Stop the fallout

 Stop the fall out        

every minute of everyday i see family's coming apart
hatred oozing off one another right from the very start
its only a matter of time before the chaos comes about
so remembver to think before you speak and stop the fall out
they awake to feeling malace there heart a frozen block of ice
never once do they think of  others ignoring everyones advice
but in the end it will be the point of no return of that i have no doubt
so try to be kind to everyone you meet and stop the fall out
being nice to one another will not mean that you are weak
it simply means that in the end peace and love is what you seak
before you get bent out of shape and start to scream and shout
think about a future without the chaos and stop the fall out

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this one because so many family members fight i hope it makes one think, hope you like it 






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