Monthly Archive for May 2010

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
my poems, you will read Poem vilmazab 2 May 1st
one day Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 1st
ANGER NO MORE Poem ltsaunders Acceptance May 1st
Right then Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 1st
I guess I saw the end... Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 1st
HURTING ME Poem proudwisdom Pain/Sorrow May 1st
The darkness Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 1st
CAMOUFLAGED Poem emmenay May 1st
Day Eleven Poem charlax7 Articles May 1st
Ten Months Poem pedrazzetti16 New Love May 1st
Dry My Tears Poem pedrazzetti16 1 love May 1st
Please now look at me Poem princealexander Poetry/Writing May 1st
Why? Poem dimply May 1st
Show Me Poem pedrazzetti16 love May 1st
I mailed myself to Jessica Simpson's house Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor May 1st
Fortune Teller Poem Avantgarde May 1st
Once Poem pedrazzetti16 Faith May 1st
LIFE GOES ON Poem heatherburns35 2 May 2nd
A + C Poem shredknives Sonnets May 2nd
He's your Dad Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 2nd
AAAARGH Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 2nd
(Song) Last Prayer Poem bountyhunter0001 May 2nd
city of no pitty Poem belial_lair Betrayal May 2nd
city of no pitty Poem belial_lair Betrayal May 2nd
TRYING TO COMPREHEND Poem heatherburns35 1 wondering May 2nd
OH WHAT A JOURNEY.! Poem heatherburns35 1 May 2nd
UNDER HIS UMBRELLA Poem heatherburns35 1 May 2nd
She Liked The Sun Poem tula Nature/Environment May 2nd
Shit faced arse wipe Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 2nd
Freedom Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 2nd
Just My Way Poem dolphinscry13 Pain/Sorrow May 2nd
Whatever Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 2nd
Sitting here in bed Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 2nd
To you my friend Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 2nd
an instant replay Poem 9inety 1 May 3rd
Why are you Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 3rd
I Gave All Poem soulive2213 May 3rd
Always Looking Up At A Window Poem Silver__lining May 3rd
Only Once Its Passed Poem Silver__lining May 3rd
On my 4th year, I still miss you so! Poem vilmazab 1 May 3rd
Almond Joy Poem faerie_ophelia Food May 3rd
Flute Poem shawon1982 youth May 3rd
parallel Poem thelovelyswampm... Haiku May 3rd
Forever and always Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 3rd
The Candle Poem faerie_ophelia Other May 3rd
Lullaby Poem margherit May 3rd
Locked Closet Poem Avantgarde May 3rd
Leprechan Poem faerie_ophelia Other May 3rd
Sleep Poem margherit May 3rd
إذا كنت حياً Poem yaramo May 3rd
An Ode to You Poem faerie_ophelia Other May 3rd
What Happened To The Girl I Used To Kno Poem margherit May 3rd
LOVE OF PASHTOON GIRLS Poem heatherburns35 love of pashtoon girls May 4th
THE MASTER TEACHER Poem heatherburns35 1 teaching May 4th
I Am The Poison Apple To Your Pain Poem Jayne May 4th
SMILE Poem heatherburns35 May 4th
CAUGHT IN THE WIND Poem heatherburns35 1 May 4th
Brown eyes that still Poem geneconner2008 May 4th
There are times Poem geneconner2008 May 4th
MONA LISA Poem heatherburns35 May 4th
Primal Needs Poem metaphorist May 4th
Empty Poem metaphorist May 4th
Memories Of The Light Poem grimfate 2 May 4th
The Garden Of Tears Poem grimfate May 4th
*Bad boy on the Line* Poem debbie Awakening May 4th
around that corner (road saftey) Poem richardwing May 4th
Reverberation Poem metaphorist May 4th
Rise Beyond The Garden Poem grimfate May 4th
Untitled -- 5.4.2010 Poem belial_lair May 4th
The Reason Why Poem vilmazab 2 May 4th
evil i must meet Poem richardwing May 4th
Our fire Poem geneconner2008 May 4th
Marrow Poem C.Locke May 5th
It's Only Natural Poem C.Locke 1 May 5th
Losing you Poem gre0012 1 love May 5th
Prologue to a WIP novel Poem goddesswolf Short Story May 5th
Eavesdrop Poem C.Locke 5 May 5th
Black And White Rainbow Poem deadpoet986 May 5th
to God be the glory Poem nomes2riches Faith May 5th
JUST BEGINNINGS* Poem palewingedpoetess May 5th
Heart Set Afire Poem deadpoet986 May 5th
A DAY WITH RUTH Poem chris 1 Abstract May 5th
Story of Creation Poem metaphorist 2 May 5th
Year and Three Months of Agony Poem lavalady May 5th
At Lady Cara's Kindness Poem Starward friendship May 5th
Wanting to be held Poem martal_arts May 5th
Nutty Poem C.Locke 1 May 5th
Sketch Poem C.Locke 1 May 5th
THE LOST SOUL Poem martal_arts Depression May 5th
Topless Poem C.Locke May 5th
A Beauty In The Darkness Poem deadpoet986 May 5th
battle axe Poem belial_lair May 5th
Dear Me -1 Poem C.Locke May 5th
I Am A Book Poem ladyreck 1 May 5th
Swoon of pride Poem brokenpoet confusion May 6th
The Brightside of the Sun Poem icifan May 6th
bloody solatude Poem belial_lair Betrayal May 6th
WADING IN BETWEEN Poem palewingedpoetess May 6th
A Vampire's Lament Poem sacrifice May 6th
Thrown Back to the EverAfter Poem sacrifice Acceptance May 6th
Destructors Poem tybose PostPoems May 7th
The Weather Maker Poem trumpet7 inspiration May 7th
In Praise of the Unsainted, Who Should Be Poem lettersfromorual 1 May 7th
Surrender To You ( Long But Worth It ) Poem mandy4650 Faith May 7th
Hero Complex Poem lettersfromorual 1 May 7th
"Childhood" (still looking for a better title) Poem lettersfromorual May 7th
Minotaur Poem lettersfromorual May 7th
Invocation Poem lettersfromorual 2 May 7th
Most Merciful Mnemosyne Poem lettersfromorual 1 May 7th
To the Virgin Poem lettersfromorual May 7th
Strike Poem metaphorist May 7th
The clad Poem anonymous May 7th
TOUJOURS CETTE AMIE Poem aziz Angels May 7th
eternity Poem ChandaBurton love May 7th
SHAME ON YOU Poem akol_miyen_kuol 1 Betrayal May 8th
IF I COULD/I WOULD Poem heatherburns35 May 8th
TREATING LIFE Poem heatherburns35 1 treating life May 8th
Butterflies Poem deadpoetssociety love May 8th
Untitled -- 5.8.2010 free writes Poem juliothegreat May 8th
Love At First Sight Poem deadpoetssociety 1 Beauty May 8th
Ships Poem deadpoetssociety 1 death May 8th
TO MY HANDSOME HEARTED POET* Poem palewingedpoetess 2 May 8th
Riches And Poverty Poem trumpet7 inspiration May 8th
DEPRESSION Poem teresa_r 1 May 8th
Just let me know… Poem fat_sweaty_bob May 8th
Love Love!! Poem babe1233 May 8th
THE UNIQUE MARADONA Poem emmenay May 8th
Lost, Lost, Lost, Poem icifan May 9th
ALL I CAN DO IS THINK OF YOU Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics May 9th
ON THE ROAD Poem chris Song Lyrics May 9th
ForNever Poem morganonymous 1 Human Nature May 9th
Happy Mother"s Day! Poem teresa_r May 9th
mom I'm always thinking about you Poem babe1233 May 9th
The album Poem shazi 2 Life/Living May 9th
Arson! She Screamed As I Spontaneously Combusted Poem icifan 3 May 9th
Ecroulement Poem alexandre.hornbeck Lost love May 9th
The ABC's of being a mother!! Poem ozzypoemgirl May 9th
Happy Mothers Day..2010 Poem vilmazab 3 May 9th
A Lover's Philosophy Poem scrooge 1 love May 9th
Invisible Tears Poem scrooge Depression May 9th
Beat Red, White & Blue Poem scrooge Life/Living May 9th
A Dreamer's Solstice Poem scrooge Angels May 9th
Poor Orphan Child Poem sanctus May 9th
Heat Stroke Poem sanctus May 9th
In A Very Long Time Poem sanctus 1 May 9th
DADDY'S MESSAGE Poem sadgirlscry Pain/Sorrow May 9th
I need God Poem randyjohnson religion May 9th
A Lover's Glance Poem scrooge 1 love May 9th
the mission Poem belial_lair May 10th
State Of Emergency Poem belial_lair May 10th
Babylonian Spirit Poem trumpet7 inspiration May 10th
Nostalgia Poem life_used_to_be... 1 May 10th
Fascination Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
UNLOCKING A DOOR Poem heatherburns35 1 unlocking a door May 11th
Could've Never Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
The Break-up Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
NIGHT DRIVING Poem chris Abstract May 11th
Nightmare Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
Dark Day Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
Lost Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
What's Going on Here? Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
Blind Love Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
Knowing Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
THE PHOENIX Poem heatherburns35 1 Birds May 11th
As The Nations Rage Poem trumpet7 inspiration May 11th
Giving Up Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
YOUR MY REFUGE Poem heatherburns35 1 security May 11th
Gifts of the Holy Ghost Poem blumentopf May 11th
Bad Feelings Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
Use me, Abuse me Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
LOVE Poem teresa_r 1 May 11th
spot Poem belial_lair Awakening May 11th
Cursed Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
The darkness is friend. Poem geneconner2008 May 11th
These Days Poem butiefuldisgrace May 11th
...MY pAsT... Poem cookie18 Danger May 11th
Who Or What Poem anexod May 11th
Blink within a Dream Poem Avantgarde May 12th
Russian Roulette Poem natedog2 May 12th
Nature Unexposed Poem Avantgarde 2 May 12th
Paradise Forfeited Poem natedog2 May 12th
Heavy Wallet Poem Silver__lining May 12th
Unstructured thoughts Poem indian_princess 2 May 12th
Echoes on Mirrored Walls Poem metaphorist 1 May 12th
Walpurgis Light Poem dblackthorne Nature/Environment May 12th
MY BbY Poem cookie18 love May 12th
Faded Memories Poem Silver__lining May 12th
Loyalist Inn Poem life_used_to_be... May 12th
I Am A Bad Apple Poem Silver__lining May 12th
"Do You" ? Poem peted May 12th
Rainbow in the palace. Poem rosalind Political May 12th
Words Take Flight Poem Silver__lining May 12th
ALL aBoUt MR.LuNa Poem cookie18 love May 12th
""""Who Would of Knew"""" Poem elliot_jordan2003 May 12th
Unwritten Poem metaphorist May 12th
TV Show Life Poem Silver__lining 1 May 12th
Objects Are Smaller Than They Appear Poem metaphorist May 13th
Break-Up Poem ev1lempyr May 13th
Walking Past Poem dragon Compassion May 13th
Walking Past (Part 2) Poem dragon Lost love May 13th
Eager to Poem rocky May 13th
Heartbreak Poem ev1lempyr May 13th
000 (4/14/00) One More Day Poem classicliz long distance May 13th
"""You Can't Replace Me Poem elliot_jordan2003 May 13th
So We Can All Prance! Poem vilmazab May 13th
Untitled -- 5.13.2010 Poem rocky May 13th
Aiming At me Poem rocky May 13th
2nd Time You LEFT ME Poem lazaro_rudy Lost love May 14th
Madre Poem lazaro_rudy 1 love May 14th
moving on Poem lazaro_rudy love May 14th
last night Poem juliothegreat May 14th
untitled poem Poem life_used_to_be... 1 May 14th
My lo0ve Poem babe1233 May 14th
Falling From Grace Poem trumpet7 inspiration May 14th
Arguement with the Alphabet Poem lil_rose May 14th
Heart and Eye Poem lil_rose May 14th
Dreamless Visions Poem lil_rose May 14th
Free Poem lil_rose May 14th
Home Again Poem lil_rose May 14th
Man, If Only Poem Silver__lining May 15th
Untitled -- 5.15.2010 Poem rocky May 15th
"The Other Me" Poem peted 1 May 15th
Oxygen Poem rocky May 15th
Untitled -- 5.15.2010 Poem rocky May 15th
أين أنا؟ Poem yaramo May 15th
Untitled -- 5.15.2010 Poem rocky May 15th
One Wish Poem rocky May 15th
Why? Poem rocky May 15th
I’m Sorry Poem rocky 1 May 15th
Untitled -- 5.15.2010 Poem rocky May 15th
Untitled -- 5.15.2010 Poem rocky May 15th
Am Going Poem rocky May 15th
Untitled -- 5.15.2010 Poem rocky May 15th
U Poem rocky May 15th
For my grandma Poem manic_poetic May 15th
You Deny Poem rocky May 15th
Thoughts in My Mind Poem Silver__lining May 15th
Inner Feelings Poem rocky May 15th
Why Do You Poem rocky May 15th
Untitled -- 5.15.2010 Poem rocky May 15th
Not Good To Tell Poem rocky May 15th
Untitled -- 5.15.2010 Poem rocky May 15th
Untitled -- 5.15.2010 Poem rocky May 15th
Not Knowing Poem rocky May 15th
They Call You A thief Poem rocky May 15th
A LUNAR PROMISE # Poem palewingedpoetess May 15th
I Love Poem rocky May 15th
Lost Baby Poem kindra Children May 15th
It's A Long way Poem ladyreck May 15th
I Poem rocky May 15th