I got off the train.

            My trip was finally done.

            This was going to be fun.

       I got into Ruth's car.  We would go near and far.

       I got into the front seat.

    This would be neat.

    I could not get over.  I was finally here.

      We arrived at the library in Ashland.

    However, we could not ignore the closed sign on

     the door.

    We did view an interesting statue.

    It was blue.  A grapefruit and a toilet were involved.

    We arrived at her place.

    What to do?  Where to go?

   Instead of being alone at home,

   we decided to take the car to Marlborough.

   First, we went to the Inn called John Stone.

        Several ghosts call it home.

    It, we decided to explore.  We looked on every floor.

     We opened every door.

      We went to one of her favorite places, one of her favorite places.

     The mill.  It was a thrill.  We walked.  We talked.

      We went to the site of the song

    Mary had a little lamb.

      It was a real delight.

     A one-room school.  It was cool.

      We went to the Wayside Inn.

     Ruth was a wonderful tour guide.

     In one of the rooms, we met a couple.

   They with a smile, asked us to sit down and stay awhile.

    We met her friend, Diane.

    I played with Diane's dog gizmo.

   He liked to run.  That was fun.

    We went to ice cream.  A warm day, chocolate ice cream

    a sweet dream.

     I met some of her other friends.

       Jim and Cliff.

    A barbeque we were invited to.

     It'll be a day of fun.  I hope there's sun.

     We went to a church dinner.  A real winner.

    The library in Marlborough was where we decided to go.

   It, she really wanted me to understand.

   We did explore.  She gave me a tour.

      Next, we went to see her friend in a nursing home,

       I felt bad for her friend all alone in the home.

        We talked to her and her roomate Flo.

     After a while, we decided to go.

    In general, all the places we did go.

   All the people she does know.

   I was really in awe.    


      Finally, at her place, for the train late

    we had to wait.

   We took a look of her collection of books

   and pictures.


    A great time with my friend.

   I hated to see it end.

   Its good to know, I can back again go.


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Im glad you had a good time. Well we will try to make sure that is true every visit. was nice to meet you and get to know you. I like the fact that we have so many common interests. Interested to see what you will write about the mall. .....