Understand [Poetenry: Poem of Ten Lines]

Understand how much I love you,

Understand how much I care,

Understand how much I miss you,

Understand how much you are rare!


Know that I am there for you,

In both blues and delight,

Know that anything I’ll do,

In making our love prove right!


The world may be harsh at times,

I’ll be there to maintain the rhymes!

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So Listen


It hurts your Soul,

Your Mind, Your Body

moveless with heartbreak,

as you try to Understand,

Listen, Remember

your head hurts,

your weeping burns

a hole into your Eyes,

Your Mind, Your Heart

This is true love,

the hearfelt pain

trying to breathe,

but no air getting in-

your throat Closes,

Throbs, Imploads

as the with of death

takes you through

the pain that is - his


But Listen

as time goes on,

on you move,

And find the better

of what life can give-

A New Love

So Listen

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*Help Me Understand*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


How do I go on

When someone dear to me was wrongfully taken

How do I deal with the fact she is gone

God is putting us through hell

The hurt we can't explain

This pain put upon us was mistaken

The way we feel with her loss

We don't know how to tell

The memory of her still fresh in our minds

To bring her back for my mother I'd pay any cost 

Now only above is a lasting storm a lasting rain


I'd do whatever it takes to find

A way to put her memory to rest

And help my mother cope and be strong

And make my mom remember all is for the best 

Make her understand

That she's done nothing wrong


But how do you help someone go on

How do we go on with our lives 

When she's lost most of all

When she's lost her only angel..her mother 

One who she can no longer call

Even our God

Our one above

Our holy father 

Can't help her up after she may fall

She can no longer tell her mom "I love you"


Or celebrate any holiday

Because she is in heaven surrounded by blue

She has no way to talk with her mother

No way to say

The things she holds in her heart

The way my mom really does feel

Now that her mother has part

No one who tries can heal


Only her mother had that power

From the start 

But now she's above

With God and his angels in the sky

We can no longer experience her love

Just answer me this 

At a young age of 75 

Why did she have to die

Making memories with her mother she will always miss



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my nana. I love you and miss you so much. She died of cancer




 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Like death is to an erie smell

As red as blood

Someone is hurting no one can tell

All you hear is a thud as that person falls to the ground

No one deserves to die like this

All full of pain

No heart here is found

At night you hear distant cries

Sounds like they are about to die

Sounds like pouring rain

Out of control

Nothing to gain

Without their soul

They only have the light

They have no place to go 

Left in them they have no fight 

To take care of them

They have nobody they know


As red as a rose

There's a drip of blood

Falling from their nose

Fighting the erge

Wanting to slice their wrist

But that wouldn't solve their problems

Or make people sad

It would get their family members mad

For no where to go 

For now they can only hide

Holding all their pain

No body by their side


waiting to explode

Leaving a stain

Wanting to die

But don't understand

And don't know why

Just wanting a helping hand



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Trials are Good


It's sometimes very difficult 

for us to understand

the wisdom and the love behind 

the things that God has planned.


But we couldn’t have the rainbow

If we didn’t have the rain;

We wouldn’t know the pleasure

If we never tasted pain.


We wouldn’t love the sunrise

If we hadn't felt the night;

And we wouldn’t know our weakness

If we hadn't sensed God's might.


We couldn't have the springtime

or the yellow daffodil

if we hadn't experienced

the winter's frosty chill.


And though the brilliant sunshine

is something Gad has made

He knew too much could parch our souls

so he created shade.


So God's given us a balance:

Enough joys to keep us glad,

Enough tears to keep us humble,

Enough good to balance bad.


And if you'll trust in him you'll see

Though yesterday brought sorrow,

The clouds will part and down will bring

 A happier tomorrow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life is good

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What is Okay?

Tell me, is it ever really "Okay?"

At times I wish I could disappear, away from the day.


Tell me, was it really all a mystery?

Or was I really something plagued by history?

Judge me, try to reason my scars,

Yet, were you there for  my unreasonable wars?


Did you ever set foot in my shoes?

Taken account of what brings the blues?


Tell me, does it really matter?

If I was any more the sadder?

Perhaps it's just my business, only my trouble.

Not another place to intrude into my bubble.

I'll solve my self alone, and myself alone only

Not for you to break my silence, maybe tonight, I'd just like to be lonely.


Blame my shortcomings for my scars if you dare.

For me, it just occurred, the past isn't something I ever chose to wear.


Amidst the fertile loam of teenage angst, the battling suffragist,
Passion rages, tears cried in vain,

And budding futures bright, begin to fill the pages,
But feelings never felt in wholeness, become habit to the thorn,
A tender heart beguiled and blamed, brings bitterness and scorn.

They wander down the road where other travelers pass them by,
Without a word, no stories heard, of when or where, or why,
The fragments of what could have been are hardly ever seen,
Tied in knots, the path is charted, the soul in silence keens.

The years they pass with savage blunder, utter wrecklessness,
With hollow heart and acrid thoughts ensued, no niche to rest,
A pocket full of wonder that cannot afford to dream,
A misdirected vessel cursed with the odds it will careen.

But if by chance a passer-by is sensitive to light,
The splintered pieces of a soul like this could shine, despite,
One second of compassion can determine years to come,
One smile can start a caring flame,

Reviving some old pleasantries and bringing back

A blithesome nature to a life derailed by rejection.

Practice kindness all your life, don't underestimate,
Be not stingy with your heart, or you'll reap second rate,
You'll reap what you sow and get back as you give,
And just how much means little when you've inspired a life to live.



Copyright 2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about some of what authentic kindness and compassion can do.

Erase - November 20, 2012

Chapter One

My recollections are making me change,

making me turn psychotic. This rage,

it's making me cave, opposite of brave,

I just want to start over and behave.

I've lost contact with reality,

and I'm bound to mental simplicity,

consisting of nightmares passed, true.


Before I fall, erase me, replace me,

with an unknowing, undamaged clone.

I don't want memories, I want to be free.

I want to peacefully, alone, go home.

I just want to calm down.

I need to calm down.

I don't want to be bound.

I am forever bound.

I am lost in how to solve this;

proof is in the scars, hard to miss.

I don't admit my problem out of fear;

I see only but shame in the mirror.

I refuse pills, and I refuse therapy,

for they will not once ever help me.


I need elimination;

obliteration if these thoughts.

I need to find a way, mind how they

slit my dreams, see them sit and rot.

I can't do it, go through with it.

My cowaring mind, endless demise,

won't let me end it all, but calls

to my inner self, my peaceful paradise

of images so right, so unlike

reality in its way to forgive me,

live in me; let me sit and be free.


Only one choice lies possible.

It denies in replies to take a toll

on my sanity. Don't you see? I can't stop.

I'm not as strong as you thought I wasn't.

The choice is to sit, so delicately sit,

and fit into my mask, slip it on.

It's so beautiful, it's so perfectly wrong.

The tears drop through, but I'm still in denial.

They can see naught but my pretty smile.

When the day is over and dusk turns to dawn,

my mask, still a smile. My soul forever gone.

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Stand Strong

Life is just too hard
You fight your battles
And all you get are scars
You let someone in
And they break your heart
No one understands you
Just for who you are

There are times when we feel we’re not enough
That’s when you need to turn to God above

And stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

I know it hurts
When they attack you with their words
But you’re stronger than you know
And you don’t know how much THEY hurt
It might be
That they’re scared of life too
And what they might need
Is the hero inside you

And stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

You don’t know how much you’re worth
So get out of the dirt
And live the life you’ve been given
I know
That sometimes it’s too hard
So shine just like the stars
Cause the One who died for you
Is there to help you up

And stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

Stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

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