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Giza, Egypt

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I'm a writer, energy healer, truth seeker and very passionate about self-knowledge...

By exploring our abilities and making the best use of what we are given, life can be smoother and we can discover our beauty and see life's beauty.

Published books:
- "The Celestine Prophecy" novel translated into Arabic in 2020 under the title of العودة إلى الحياة.

- "Shadow of August's Tree" a collection of poetry in Arabic released in 2016; titled ظل شجرة أغسطس available for countries other than Arab & the Middle East through this link:

- "Keeping the State of Love" published in English in 2015; a book that explains how energy is part of every aspect of our life.

- "Freeing You of Me" a collection of poetry in Arabic released in 2010; titled أحررك مني.

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No sunshine finds us wanderers where sunrise has left us.. Gibran


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