I Gave All

Mama I don’t need your voodoo sage to cure my swelling rage

I’m newborn clean and can’t defeat this white blank apathy

I’ll never tell this silence to be quiet or sweat the secrets

Of the painful heart; I’ll just let my aneurisms bleed through this brain

I’ll let you rip everything from my hands even though I gave you all

Don’t weep for me my selfless friends for I am beyond borders now

Broken, stitched and severed again all before the defining dinner bell

No longer am I the worm on my own hook, screaming harsh and frigid stories

My body given to the curious dust, letting me grow within calming atmospheres

I’ll let my enemies win and divide the spoils because I gave them all

If our bodies are souls given form through stardust then I’m the dark matter

Hidden between cosmic cracks leaving mystery and doubt in the wake

The bane of gravity and all comfortable securities within our fragile reality

I’ll freeze my displaced mind and let the grave robbers steal my innocence

So spare me the judgments as I fall to the knees and give you all

The sky has perfect aim as my fantasies become flesh and blood

Killing all limited hopes as the violent hale pummels my dreams

Dispersing the winds of self throughout the empty cataclysmic corners

Of a world that has stripped all substance held within my shaking hands

Leaving me a void, a living black hole dismantling me until I’ve given it all

There will come a time when I will know that my death will be alone

No loving smiles or dramatic goodbyes as I go home and am left there

For the end is just so full, leaving me fearful for my heart so empty

No matter how fast I run the night will come and sleep internal will be mine

As it cradles my soul, leaving no tears for the world knows I gave it all

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