Tribute to Dad

Tribute to Dad

You took the voyage of life,
however cursed by fate.
None to help you,
none to shoulder your pain.
You had strengthened
the family as fist.

Your adversities tested you
 throughout our budding years.
The word rest didn’t show off
till heavenly gates flung open.

At our hard times,
your aroma of strength,
At our joy,
your aroma of cheers,
lingered all around.

A better tomorrow
was always been your choice,
By and large sun shines
as your footprints.

None can keep us stand apart
when nightmares and thunders
make an evil eye.
Your beloved family
needs the warmth,
bygone days you showered on us.

It is been paradox we miss you,
our own prejudice mounts us to believe
still five fingers makes a strong fist.

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