The dreaded lifeworld

Speaking in English—although

Japanese, she is

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SHE [Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines]


Encourages me

Ever to create

A heart of gold

She does possess and uphold

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to dear Allets! :)

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She likes me,

I don’t know why,

The way stares she,

My heart promptly does fly!


Perhaps she is a mystery,

And remain so until the end,

Since decoding the inscrutability,

Candidly I do not intend!  



Perhaps my heart loves the haziness in her,


Perhaps this does indicate the nature of nature!

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Who she became! 2015

Who she became! 2015


the moment that you came along you fooled her with your games

and you made her what she is and who she became

you promised to love and honor her all of her days

but instead you were so cruel so much that she couldnt stay

the only thing you gave her were those bruises and your name

and she knows with all her heart thats who she became

she tried to make you happy but nothing mattered much

and slowly she gave up cause of your wild and angry touch

your demeaning hurtfull words made her believe she was insane

and for all eternity she knows this is who she became

shes trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered broken life

but because of you she'll never forget she had ever been your wife

you left her in tears and hurting on the floor again and again

she knows that if she goes back, theres nothing she will gain

you stood up there on your throne god you were so vain

in her heart she does believes your the reason for who she became




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one because i guess i still have a lot to work thru and these poems help me with the prosses of letting go, its not been an easy road but im still a work in progress hope you like it


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She is Here

She is here,

Right here,

Sitting in front of me,

Whom I can clearly see.


Beautiful like a princess she is,

I long for planting a kiss,

On her rosy lips daily,

With blissful intensity.


I wish I could read her mind!

And what is in there, strive to find!


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She Came to Me [Poestory: Poetry + Story]

She came to me,

For a suggestion,

Since grave tension,

She was in truly.


I endeavoured my best,

To enliven her,

All she wanted was an answer,

That could break the mountain from her chest.


She was in love with someone,

Yet her parents wanted her to marry,

Their chosen groom so quickly,

Since her bedridden father may die soon.


She was in a dilemma now,

She loved her father,

She also loved her lover,

But she has to choose one, but how?


I felt her pain in my psyche,

Since I was in love on one occasion,

I did provide a solution,

May she smile as before heartily.

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Her Perspective

I found a girl, and saw her perspective
Silent, yet surprisingly reflective
They claimed she was away, entirely defective

But I knew otherwise just from the look in her eyes
I saw through the silent, and closed off disguise

And from there, I saw the immediate connection
Completely dissected, but still searches for true affection


Her warm, yet crooked emotion
A calmed, yet broken devotion


Silent, but struggling for her sound
and yet, still not a face found


Her skin torn, gone and rotten.
Her mouth stolen, words lost, ignored and forgotten.


She was exposed to all of the morbid things
Corrupted lies, and uneven broken wings


All she wanted to know if happiness was true
This is what I saw, this was the girl I knew


And she left sudden, without a word,
Her existence she seen was too blurred


Before I could realize, she was gone and done
Did you ever wonder what life can become?


All she wanted to know if happiness was true
This is what I saw, this was the girl I knew..

If She Only Knew

If only she knew how I think often where she rests. Hoping she's always in great health and protected through this troublesome world.
If only she knew how I go from a frown to a smile with the sound of your voice. How I am always happy to hear her talk about anything that comes to mind.
If only she knew how I often have these uncontrollable feelings inside.
If only she knew how much I have developed to care for her because she accepted my request online. How I gotten to know more about her little each time we connect. How I wish I could see her one day in life.
If only she knew that I care for her because she's a life that is special. She has a spirit that makes her glow.
If only she knew how often I am sadden whenever we talk and she must go. How I speak of her beauty and courageous ways. How one woman could have this type of effect on a man a great distance away.
If only she knew that there are still good people in the world.
If only she knew that I would give up my world to live and learn from hers.
If only she knew I felt much better in life since I first gotten to know her.

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It's not my place to tell the stars
their order's out of line.
Nor, tell them which direction
I think they ought to shine.

It's not for me to scorn the moon,
when she hides herself away.
Nor, direct her to the water
and tell her how to sway.

The sun of course, can't hear me say,
that every morning, every ray,
his light's too bright and scares away,
my shadow buddies, kept at bay.

My voice can't carry all that far,
to travel space and time to stars.
My voice of course, it knows it's part,
to whisper to your heart.

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