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Garden City, MI U.S.A.

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I am a former member of the Garden City High School Marching Band. i enjoy jogging, walking, baketball, football, soccer, hockey, volleyball, and most other sports. I also love to read and write anything from short stories to intricate poetry. I have two happily married parents of 24 years as of August 1st. My mom is amazing. My dad and I go fishing with my little brother, Chris, who Just turned 17 on Sep. 29, 011. I am very easy to get along with and am up for anything. I also love to read and write and help. I do not need to be told how much someone in my life loves me because i likely already know. I am very smart, although I don't usually show it. I am a bit of a goof, and I am the class clown (depending on the class). I love to do comedy and improv, and I will be starting college soon to major in and get my doctorates in psychology. I hope to begin my own practice. My fallbacks are comedy and music. I loved my drama and band class. I have some of the best friends a girl could wish for in there. I love animals and Music. I write all my own music, melody and all. The words I come up with are usually touching. I also wrote a monologue for Drama that was 9 pages and I memorized it. i dont joke about my writing. I write a lot more than I think anyone should. I enjoy multitasking. I play flute, piano, drums, and anything else I can be taught. I am very observant and pick up on things quickly. including jokes. and thats also how i learned to play a lot of music. if im not playing by ear or reading music, im watching someone, studying the notes they are playing.

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if the facebook thing doesnt work, then try searching my full name. i have a navy blue tony hawk hoodie on and im brunette.

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Your guardian angel is always looking over you and protecting you.


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