What It Is

I feel like every single thing is like a mind game,  played and laid out for me

I can't feel a single thing, like I'm not blind, but I still can't see


What is it really? Perhaps it's not that important?

Tell me what it is, or is it just my own comportment?


I have walked in the very things I've looked down upon

What I once thought was selfish, now I too am wrong


and now there is blood all over my hand

But I have no idea why, I just don't understand


This is a complication called the human mind

Irony, double standards, hypocrisy, A place to be so blind


To wallow and loop in this thick puddle of shame

For the mistakes commited, I fairly wore the blame


Knowing is the beginning is something I suppose

It's better to learn, rather than to find it to oppose.


So I guess I'll take my feelings and throw them to the floor

I'll leave you where you originally were, trapped inside a closed door


And you can echo your goodbyes

as you embrace yourself to the ink of sheer ignorance and sighs..


Bound by the cities

Bound by another one's pity's

Expect a place to be

Or expect not want to be seen


And I'll take you as walking money

I see you as a pretty big funny

We and I, all have found our place

And you my dear, have barely found a face

Bound to me, and to my briefcase

I'll lend you a smile, but you're a secret disgrace


Find the comfort in another's eyes

But in reality, another girl will have them hooked on their clever disguise

Find a place to be

Or expect not want to be seen


Stuck in a rut

With no qualities, not knowing what

Who are you and what are you in this city?

Gone and withdrawn, alone and all shitty?

Expect a place to see

Or expect us to be mean


For you are bound

What goes around, comes around

You are stuck here, forever with me

With no voice, or founding plea


For you are bound

My slave, to paint my sacred ground

Silent Jay

How can I let you know

There's a reason I go

To such great lengths to impress you

Or to put on a show


If I could transition

Straight from my position

Of translucency

Without showing submission


Well, then I'd be less aloof

Maybe gather some proof

That we should stick together

Not unlike a shoe on a hoof


Perhaps I'd make you smile

One that lasts for awhile

Just trying to charm the pants off you

I'm not here to beguile


I swear that, girl

If you step into my world

You'll never need a vacation

Step back, watch it unfurl


But with my oration

I'm trying to put in summation

That my feelings for you are like

Colloquials in translation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this one for a poetry slam with a beat behind it. Once I found out no musical accompaniment was allowed, I had to scrap it.

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