Never Ending Cycle

Self Loathing

Never Ending Cycle



This life wrapped in disappointments

This life dressed in shame

These demons have surfaced

Hands red with blame


There comes a time to realize

You’re not who you tried to be

All the dreams you set on high

Forever lost at sea


Thoughts are a constant battle

Inside your own four walls

Questioning everything you’ve done

And if you’re worth anything at all


No longer in control

Drowning with the rain

Never more certain

That I’ve never been sane








Author's Notes/Comments: 

..demons within.

What It Is

I feel like every single thing is like a mind game,  played and laid out for me

I can't feel a single thing, like I'm not blind, but I still can't see


What is it really? Perhaps it's not that important?

Tell me what it is, or is it just my own comportment?


I have walked in the very things I've looked down upon

What I once thought was selfish, now I too am wrong


and now there is blood all over my hand

But I have no idea why, I just don't understand


This is a complication called the human mind

Irony, double standards, hypocrisy, A place to be so blind


To wallow and loop in this thick puddle of shame

For the mistakes commited, I fairly wore the blame


Knowing is the beginning is something I suppose

It's better to learn, rather than to find it to oppose.


So I guess I'll take my feelings and throw them to the floor

I'll leave you where you originally were, trapped inside a closed door


And you can echo your goodbyes

as you embrace yourself to the ink of sheer ignorance and sighs..