Monthly Archive for November 2000

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
The Light Of My Life Seems To Be Dimming Poem ecw confusion Nov 13th
Give Poem jenfool Acceptance Nov 14th
Like dry ice on Skin Poem jenfool Being Loved Nov 14th
Angel of mine Poem jenfool Children Nov 14th
Foreign Smile Poem jenfool 1 Beauty Nov 14th
Home Poem jenfool 1 Being Loved Nov 14th
This Garden Poem jenfool 2 Anger NonViolent Nov 14th
Yesterday Poem jenfool 2 choices Nov 14th
One Poem jenfool 1 Acceptance Nov 14th
I'm Poem jenfool Song Lyrics Nov 14th
Cold Distance Poem jenfool 1 Addiction Nov 14th
On a Jamaican Beach in the pouring rain Poem jenfool 1 #erotica #love #relationships Nov 14th
Cultivated Connection Poem toobuena 3 Being Loved Nov 14th
MISS BROWN TO YOU Poem hawksquaw99 Beauty Nov 15th
HOME BOY MADE GOOD Poem hawksquaw99 choices Nov 15th
ANGRY BUT RICH Poem hawksquaw99 1 Other Nov 15th
SICK AND HATING IT Poem hawksquaw99 5 Other Nov 16th
POST POEMS CREATOR Poem hawksquaw99 9 Tributes/Odes Nov 16th
Gods Disease Poem snmiller 3 Poetry/Writing Nov 16th
You Were So Good Poem toobuena 13 Abuse Nov 16th
The Hill Poem karen415 1 Commentary Nov 16th
Inspiration Poem toobuena 4 Comedy/Humor Nov 16th
Love Poem jenfool love Nov 16th
HUNKS AND HEART THROBS Poem hawksquaw99 5 Other Nov 16th
It was Destiny Poem snmiller Lost love Nov 17th
The Forest Ranger Poem gentle 5 Beauty Nov 17th
The Season of Many Colors Poem pudnsis1 5 Change/Transition Nov 17th
MEMORIES AND THINGS Poem hawksquaw99 Other Nov 17th
Gospel At The Jazz Festival Poem hawksquaw99 3 Other Nov 17th
JUST A HILL Poem giajl 2 Airborne, death, Falklands War, Parachute Regiment, War, War Poetry Nov 17th
I am Poem angelprinzcess #pain #suffering #innerstrength Nov 17th
"Two Souls Mating" Poem DaddyO 4 Soul mates Nov 18th
MISSING AT WAL MART Poem hawksquaw99 Other Nov 18th
The Sword Poem hhickson 3 Space & Time Nov 18th
Some Say... Poem jenfool Celebrations Nov 18th
Cappuccino Poem toobuena 6 Addiction Nov 20th
Sorry kitty Poem running_with_rabbits 10 Food Nov 20th
WHERE IS THE NIPPLE Poem hawksquaw99 5 Comedy/Humor Nov 20th
Do You Copy? Poem toobuena Being Loved Nov 21st
CANDLE HOLDER Poem hawksquaw99 6 Other Nov 21st
Bernie Poem toobuena 9 Anger Violent Nov 21st
Ever Pass A Kidney Stone Poem dragongreeneyes 3 Other Nov 21st
My Time Alone Poem ecw love Nov 21st
Thanks Poem hhickson Nov 22nd
Warmth of Flames, Songs of Chimes Poem pudnsis1 4 In Memory Nov 22nd
Motherhood Poem toobuena Reality Nov 23rd
Empty Poem mystikal 2 Nov 24th
VIOLET Poem hawksquaw99 Other Nov 24th
Moonlight Sonata Poem gentle 27 Beauty Nov 24th
What Was God Doing When Poem Valhjim 2 religion Nov 25th
Sweet Tiarra Poem ecw 1 friendship Nov 25th
Yesterday and Tomorrow Poem karen415 3 Sexual Nov 26th
The Lover Poem karen415 3 Lost love Nov 26th
Wow!! Poem ecw Beauty Nov 26th
Your Words Poem toobuena Acceptance Nov 26th
Yes, Doctor Poem toobuena 1 Acceptance Nov 26th a tribute to my fellow poets. Poem danesdad 4 Acceptance Nov 26th
Unavailable Poem toobuena 4 Technology Nov 26th
Albert Ellis Poem toobuena 12 Comedy/Humor Nov 26th
Fire Poem turonah 9 regret Nov 26th
Another Shade Of Red Poem cameca8 9 Acceptance Nov 27th
No Sign Of The Morning Poem cameca8 Depression Nov 27th
Love in 65 Poem gentle Being Loved Nov 28th
Tropical Poem toobuena 2 Sexual Nov 28th
LOSING IT Poem hawksquaw99 6 Other Nov 28th
HIS SMILE Poem hawksquaw99 love Nov 28th
Hannah Poem toobuena Children Nov 29th
Luna Triste Poem toobuena Abuse Nov 29th
Color Rhapsody Poem Valhjim 3 love Nov 29th
Lesson Poem Valhjim 2 Bizarre Nov 29th
GOAT RIDGE Poem giajl 1 Airborne, Apathy, Falklands War, Parachute Regiment, War, War Poetry Nov 29th
GOING ASHORE Poem giajl 3 Comedy/Humor Nov 29th
Comfortable Collision Poem toobuena 8 Being Loved Nov 29th
A dream Poem angelprinzcess 3 #love #relationships #alone #life #hate #sinking #wishing #heart #ache #sinking #saved, Being Loved Nov 30th
Memories Poem snmiller 2 Lost love Nov 30th