Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
the real snow white Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
underneath the stars Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
Blades of Grass Poem heirius Feb 5th
طفل رقيق Poem humanpulse Feb 5th
Certainties: At The PC Poem Starward Tanka Feb 5th
YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME (Jon Lundeen) Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 5th
this. here and now. with you. Poem robert_smith Feb 5th
REACHING FOR YOU Poem heatherburns35 reaching for you Feb 6th
BENEATH THE BLUE Poem ladydp2000 Fantasies Feb 6th
unfinished Poem natlie Feb 6th
your auto-erotica Poem odysseus Sexual Feb 6th
I SMILE Poem heatherburns35 Feb 6th
WEB OF LIFE Poem heatherburns35 Feb 6th
BELIEVE Poem ladydp2000 Spirituality Feb 6th
Certainties: Confession Poem Starward Tanka Feb 6th
WEST VIRGINIA Poem ladydp2000 Nature/Environment Feb 6th
I MISS YOU SO MUCH Poem ladydp2000 Lost love Feb 6th
WINTER Poem ladydp2000 1 Nature/Environment Feb 6th
This Demon Poem MercilessPain Depression Feb 6th
MY ENERGY FIELD Poem heatherburns35 Feb 6th
MY SAGE Poem heatherburns35 my sage Feb 6th
MY LOVE Poem ladydp2000 love Feb 6th
AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER Poem ladydp2000 love Feb 6th
THE SWEET FLOWER Poem heatherburns35 Feb 6th
A TAPESTRY Poem heatherburns35 a tapestry Feb 6th
In Time Poem vilmazab Feb 6th
Theseus Poem clutchforbalance Feb 6th
Macrame` Poem clutchforbalance Feb 6th
I'm not the one Poem clutchforbalance Feb 6th
War with myself Poem clutchforbalance Feb 6th
My white rose Poem clutchforbalance Feb 6th
Unchanging Law Poem trumpet7 inspiration Feb 6th
Great And Mighty Poem trumpet7 inspiration Feb 6th
Essence Poem spacecowboy Feb 6th
Bloody fantasy Poem clutchforbalance Feb 6th
Didn't you? Poem clutchforbalance 1 Feb 6th
A THREAD Poem heatherburns35 a thread Feb 7th
FOR DAPHNE Poem emmenay 2 Feb 7th
Let's Be Young Again Poem vilmazab 3 Abstract Feb 7th
(Translated) My broken frozen heart Poem icewolf7 Angst Feb 7th
UNENDING LOVE Poem emmenay 1 love Feb 7th
A walk into manhood Poem spacecowboy Feb 7th
Besos Hermosos Poem dolphinscry13 Feb 7th
The Next Best Thing Poem thelohaspiral 1 Feb 7th
Mein gebrochenes gefrorenes Herz Poem icewolf7 Angst Feb 7th
Fire Saraph Poem icewolf7 Loneliness Feb 7th
It Would Have Been So Easy Poem vilmazab 1 Feb 7th
A STRAWBERRY AFFAIR Poem heatherburns35 1 strawberries Feb 7th
WHEELS OF TIME (Cinquain) Poem heatherburns35 wheels of life Feb 7th
SEVEN CHAKRAS Cinquain) Poem heatherburns35 chakras Feb 7th
A Smile Felt Poem whisperkwane Being Loved Feb 7th
NO MARTYR FOR LOVE TODAY* Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 7th
The Spirit of Freedom Poem Avantgarde Feb 7th
LOTUS FLOWERS Poem heatherburns35 1 Feb 7th
IN THE WEB (Cinquain) Poem heatherburns35 1 in the web Feb 7th
A GOLDEN TAPESTRY Cinquain) Poem heatherburns35 1 a golden tapestry Feb 7th
CHAKRA (Cinquain) Poem heatherburns35 chakras Feb 7th
Cast (Song Lyrics) Poem cerulean_soulhaze Feb 8th
Footnote: Fugitive Poem Starward Tanka Feb 8th
50 to 1 odds Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Feb 8th
tunnel vision Poem halfbaykdbrownie Feb 8th
Sweet Revenge Poem dreamcatcher47 Anger Violent Feb 8th
toes full of sand Poem halfbaykdbrownie Feb 8th
Dying Young Poem vilmazab 2 Feb 8th
Footnote: Blossoms, Blooming Poem Starward Tanka Feb 8th
A LADY IN RED Poem heatherburns35 lladies Feb 8th
My heart beats so fast Poem natedog2 Feb 8th
Better Tomorrow Poem m_mich14 Break Up Relationship, Broken heart. Lost love. Feb 8th
A LADY IN BLUE Poem heatherburns35 1 Feb 8th
A View of the Calm Poem Sivus Peace Feb 8th
We and Each Other Poem Sivus Feb 8th
"Of The Womb" Poem The1TrueMojo Abuse Feb 8th
SCARS Poem brenda Feb 8th
Small Dark Empty Holes Poem dreamcatcher47 Fate/Destiny Feb 8th
Footnote: Equinox Poem Starward Tanka Feb 9th
Footnote: Romantic Morning Poem Starward Tanka Feb 9th
letting love in, again....... Poem motionsofpoetry9 Decisions Feb 9th
Footnote: After The Vernal Equinox Poem Starward Tanka Feb 9th
The Road Poem arecreed Feb 9th
Heartbroken Poem jstar Acceptance Feb 9th
abandoned Poem arecreed Feb 9th
dying moment Poem arecreed Feb 9th
BLEEDING BUT NOT BITTER** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 9th
Certainties: Timepiece Poem Starward Tanka Feb 9th
POETRY'S BOY SCOUT Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 9th
WOUNDED DISBELIEF** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 9th
Footnote: An Exotic Dancer, A Young Girl Poem Starward Tanka Feb 9th
Something to Die For Poem Silver__lining Feb 9th
Pouring On My Heart Poem Silver__lining Feb 9th
Jesus Loves You Poem rashmiitz Feb 9th
Translation "Besos Hermosos" Poem dolphinscry13 Feb 9th
Certainties: Sublimation Poem Starward Tanka Feb 9th
Another Broken Fix Poem rashmiitz 1 Feb 9th
If Jesus Died for My Sins Poem rashmiitz 1 Feb 9th
Hide Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Abstract Feb 9th
Hush Now Poem exkaijadesatiro Memories Feb 9th
This is my day Poem forever_his Happiness Feb 10th
Certainties: Sweetness Poem Starward Tanka Feb 10th
Erebus and Hyperion Poem jerry_joseph_huggins Awakening Feb 10th
Toy Soldiers Poem sanctus Feb 10th
Leaves Die Poem sanctus 2 Feb 10th
A Beautiful Sign Poem vilmazab 2 Feb 10th
And So I'm Sitting On a Chair Poem sanctus Feb 10th
His Knife Was Still Blood Free Poem sanctus Feb 10th
Snow Poem metsrock2289 Feb 10th
Between Us Poem sanctus Feb 10th
Footnote: Collegiate, 01 Poem Starward 1 Tanka Feb 10th
Certainties: Astronomy Poem Starward Tanka Feb 10th
Back Where I Belong Poem dhicks01 1 Feb 10th
You or Me Poem dhicks01 Feb 10th
Little Man Twenty One Poem dhicks01 1 Feb 10th
Forgive me. Poem dolphinscry13 History/Past Feb 10th
I Love You, Stranger Poem alirene 1 Acceptance Feb 10th
YOUR THOUGHTS Poem odysseus Life/Living Feb 10th
Anonymous In A Crowd Poem daydreamingdragon Happiness Feb 11th
ON A COLD CLEAR NIGHT Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Feb 11th
Footnote: Star Poem Starward Tanka Feb 11th
Psycho-Confessions: The Emotion of Love Poem MatthewWayne 3 Book Review NonPoetry Feb 11th
You make me happy Poem ChandaBurton Feb 11th
AMID MY MAGIC* Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 11th
I would hate to see such a good guy go to hell... Poem ruthybird12 Feb 11th
I Am Healed Poem vilmazab Feb 11th
monumental love Poem kayspoems love Feb 11th
DOIN THE NASTY Poem elle_graw 1 Feb 11th
WAR Poem pikurpoison Feb 11th
Lord And Savior Poem trumpet7 inspiration Feb 11th
Three Cheers to Love Lost Poem Silver__lining Feb 11th
Empty Page Poem Silver__lining Feb 11th
Footnote: Collegiate, 02 Poem Starward 1 Tanka Feb 11th
WHERE DID YOU LOVE ME TO?** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 11th
A call to Arms Poem natedog2 Feb 11th
the natural progression of things Poem juliothegreat Feb 11th
Dusk: an emulation Poem juliothegreat 2 Feb 11th
remembering Poem juliothegreat Feb 11th
snow days Poem indigo_blu Feb 12th
laughing on february 11th Poem juliothegreat Feb 12th
dead inside Poem indigo_blu 1 Awakening Feb 12th
Falling Poem ChandaBurton love Feb 12th
THE FIRST WOUND FELT Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 12th
Giving In Poem soinlove37 2 Feb 12th
hatred, anyone? its free!!! Poem indigo_blu Feb 12th
The Love of My Life Poem shc_waitin4u love Feb 12th
cold Poem indigo_blu Anger Violent Feb 12th
Winter days Poem spacecowboy 1 Feb 12th
Twice I Saw a Bird, (After Snow Fall) Poem wemni Feb 22nd
the end doesn't come soon enough Poem voighdt Feb 23rd
ALL THINGS LOVE ** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 23rd
LOST BETWEEN THE SCARS OF SILENCE** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 23rd
LOVE'S BURNING BRIDGE** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 23rd
FALLIN' SHORT ( Clay) Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 23rd
FOR YOU (Clay) Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Feb 23rd
TO ESTEEM** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 23rd
WHILE IN THE CHASM** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 23rd
CAST ASIDE Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 23rd
GARDEN'S SEA Poem PUSHKVA love Feb 23rd