brain dead

People refuse to learn. 


Instead of cherishing 

what they have, 

they always think 

the grass is greener 

on the other side, 

and the only reason 

it looks that way, 

is because it's fertilized 

with bullshit. 


Where have all the smart people gone? 




6:25 AM 6/27/2013 ©





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My Work

I am not buried;
why then, can’t I breathe?
Oxygen is brutal,
sun reeks of fear.
Crosses have been carried;
ascended, yet I grieve.
Struggling is futile,
for signs of danger, clear.
Saline is not solitaire;
storm; a different rain.
Clouds, becoming purest air;
how could this be pain?
Conscience has been dealt with;
daydreams haunt the night.
Senses I have felt with,
fail me in this light.
Is the direction?
How much do I take?
Is this my defection,
or reality to make?
With no castled walls to scale,
no fire forbidden.
No dragons disguised in armored mail,
or virgins to stay hidden.
Can’t be war; I see no blood;
where then is the glory?
I will kill and I will love,
as I claim my territory.

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A phase in my life...

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