Monthly Archive for May 2008

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Hilot (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 May 1st
Love to J.U. Poem poetry_freak May 1st
Spunky Scratch Free Applicator Poem poetry_freak May 1st
1:00 in the am Poem poetry_freak May 1st
iTS FUNNY Poem Shellysweetness May 1st
A Lesson to Learn: Always Remember Those Who Serve Poem bluewave 1 May 1st
iM HEELS OVER HEAD iN LOVE Poem Shellysweetness May 1st
I hate you Poem musicalpoet 1 May 1st
Emptied Mind Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 1st
My Greatest Hate Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 1st
Stolen Identity Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 1st
Own the moment Poem geneconner2008 May 1st
Forget it Poem nighthawk21 Depression May 1st
YOU SANG FOR ME Poem Shellysweetness May 1st
A Whiter Shade of Pale (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 May 1st
A Lesson to Learn: The Obstacle in Our Path Poem bluewave 1 May 1st
I Am the Aquarimoon Dreamer (Tanka) Poem bluewave 1 May 1st
A Lesson to Learn: Consider Everyone Poem bluewave 1 May 1st
About Friendship (Not Mine But Willing To Share) Poem bluewave 1 May 1st
April Showers Poem fallingdisaster May 1st
FEEDING THE BEAST (about the EGO) Poem palewingedpoetess May 1st
MOMMY Poem palewingedpoetess May 1st
What are we waiting for... Poem jecantz May 1st
Laughs Poem gottgehirn May 1st
Finally Someone Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 1st
Sunny Side Up Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 1st
Lost Art {Extended} Poem lyrycsyntyme Revolution May 1st
Lost Art Poem lyrycsyntyme Reality May 1st
Life's Story Poem psychoticbeauty May 1st
Come Home Poem psychoticbeauty May 1st
Behind the Veil of Suicide Poem anarchist_wraith 1 May 1st
LiFE LONG FRiENDS OR FOREVER iM LETTiNG GO Poem Shellysweetness May 1st
America wants to hear your voice 'Revised Edition' Poem randyjohnson Political May 1st
So Wicked Doth The Shadows Lie Poem ladyreck May 1st
MY PRECiOUS GiFT FROM THE SKY Poem Shellysweetness May 1st
Double Rainbow Poem 9inety May 1st
Amazing Me Poem psychoticbeauty 1 May 1st
Loving You (12.31.07) Poem psychoticbeauty May 1st
Your precense is my crank pt. 2 Poem poetry_freak May 1st
Sting Poem fallingdisaster May 1st
PUSHED BEYOND REPAiR Poem Shellysweetness May 1st
PALM FULL OF PiLLS Poem Shellysweetness May 1st
I Am Mother Earth Poem forgeteden May 1st
timirous Poem kayspoems May 1st
Summer Gone Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 1st
GREAT FRiEND Poem Shellysweetness May 1st
Kurenai no Hanaya (Crimson Flower) (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 May 2nd
It Hurts 2 Poem thelohaspiral May 2nd
Mom Poem musicalpoet May 2nd
Best friend Poem musicalpoet May 2nd
How was I supposed to know Poem geneconner2008 May 2nd
**The Fire We Once Had** Poem gothic_fairy_ May 2nd
05/02/08 Same girl, Same problem, new year Poem branbran May 2nd
Improvements on a bad day Poem musicalpoet May 2nd
The Good With The Bad Poem trumpet7 inspiration May 2nd
Last Train Out Of Town Poem gothic_fairy_ May 2nd
(Song) The Edge Poem bountyhunter0001 Song Lyrics May 2nd
Luke Poem ice_princess Bittersweet May 2nd
A little bump in the road Poem Nate May 2nd
Nearly There Poem van May 2nd
Swell Poem icifan May 2nd
Symptoms Malignant Poem jgupta May 2nd
Little Sister Poem kittykass family May 2nd
Change... Poem mistydawn 1 Change/Transition May 2nd
**Pain Epic ** Poem gothic_fairy_ May 2nd
Painful Silence Poem shawon1982 1 youth May 2nd
Connect the Dots Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 2nd
Spreading Flowers Poem phil_carcione 2 May 2nd
Calling Out From The Night... Poem MGK_31 May 2nd
Lady Anne's Estate In The North, 2 Poem S74rw4rd 1 History/Past May 2nd
SAMPLING SUCCESS Poem palewingedpoetess May 2nd
Nikki Poem abhay 1 May 2nd
Happy birthday dad Poem mistydawn 1 May 2nd
Memory Foam Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 2nd
Untitled -- 5.3.2008 Poem Sivus Angels May 3rd
The Santa Myth {Extended} Poem lyrycsyntyme May 3rd
Heather Rhapsody Poem lyrycsyntyme Soul mates May 3rd
blackout. Poem twisted_reality42 Drugs May 3rd
summer storm Poem twisted_reality42 Life/Living May 3rd
To come to terms with it alone. Poem juliothegreat May 3rd
Lonely Nerd's Far Future Fantasy Poem S74rw4rd Science Fiction May 3rd
"Loneliness Is A Hole In Heaven" Poem The1TrueMojo Bizarre May 3rd
+ 27.225 MHz: My Grandparents' Home, EASTER, 1 Poem S74rw4rd 1 Tanka May 3rd
+ 27.225 MHz: My Grandparents' Home, EASTER, 2 Poem S74rw4rd 1 Tanka May 3rd
WiTH OR WiTHOUT YOU Poem Shellysweetness May 3rd
@ 27.225 MHz: My Grandparents' Home, Autumn Poem S74rw4rd 3 Tanka May 3rd
@ 27.225 MHz: My Grandparents' Home Poem S74rw4rd 2 Tanka May 3rd
Wretched Poem squishyninja 1 May 3rd
The Depths of Myself Poem lostandalone May 3rd
NEVER EVEN HAD A FiGHTiNG CHANCE Poem Shellysweetness 1 May 3rd
Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater. Poem dancing_corpse18 1 Abuse May 3rd
__ Farah Iraqi pretty girl__ Poem alihekal May 3rd
I hate you Poem psychoticbeauty May 3rd
Hurt Poem psychoticbeauty May 3rd
Waiting Poem psychoticbeauty May 3rd
From The Heart Poem trumpet7 inspiration May 3rd
Must be lonely Poem h9515 May 3rd
If I never knew of love Poem h9515 May 3rd
Cigarette Poem h9515 May 3rd
marianne Poem hey 1 Angels May 3rd
To My Hero: From Far Away Poem trix 1 May 4th
my sleeping beauty Poem kayspoems May 4th
The Chronicles of what's left 1 It's too late Poem coldaugust May 4th
Believe Poem trix 1 May 4th
Barely Living Poem trix 2 Abstract May 4th
More than pain Poem trix 1 May 4th
to mommy Poem trix 1 May 4th
I Am The Reaper Poem trix 2 May 4th
Mirror, Mirror Poem trix 2 May 4th
Sun/Moon Poem trix 2 May 4th
Connect 4 Poem trix 1 May 4th
Secret Sanety Poem trix 2 May 4th
your move Poem sugargrl1815 1 May 4th
Let Me Poem trix 2 May 4th
Empty Poem trix 2 May 4th
Reminded of You Poem tk2003 Bittersweet May 4th
Paint Poem trix 2 May 4th
16 Different Ways to Say "I Love You" Poem trix 1 May 4th
Schitsophrantic Conversations! Poem trix 1 May 4th
Hopeless Romantic Poem trix 2 May 4th
Skitz Poem trix 2 May 4th
MY Versions Poem trix 2 May 4th
Dirty Laundry Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 4th
Demons Poem trix 1 May 4th
Consions Poem trix 1 May 4th
A nannys Lullybie Poem trix 1 May 4th
He's My Poison Poem trix 1 May 4th
Haunted Poem trix 1 May 4th
Coming Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 4th
Failed Poem trix 1 May 4th
Overdose Poem trix 2 May 4th
His Letter To Her Poem lyrycsyntyme Hidden Love May 4th
The Undoing Poem blueeyes 1 May 4th
Evensong Poem rbpoetry Nature/Environment May 4th
Just when I thought you were over for awhile. Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 May 4th
Beauty Queen in Black Poem trix 1 Abstract May 4th
Dripping Faucet There Poem lyrycsyntyme 1 marriage May 4th
NEW DAY Poem unseen_treasure May 4th
Mayday Poem lyrycsyntyme Breaking Up May 4th
I’m different but a retard I’m not. Poem ozzypoemgirl May 5th
Any Better Poem gothic_fairy_ May 5th
Make Believe Poem gothic_fairy_ May 5th
Just a Physicality Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 5th
priorities. Poem dhoomedprincess 1 Acceptance May 5th
wearing off Poem dhoomedprincess Self-doubt May 5th
hate. Poem dhoomedprincess Anger NonViolent May 5th
X-Rayed Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 5th
Cookie-Cutter Crumbs Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 5th
Disaster Relief Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 5th
Begging You... Poem gothic_fairy_ May 5th
Go Out In Style Poem gothic_fairy_ May 5th
Paper Thin Dream and a Pen Poem gothic_fairy_ May 5th
Failure Poem sansiro Reality May 5th
God loves everyone Poem geneconner2008 May 5th
We change the world Poem geneconner2008 May 5th
Adulation Poem henry May 5th
The Apology Poem henry May 5th
An Evening Letter Poem henry May 5th
struggles Poem easyas129 1 Life/Living May 5th
Feathered Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 5th
Wolves Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 5th
Misunderstood Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 5th
You're on the run Poem randyjohnson Dark May 5th
The Day the Worlds Divided Poem Sivus Lost love May 5th
the mind of a poet Poem twisted_reality42 Life/Living May 5th
In the Long Run Poem Sivus Goodbye May 5th
Hypnotized Poem psychoticbeauty lesbian love May 5th
I Love You Poem psychoticbeauty May 5th
Next Time I'll Write Something With A Happy Ending Poem gothic_fairy_ May 5th
and only now do we see every thing she was Poem arecreed Abstract May 5th
Another Try Poem gothic_fairy_ May 5th
Ashes of Former Flames Poem gothic_fairy_ May 5th
Aiming at an Unworthy Target Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 5th
Corrupted Mindset Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 5th
Girl next door Poem musicalpoet May 5th
you confuse me Poem musicalpoet May 5th
Confused and Sad Poem babe1233 Being Loved May 5th
Captivated Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 5th
A Sherry Robillard Original Card Insert (2) Poem musicalpoet May 5th
A Sherry Robillard Original Card Insert (1) Poem musicalpoet May 5th
THE BREAK UP Poem QUEENJOHNSON 1 Breaking Up May 6th
set me free Poem ruth_x_less May 6th
Mountain to Molehill Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 6th
Blame It Poem seatellite 1 Abuse May 6th
What Do you See Poem QUEENJOHNSON Soul mates May 6th
Gas prices Poem randyjohnson 1 Political May 6th
Yeah Babe, Yeah Poem thelohaspiral 1 May 6th
Wanting Something Special Poem QUEENJOHNSON Awakening May 6th
I Am Not Religious Poem trumpet7 inspiration May 6th
Mesmerized Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 6th
Collapse II Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 6th
he had a dad Poem rashmiitz 1 May 6th
open the book Poem blissfully_yours May 6th
Gone Away Poem blueeyes May 6th
Prisoner Poem perception Unrequited Love May 6th
Updated Edition Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 6th
Quiet Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 6th
La Fête de Soleil et Nous Poem bluewave 1 May 6th
Full-Contact Sport Poem ghostwriter_1900 May 6th
I shot Yogi Bear Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor May 6th
If You Were Here Poem seatellite Acceptance May 6th
What More? Poem deadpoet986 May 6th
why'd you leave me? Poem musicalpoet May 6th
Heart Failure Poem deadpoet986 May 6th
DURESS Poem emmenay May 6th
iN THE MiRROR Poem Shellysweetness May 6th
Baseball Poem metsrock2289 May 6th
The girl that knew me Poem hey Acceptance May 6th
About you Poem musicalpoet May 6th
مونتيسوري، تجربة الولادة للوليد Poem wnature May 6th
حواءءء يا بحيرتي Poem zaksalem May 6th
SKiN AND BONES Poem Shellysweetness May 6th
Wonderful Night Poem md_zulhilmi89 love May 6th
Apathy Poem musicalpoet May 6th
moved on Poem sugargrl1815 May 7th
ANYTHiNG Poem Shellysweetness May 7th
DAMN Poem Shellysweetness 1 May 7th
it never mattered. Poem dhoomedprincess Acceptance May 7th
BEST PART Poem Shellysweetness May 7th
NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH Poem Shellysweetness May 7th
MORE AND MORE Poem Shellysweetness May 7th
Fight or Flight? Poem hccgirl04 May 7th
+You Left Me+ Poem x_falling_to_pi... May 7th
+Fuck You+ (song) Poem x_falling_to_pi... May 7th
Nobody's There Poem writingsome Monologues May 7th
Emotional Poem hccgirl04 1 May 7th
Daddy, My Real Life Gepetto Poem hccgirl04 May 7th
WhIcH iS wHiCh? Poem Makezela Irony May 7th
A Blossom Brave Poem animus May 7th
Solace Poem animus May 7th
What is a true friend? Poem justjeanne May 7th
Hanna-Barbera Poem randyjohnson death May 7th
Seamed Poem ghostwriter_1900 2 May 7th
Feelings Poem justjeanne May 7th
Future Poem justjeanne May 7th
Musings Poem Sivus Acceptance May 7th
The End Poem stephanyo May 7th
Could have been with you Poem geneconner2008 May 7th
Nature's Ambiance Poem hccgirl04 May 7th
+For CrazyJay+ (dutch) Poem x_falling_to_pi... May 7th
+Try To Forget+ Poem x_falling_to_pi... May 7th
The Ticket Poem hccgirl04 May 7th
Innocence Lost Poem hccgirl04 May 7th
confusion Poem musicalpoet May 7th
Democracy Reigns Poem Mango Angst May 7th
dont know what to do Poem musicalpoet May 7th
Graduation (college) Poem justjeanne May 7th
Well, You Don't Care Poem thelohaspiral May 7th